Insurgents driven away

Bridge linking Busayefi to Hawr Rajab opened

By —— Bio and Archives--May 19, 2008

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By Sgt. Kevin Stabinsky, 2nd BCT, 3rd ID

FOB KALSU - Brightly painted flowers, hearts and polka-dots color the new bridge with cheery symbols.  Most
importantly, the bridge’s construction between the communities of Busayefi and Hawr Rajab paints a symbol of unity.

Once under the control of insurgents, the communities became isolated; they were also separated from each other by the Mercedes Canal.

Thanks to the efforts of CF, IA and citizens tired of violence, the insurgents were driven away. However, the canal still isolated them from one another. Their desire to establish a relationship materialized May 13 when the bridge linking the communities officially opened.

The event was coordinated by Wasmey Khudhayer, owner of the Adwa al-Ashar Construction Co.  Besides having an Iraqi co. perform the construction, the project was funded by the GoI.

“It’s an important sign that the GoI is footing the bill to reunite their communities,” said Maj. John Brock, 2nd BCT, 3rd ID.

Once the event was over, the crowd moved to the Busayefi SoI headquarters for lunch, where they discussed the importance of working together to prevent the criminal activity that once caused division in the area.

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