We think you will agree that it's time for government to "elevate" its thinking in solving LA's traffic woes

Building a Real Monorail System for Los Angeles

By —— Bio and Archives--June 15, 2017

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Fellow Angelenos:

As we know, President Trump has proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan for rebuilding the United States toward making it great again, and Los Angeles leads the way in serious need for rebuilding our freeways and public transportation system. 

Mayor Eric Garcetti was recently in Washington D.C. hustling money for completing former mayor Villaragosa’s unfinished “subway to the sea” scam, which is nowhere near to Westwood where Garcetti is proposing, never mind the sea.

The mayor proposes this subway link be completed in time for the proposed 2024 Olympic Games—which is still nearly a decade away.

Garcetti asks Trump administration for subway funds to help with Olympics bid”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is in Washington on Monday and Tuesday, hoping to sway transportation officials into fast-tracking $1.3 billion for the final stage of the city’s new Metro line to Westwood ahead of a decision on the city’s 2024 Olympic bid.

As everyone knows, the LA “subway to the sea” and a so-called California bullet train are boondoggles of the worst magnitude.

Even worse, it recently took five years and $1.1 billion to widen the 405 Freeway across the Sepulveda Pass with a carpool lane, but we also know it did absolutely nothing to improve traffic flow, but certainly slowed it down during construction.

After the transportation geniuses finally realized their carpool lane disaster, they’re now calling for a Sepulveda Pass mass transit system .... 

Tired of gridlock on Sepulveda Pass? LA Metro preparing mass transit project

Building A Modern, inner-city Monorail expressway and ending excessive and unnecessary gridlock in Los Angeles

As we know, Mayor Garcetti promised to end Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles by 2015 and failed shamefully (it’s up 57% since last year).

Now he’s calling for a monorail system over the 405 Freeway.

This appears in today’s California Section of the Los Angeles Times:

Can a monorail over the 405 Freeway ease traffic gridlock? Mayor Garcetti thinks it might

Just as I’ve been a longtime staunch activist in ending Veteran homelessness and building a modern National Veterans Home in Los Angeles, I’ve also been a longtime staunch activist for building a modern, inner-city Monorail expressway and ending excessive and unnecessary gridlock in Los Angeles.

Continued below...

Fellow associate Roger Gong, a master designer of monorail and MagLev transportation systems, offered a forward-thinking and economically feasible plan for a 21st Century public transportation program for Los Angeles and Regional Southern California. 

Attached are some Monorail ideas Roger drafted more than a decade ago in our opposition to the Wilshire “subway to the sea” plan, as well as plans for a Regional and inner-city Monorail / MagLev system that would be built above all major Freeways to link LA’s inner-city and surrounding regions in Southern California. 

In addition to local news articles, we gave presentations during local public meetings and the Monorail idea was always well received by the attendees-at-large but shut down by the so-called transportation experts—government bureaucrats—who already had secretly approved the “subway to the sea” scam, which is a complete failure, just like government’s scam to end Veteran homelessness.

The Government’s plan is to take away our individual independence of driving our own cars with “group vehicles” of public buses overtaking our streets, including a dreary ride underground in a subway. 

Their plan is to take away regular motorist traffic lanes and turn them into bus and bicycle-only lanes, which they’ve already done on Wilshire Boulevard in West Los Angeles, hence the horrific morning and evening gridlock. 

Carpool and toll lanes are privileged treatment for a few at the expense of the many

Carpool and toll lanes are privileged treatment for a few at the expense of the many, and do absolutely nothing to increase traffic flow overall, but seriously impact traffic flow for those who do not have a passenger or can afford toll lane fees. 
A creative Monorail system can offer multifaceted uses from regular passenger transportation to restaurant dining cars, Starbuck’s ride-and-work-on-your-computer monorail cars, commercial deliveries such as FedEx and UPS, mobile sub-stations for LAPD, Fire Department, Paramedics, etc.

Properly implemented, this could be a very functional and profitable venture, but it will take the leadership and oversight of successful business leaders who know how to operate under-budget and under-schedule, as opposed to the usual government disasters we’ve witnessed over and over.

For the $1.3 billion,  Mayor Garcetti is begging for a subway link to Westwood with completion by 2024, we could easily build 10-15 miles of Monorail over the 405 Freeway from the Valley to LAX in one-third the time and with money left over to boot.  It could also be built with private investors along with assistance from Trump’s government infrastructure plan, as well as subsidized by the Olympics if they choose LA.

Continued below...

If something dramatic isn’t done soon, LA is going to become a third-world city as the real producers and achievers in life are going to move elsewhere to invest their time and money, and Los Angeles will replace China as the bicycle capital of the world as they drive American-made cars.

We think you will agree that it’s time for government to “elevate” its thinking in solving LA’s traffic woes. 

Speak UP about our public transportation system and demand the very best.

Thank you - Rosebrock and Gong Associates

God Bless America!

Attachments (PDFs)

Wilshire Monorail


Building an Upwardly Mobile Society in Los Angeles



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