A riderless horse, with boots reversed in the stirrups, has become the indelible symbol for life under the heartless regime of Barack Hussein Obama

Call Obama’s mysterious mid-holiday return to D.C. ‘Skulk Sunday’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 17, 2014

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Sometime today the 53-year-old playboy president of the United States will be heading back to D.C. for a mission which the mainstream media describes as “mysterious”.


No one seem to know why he’s temporarily back in town for two days mid-holiday, and Barack Hussein Obama isn’t saying.

In the face of the open fact that transparency is a broken Obama administration promise, today should go down as ‘Skulk Sunday’.

Even as surrealistic as the BHO administration is, why should any president be making a return in stealth to Washington in the middle of another one of his too many lavish holidays?

‘Skulk Sunday’ is all the more mysterious given that all that was going on when Obama left for Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, August 9, did not keep him from making his departure,  not the ongoing wholesale slaughter of Christians in Iraq by the Islamic State, not the tens of thousands of illegals pouring in over the southern border, some with communicable diseases. 

As time would go on to prove, racial unrest was to place the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri in danger with both Obama and his DOJ remaining stonily silent as the New Black Panthers incite more violence there.

While nothing but music and laughter can be heard from lavish parties in Martha’s Vineyard, Islamists Boko Haram slaughtered a village of 1,000 Christians, cooking them alive and chopping them in pieces. (Baptist Press, August 15, 2014)

Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls shouts volumes in her silence now that Boko Haram has kidnapped dozens of men and boys.

Cruelly, Obama,  who had danced the night away on the day before, was a no-show at the Thursday funeral of Major General Harold Greene, brought down at age 55 in Afghanistan.

With General Greene’s funeral service at Arlington on Thursday and Obama planning a return to Washington three short days later, couldn’t he have scheduled his return trip ahead by a few days in order to pay his final respects to the highest-ranking Afghanistan fatality in U.S. history?

“Major General Greene, the highest-ranking fatality in the war in Afghanistan after an Afghan military police officer opened fire on August 5, 2014, was buried on Friday at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, including a caisson, two escort platoons, casket team, firing party, colors team, and a caparisoned horse.  The U.S. Army band, “Pershing’s Own,” played softly as the funeral procession made its way down the long hill past the rows of simple white gravestones to bring General Greene to his final resting place.” (NBC News, Aug. 14, 2014)

“The graveside service began with a few words, followed by a 13-gun salute. The major general’s widow, Dr. Susan Myers, was seated in the front row. To her right was their son, 1st Lt. Matthew Greene, his daughter Amelia Greene, followed by Major General Greene’s father, also Harold Greene.

“After three rifle volleys and the playing of “Taps,” the American flag, once placed on the major general’s casket, was carefully folded as the band played “America the Beautiful.” U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno presented the flag to his widow, and additional flags to his children and father.”

“Some wondered why the commander-in-chief wasn’t present at the funeral of such a high ranking officer, and the Washington Examiner’s Byron York confirms that, yes, the president was busy golfing at the time.” (Twitchy, Aug. 16, 2014)

More than passing strange for a president, whose pictures saturate the Internet, whose selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial went viral,  to be returning to the White House today with no one knowing why.

Democrat authorities had been working on the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry for months, so Obama needn’t come all the way back to D.C. to gloat.

The Commander-in-Chief has maintained an in-your-face type of style for six long years, but for reasons unknown works in the shadows on this Skulk Sunday.

Meanwhile, a riderless horse, a caparisoned one without a rider, and with boots reversed in the stirrups, which accompanied the heartbreaking funeral procession of the heroic Major General Harold Greene, has become the indelible symbol for life under the heartless regime of Barack Hussein Obama.


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