Backup Proof for the Democrats’ obsessive need to impeach President Donald Trump

Caravan Chaos Trump Impeachment in the Making

By —— Bio and Archives--November 27, 2018

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Caravan Chaos Trump Impeachment in the Making
Even with the iconic picture ‘Honduran migrant flees tear gas with her children’ going viral as ‘The Defining Moment of Migrant Caravan 2018’, activists working overtime to advance the invasion of the U.S. southern border, are playing a ‘There’s No Caravan’ game.

The prog-left and their running dog establishment media like to play the game two ways.

‘There is no Caravan,  it’s all in the imagination of Donald Trump’.  ‘But just in case we get caught up in our manufactured lies, here’s proof that the USA uses tear gas against helpless women and children’.


The real message should be: “Move Over Maxine Waters, the Caravan is the Impeachment of President Trump—BIG-TIME!’

It’s the Christmas season everywhere, save for along the route where the Caravan is travelling.

While the masses get ready to celebrate the Birthday of Christ, the Caravan-media mantra is, “There is no Santa Claus”, “There is no Caravan”.

“They’re not coming,” screamed Joe Scarborough, everyday joker and Mika bridegroom of only four days.

Other full-throttle deniers are in on the act too.

Before the Democrats stole the midterm election, there was water-boy of the left Shepard Smith:

“On Fox News, less than a month ago, Shepard Smith misled his viewers by telling them the caravan was “more than two months away” and suggested it was unlikely “any of them [would] actually come here.” (Breitbart, Nov. 26, 2018)

“There is no invasion,” he said. “There’s nothing at all to worry about.”

Thanks, Shep.

“On November 7, less than three weeks ago, during the presidential news conference where he got physically aggressive with a White House intern and heckled Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta lectured the president about the caravan: “As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion.” (Breitbart)

“Acosta also said these migrants would never try to break in. “Your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on, but they’re not going to be doing that,” Acosta said.”

Thanks to a federal judge, Acosta still has the mic.

Not only is the Caravan on its defiant way, and gathering steam, some of its ‘migrants’ are already hurling projectiles at border guards.

“Yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers effectively and professionally managed an extremely dangerous situation involving more than 1,000 individuals who sought to enter the United States illegally. (White House—1600 Daily, Npv. 26, 2018)

“As they dispersed a violent crowd, CBP made more than 60 arrests. Of the thousand or so protestors involved, only a handful of minors were present. The vast majority of participants were single male adults.”

“Both American and Mexican officials say these actions are not consistent with peaceful asylum seekers. On Friday, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declared a humanitarian crisis in his city, which he said was struggling to accommodate the influx. “No city in the world is prepared to receive this,” he said.”


Wrong!  Washington, D.C. is and Democrats are drooling at the prospect.

“After the media repeatedly assured us it would never happen, hundreds and hundreds of migrants tried to invade our country Sunday by storming the American border. Some threw rocks and other projectiles at U.S. Border Patrol. Others proved just how political all of this is by chanting, “Yes, we can” and flying the flag of their home country. (Breitbart)

“Thankfully, President Trump had prepared for this well in advance. Early last month, as thousands gathered in Central America to form caravans headed for the U.S. with the explicit intent of entering our country illegally, Trump deployed thousands of American troops to reinforce our border fencing and aid border personnel with other logistics.

“Over and over and over again, we heard the same talking point throughout all of the media: “The caravan is 1,000 miles away!” And now we know this was simply propaganda, a deliberate attempt on the part of the media to gaslight us into believing that the President of the United States planning and preparing in advance was somehow a bad thing, that getting the country and border hardened while there was still plenty of time was somehow foolish.

“And because Trump dared to prepare in advance, again and again and again, all across the media spectrum — including the increasingly dishonest Fox News — Trump was slammed as a racist and fear-monger who was  using our troops as “props.”  And now, here we are, less than three weeks later, and everything Trump (thankfully) prepared for, did happen.”

Back to the iconic picture ‘The Defining Moment’ of ‘Migrant Caravan 2018’:

Some claim the picture was a staged hoax:


“Yesterday’s Headline is today’s hoax. The illegal alien mother ‘fleeing’ from the border wall was all a lie. It was a setup. (Gateway Pundit, Nov. 26, 2018)

“After further review, yesterday’s ‘horrific’ picture of a woman with barefoot children running from the US border wall was a hoax. In the background of the picture a group of men are posing for one camera man and another is running towards another camera man. In other areas, people are just standing around. The woman with the children was just a photo-op:”

Perhaps readers can judge for themselves by reading photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon’s self description on the Reuters/The Wider Image page: “I always try to shoot something different and find creative images in routine daily life.  That is what I am aiming for every day”.

Kyung-Hoon’s photo gallery includes ‘Families Around the World Join War On Plastic; ‘Japan’s Women Sailors on Frontline of Gender Equality’ and ‘Summit Brings Hope to Japan’s Pro-North Ethnic Koreans’.

Meanwhile, a Central American Caravan,  whose mostly adult male ‘migrants’ are well rehearsed, is real, some say aiming to swell its numbers to 20,000, due to arrive at the American border sometime between now and when the Democrats come out fighting as America’s superior political force on January 3.

Call it what it is: Backup Proof for the Democrats’ obsessive need to impeach President Donald Trump.


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