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Bottom Line: Trump’s President, Media’s not

By —— Bio and Archives--October 17, 2018

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Bottom Line: Trump’s President, Media’s not
Bad Boy President Donald Trump (’That misogynist!’, according to Hillary Clinton) has laid into Stormy Daniels, Lizzy Warren and Lesley Stahl in one week.

Hadn’t Hillary harped that the president would be taking up the whip to drive #MeToo out of Dodge any day now?!

Does media darling Stormy Daniels really look like a “horseface”?


Can’t say for sure as her face isn’t the part of her anatomy we most see when she’s out there bumping and grinding on stage.

Do Lizzy Warren’ self-touted “high cheekbone”  make her a member of the Cherokee tribe?                                                                                     

Don’t make us laugh!

Trump’s biggest insult of the week was not even when he told CBS’s Lesley Stahl what the mainstream and social media just can’t bear to hear: “I’m president and you’re not!”

It was that painting spotted on the White House wall during her ’60 Minutes’ interview with Trump.  There it was, Trump in oils sitting right there amidst other former REPUBLICAN presidents—one-upmanship against the thousands of ‘Selfies’ continuously uploaded on the Internet by publicity-seeking political hacks and has-beens.

It was the one sighting destined to cause a bigger sensation than spotting Bigfoot, one destined to send the entire Internet into a “How could he?” meltdown.

Did highly offended television viewers really expect to see a painting of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama decorating White House walls?

You bet they did, and no, they won’t forgive staff members who may have moved Clinton or Obama paintings out of range where they can continue throwing darts at them.

No wonder Hillary and Huma got into that Scooby Doo fender bender the next day.  The colossal nerve of a president having a painting of himself on any White House Wall!

Who does he think he is when hundreds of protesters are out howling at the moon, and thousands of witches are pricking pins into orange candles trying so valiantly to hex him the heck out of office?!

As for the haughtily indignant Daniels and Warren, don’t they know by now just from watching the mainstream and social media of the day that President Trump gives as good as he gets?


It’s only been going on for almost two years now ever since the media giants traded in their their election night shock and tears for uncorroborated allegations and smears that virtually saturateThe NEWS.

The media have been living in a fantasy reality of their own ever since election 2016.

Nowhere is it more apparent than at the Trump Midterm rallies where thousands line up for hours before the doors of the venues open with those who can’t get inside watching on big screens outside.

Thanks to the independent and cash-stretched Right Side Broadcasting—the only network that pans the size of the cheering throngs—we see the self-acclaimed Pretorian Guard media staring balefully at Obama’s and Hillary’s “deplorables”, as if they were trying to wish them away.

The days of the prog-left controlled media ganging up on anyone they decide to make “THE ENEMY”,  trying to “disappear” them with empty threats of Impeachment are coming to a richly deserved end.

Masses will no longer be told by the media pundits for whom they can vote.

In 2016 a president was elected who puts America first.

As President Trump told Lesley Stahl: I’m the president, you’re not!”

Hope Hillary and Obama were listening.


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