By their votes and actions and words Democrats want our nation to be a socialist society

By -- Victoria Vaughn—— Bio and Archives--January 26, 2019

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This just needs to be said, it needs to be out there so maybe there can be some understanding. There is a lot of happy talk about unity. I believe in the principle and fervently wish it were possible. Here is my problem: by their votes and actions and words Democrats want our nation to be a socialist society. That scares the devil out of me. It hasn’t worked and cannot work. I could go into all the examples where this is true and I could give all the arguments about why it would ruin our country. The fact is, the other side isn’t listening. They are on a mission that will not be deterred with facts. So, admittedly, I stand in the path of unity if it means embracing socialist policies. I cannot be party to the destruction of something so many died to preserve. Sorry, that’s just how it is.


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Guest Column -- Victoria Vaughn -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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