California recreational marijuana law

By -- Arnold Avery—— Bio and Archives--January 2, 2018

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In another example of trapping people in poverty and of increasing welfare recipients, The new California recreational marijuana law will join Washington State in imposing up to 50% total tax on sales, including medical marijuana. While I am opposed to the sale of recreational marijuana, it seems obvious to me that the legalization was more about increasing revenue than anything else. The extremely high tax rate has the potential to take food off the table of children and will plunge families into welfare or hold them there.

And get this, if you are a pot smoker, you may forfeit your right to be a gun owner. Since alcohol and prescription drug use do not prevent you from owning a gun, I would contend that the law is also being used as gun control. I guess the theory is that users will choose pot over their constitutional rights.

When you look at the total picture, the marijuana law feeds right in to the liberal agenda.

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