Trudeau is tanking the economic health of his country in order to pay homage to a myth and to keep his progressive pals happy

Canada's Mr. Dress Up Has No Big Boy Budget Pants

By —— Bio and Archives--March 5, 2018

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Canada's Mr. Dress Up Has No Big Boy Budget Pants
We all knew that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who always got by living on Daddy’s Trust Fund ever since getting out of his diapers, knew zilch about budgets.

Budgets always balance themselves—according to him.


But who knew that Trudeau would carry his nincompoop budgets-balance-themselves act all the way up to being North America’s last male standing identifying himself as a feminist?

It’s easy to see how this progressive once told by former US vice president Joe Biden that he was—by attrition—the leader of the West, was potty trained by former president Barack Obama—whose election team helped bring him into power.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)—funded by 1 billion a year Canadian tax dollars—was overwhelmed by the international media ridiculing the prime minister for his Mr. Dress Up routine on his recent trip to India.

And now The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, is on to his recently unveiled free-spending budget that doubles down on a progressive agenda with billions to boost women in the workforce; to back a feminist foreign aid agenda, and improve Indigenous services, along with record support for science and innovation.

In most other civilized countries leaders recognize that it is both males and females who have to put bread on the table and keep up with the mortgage and rent.

This is a budget that skirts reality for sugar spun progressive dreams that may or may never happen.

With 281 pages and entitled “Equality + Growth”, it is a fiscal and economic plan that promises to lift workplace barriers to women, Indigenous people and youth and leverage their economic potential. (PJ Media, March, 2, 2018)

This from the same party that not only introduced—but refuses to back down from—denying government grants to religious organizations who traditionally hire students for summer jobs unless they sign a pledge to support his allegiance to abortion on demand.

Equality + Growth” expands on the last two Liberal budgets with an an eye on next year’s coming election when Obama’s not likely going to be there to boost Liberal reelection.

The proposed budget teases a new national pharmacare program without mentioning, it’s an idea that was boldly swiped from the New Democrats who can rightfully claim it as their brainchild.

“What is a feminist foreign agenda and what does it have to do with economics,” you ask? () Good question. According to thestar.com (PJMedia)

“Ottawa is pledging an additional $2.3 billion over five years for foreign aid with most of the funding earmarked to support the Liberals’ recently announced “feminist” international assistance efforts, aid that is focused on helping women and children. It prompted Bono, the lead singer of U2 and co-founder of The ONE Campaign to enthuse: “Oh Canada! Prime Minister Trudeau’s budget—and the smart, women-centered policy that guides it—is leadership in action.”

“As pointed out by thestar.com, “What’s not in the budget, once again, is any timeline to balance the books, nor any specific fund to backstop Canadian industries, workers or government revenues in case North American free trade talks collapse.”

Below follows what, in my opinion, is the most perfect description of Trudeau to date as written by senior writer Peter Stockland over at Convivium:

“All sane people realize that Trudeau is simply pandering to feminists. However, as has been frequently pointed out, and a fact that causes progressives to stick their fingers in their ears and shout “misogynist,” the myth of the gender pay gap has been debunked. And debunked again. Debunked quite frequently, in fact. Trudeau is tanking the economic health of his country in order to pay homage to a myth and to keep his progressive pals happy.”

Trouble is, the main problem for we Canucks is that unless Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer can get his party’s act together—meaning stop just complaining like so many of the rest of us—and do something, like stop running from Liberal charges that they’re not politically correct enough, we’re all stuck with Last- Man-Standing-as-a-Feminist Justin Trudeau’s re-election next year.


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