Bring back Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

By -- Dennis Fitzgerald—— Bio and Archives--April 19, 2018

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There are many people who prefer the old ways over the current with George Bush Sr. wanting life to be ‘more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons’ and if we look to the past with the tv show ‘The F.B.I.’ staring Efrem Zimbalist Jr. we see that the F.B.I. were the ‘good guys’ (the 60s were sexist and racist on tv) and nobody doubted their character or actions.

Now we see a President describing the past F.B.I. Director, James Comey, as a slime ball and saying that he lied under Oath. Although the world of TV often includes fictional components - including the 1998 WrestleMania hosted by Donald Trump - nearly all people in the real world see the F.B.I. and its leadership as honest and unbiased. There have been mistakes and corrupt people but rarely in the leadership.

We still need to believe in the F.B.I. and the people who protect us.


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