A once mighty contributor to World issues during WWII, we have become complacent and naïve about the dangers of this world

Canadian Secuirty

By -- L. G. Anderson—— Bio and Archives--September 15, 2017

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Is there anyone at least half as embarrassed as I am of our ‘security’ level in Canada? Is there ANY Canadian surprised that our previous governments have decimated our armed forces ‘assuming’ the mighty USA has our back?  And when the H of C committee was told that the USA would NOT stop a missile headed for Canada – led to ‘surprise’. REALLY!?

Over the past couple decades our elected Canadian federal governments have made a ‘mockery’ of our brave men and women in the armed forces. Just off the top of my head I can list some of the most ridiculous decisions made by our Feds. Sent our troops to a desert area in the Middle East with GREEN attire.

Feds purchased second hand subs (already outdated) from the UK where one soldier lost his life due to an electoral fire enroute home. All subs took years to get out of dry dock and as of today, no one is sure they are fit for service.(When in AZ we threaten our American friends that we will get the sub from WEM, load it on a flat bed and sneak up on them.)

Many bids made by our Feds to purchase and/or replace our military rescue helicopters (and other air craft) that needed so many parts that were ‘not available anymore’ they had to use one to take parts from to keep them flying by the seat of their pants since reports of them failing in flight were made public. I think one nearly fell off the deck of a ship trying to take off or land.

Our ArrowSpace (airplane building-technology) and ship building (ports so neglected) capabilities are a sham!!!

Since the Liberals under Chrétien and Martin pushed Canadian troop as ‘peace keepers,’ our military has been starved of any real substantive support.

There are more issues than one can remember BUT when our current government ignores the real dangers of the world today I fear for our safety. We should have a real concern about Russia taking over our northern claims since they took Crimea without a whimper from the UN AND invaded Ukraine and again, without any consequences.

If you don’t feel like a ‘sitting’ duck, then you have NOT been paying attention. Shame on us for allowing our governments to leave our security to a foreign power while taking selfies at every bus stop across the country.

Just recite our National Anthem “Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee”  – without any military support (only hugs).

A once mighty contributor to World issues during WWII, we have become complacent and naïve about the dangers of this world.

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Guest Column -- L. G. Anderson -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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