This is the perfect opportunity to defeat the establishment, who are currently weakened, disoriented and perplexed at the success of candidates they consider “jackasses.”

Boehner is typical of Jackass GOP Leaders

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2015

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This week at a Colorado fundraiser House Speaker John Boehner stunned donors when he referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “jackass.” During remarks at the event for Congressman Scott Tipton, Boehner said he was grateful that Cruz was often campaigning for President, which kept that “jackass” away from Capitol Hill.

Of course if there is one person who is an expert on jackasses it is Boehner. Along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Boehner hates Cruz and the small band of courageous conservatives who oppose the lame congressional leadership.

In his Senate career, Cruz has led filibusters, attempted to withdraw funding from Obamacare and the President’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal aliens. In a recent speech, he blasted McConnell for lying about backroom deals made to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Of all the members of Congress, Cruz has the most courage and is the most principled. It is easy to understand how a Washington hack like Boehner would hate him. The Speaker enjoys working out deals and dislikes opposing President Obama. He was given the Speaker’s position in 2011 after conservatives turned out in massive numbers to award the House of Representatives to the Republicans.

Unfortunately, there has been little progress since the Tea Party revolution of 2009-10. The Republicans nominated moderate Mitt Romney who, not surprisingly, lost to Barack Obama in 2012. After two more years of Obama liberalism, conservatives again voted heavily in 2014 for Republicans, giving the GOP Senate control. Since then, there has been more inaction on pursuing a conservative legislative agenda. 

Instead of sending a constant stream of reform legislation to the President to veto, the congressional Republican leadership has funded liberal programs such as Obamacare, delivered key votes on his horrific trade agreement and refused to block his radical appointments such as Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The real jackasses are the GOP leaders Boehner and McConnell who refuse to listen to the demands of grassroots Republicans. They are too interested in doing the bidding of the special interests and the big donors who control the Republican Party.

It is time for a Republican Party revolution to throw out the jackasses and install principled representatives who will listen to the people. The best opportunity will be in 2016, the most important election in our lifetime. It will also be another chance to elect a real conservative as President. Cruz is making headway in his presidential campaign and upsetting insiders like Boehner, with his campaign speeches blasting the “Washington Cartel.”

Obviously, Cruz is referring to Boehner and the rest of the insiders who thwart reform. This attack will only help Cruz in his presidential campaign as the public hates Congress and the job they are doing. According to recent Rasmussen polling data, congressional approval ratings have ranged from a low of 7% to a high of 13%. With such low popularity, Boehner is a great enemy for any Republican presidential candidate to have.

This anti-establishment sentiment is apparent in the current presidential race. Not only is Cruz in the top tier, but the major frontrunner is the epitome of an outsider, Donald Trump. The GOP establishment is furiously trying to derail Trump, Cruz and other insurgents such as Dr. Ben Carson.

The dream nominee for party insiders is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Unfortunately for the party elite, Bush bombed in the first debate and has not energized Republican voters. After two Bush presidencies, there is also voter fatigue for Jeb’s family. 

This is the perfect opportunity to defeat the establishment, who are currently weakened, disoriented and perplexed at the success of candidates they consider “jackasses.”


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