Boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

By -- Jean Arcamone—— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2019

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Boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The protesters in New York who object to Amazon getting tax breaks or economic incentives have killed the goose. Now some other lucky state and city will benefit. Where were those protesters when sports stadiums received huge incentives? In this case we are talking about jobs and tax revenue and economic vitality.

I have never been a fan of bribing business to come to any area. The benefits to both sides should be all that is necessary. But we have evolved into a practice of incentivizing business. And we have a segment of our population who, in the absence of an understanding of the business world, oppose businesses based on the belief that “businesses are too wealthy”. Driving away business based on erroneous beliefs is (to be kind) misguided.

This is a great opportunity for a public discussion and education.


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