Parents do not expect their youngsters to go to Washington DC to get beaten up by congressmen

Bully Bob owes student a sincere apology

By —— Bio and Archives--June 14, 2010

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imageThere’s a shocking Breitbart video on the Drudge Report this morning showing Second District North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulting a student on a Washington, DC street.

“Who are you?” the Democrat congressman repeatedly asks the student he manhandles.

Losing it on a Washington street, Etheridge disgraces himself to students and parents of students everywhere.


Will his own children and grandchildren be haunted by the memory of “Daddy, the Student Beater?”

“Who are you?” is the answer untold legions would now be seeking by Googling the name Bob Etheridge.

The home page of this 7-term term congressman boasts he is “Accountable and accessible to Northern Carolinians.”

A tobacco farmer and hardware store owner by trade, Etheridge, who served in the USA Army from 1965-1967, touts pictures of himself with the troops on his homepage.

A member of the New Democrat Coalition, Etheridge is “active in freemasonry.” (Wikipedia).  “He is currently the Grand Orator for North Carolina Freemasonry.

His bully actions of this past week even reach into the Oval Office as his wife Fay Etheridge, a nutritionist,  “volunteers with the First Lady to promote service as a solution to Childhood Obesity and learning loss.”

Etheridge’s boast for having a “reputation for his strong stances on education issues,” flew out the window in one shot on a video now going viral.

Parents do not expect their youngsters to go to Washington DC to get beaten up by congressmen.

Congressman Bob Etheridge owes an immediate sincere apology not only to his student victim but to students and their parents everywhere.



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