"Caravan?" No such meaning. Invasion!

By —— Bio and Archives--November 6, 2018

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Caravan No such meaning. Invasion!
From the former president who described the religiously-inspired Jihadi butchering of unarmed Americans as “workplace violence,” we had many more years of workplace violence.

For this president the enemy of the people were clearly not Jihad and the people who committed it in San Bernardino, Fort Hood, or Boston.


The enemy has always been “workplace violence.”

The former president who objected to the street justice meted out to a ghetto thug, found a solution by granting him with familial ties, “if I had a son he’d look just like Trayvon.”

Maybe he’d also look like Ferguson’s “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown?

In other words, to elevate America to the higher standards of scholarship, precision, and language he brought from Jakarta, this president who told us “words have meaning,” would have honored us with a gangster for a son.

For the leader of the progressive left bad meant good, good meant bad, and the meaning of “is” is whatever he wished it to mean at the moment.

Until is became “was” or never. Or maybe.

Or ISIS became WASWAS.

For the leader of the progressive left “a good deal for America” meant a nuclear-armed Iran where massive rallies attended by hundreds of thousands of haters displaying military prowess are held with “Death to America” painted onto nuclear-tipped ICBMs.

The president doubled down on the “good deal for America” by bribing Iran and spiriting $1.7 billion in hard cash out of the United States without congressional approval in the middle of the night in secrecy.

Can any deal for America be better than it?

Don’t you wish your spouse, to make a good deal for you and to make you really happy, did something similar with your bank account?

For the political left no double lines exist too hard to cross; no red lines are painted too obvious to ignore.

No words exist to which “meaning” can not be attributed.

Accordingly, words for the political left exist only for political purposes: to manipulate reality, alter facts, confuse and indoctrinate weak minds, and achieve - because there cannot be another explanation for it - a nefarious purpose.

The purpose once achieved, ultimately, historically, always damaged the nation‘s citizens.

In this particular case the left label undocumented Democrats “Asylum Seekers.”

A border with a wall or fence: Racist.

A border with a wall or fence: Racist.

An invasion, a “Caravan.”

Never mind the invaders have themselves admitted the obvious: that there’s no war ongoing in Honduras or Mexico from which asylum is sought; that they are not interested in making America “better” or to give Americans a justification to admit them. By their own admission they are coming here seeking higher pay, large flat TVs, a car. And free health care which is obviously much better in Cuba.

In other words, the invaders want a raise.

Because you’re generous, filled with empathy, and are not racist, you are to give them the raise by paying the bill estimated at $70,000 per “asylum seeker.

If you Americans don’t want to pay the $70,000 for unskilled foreign nationals to whom you have no obligation, are not your relatives, are coming in illegally and are in no need of asylum, and do not meet the requirements for it, but are in need of a large flat panel TV, free housing, free schooling and free health care, you are “racists!”

Worse, you are a white supremacist displaying your white privilege because for some unknown reasons the “asylum seekers” failed to be born with white genes.


And thus we arrive at the Caravan.

Not the one from Honduras wherefrom, to the best of my knowledge, caravans had never originated.

Caravans were used - at least historically - for trade. Trade between tribes of people, and arguably, nations.

Caravans came. And then they went.

They brought silks, oils, spices and The Religion of Peace one way peacefully; and returned with pasta, the heads of infidels on pogo sticks who were not peaceful enough, and the Mongol hordes.

The origination of the term came from “camel train.” Otherwise known as a train of camels carrying (usually) Arab merchants and their cargo across northwestern Africa, across the Sahara (which is by no means in Honduras no matter what Nancy Pelosi tells you), into the regions of Persia, India and China. Caravan denotes a group traveling together for the purpose of protecting valuable cargo and each other from looters.

Caravans were not meant to travel one way from a poorer nation for the purpose of looting the richer one and then taking over their cities, towns, and territory.

That systemic movement was always called an invasion.

The former president reminded us that “words have meaning.”

He meant his words have the meaning he ascribed to them.

His words meant whatever he meant for them to mean at that moment.

And they will mean something different the next moment.

As for your words?

They have no meaning at all.

So we finally understand the deeper meaning of “is” and of Caravan.

This, is a Caravan.
This is a Caravan.

This, is a Caravan.
This is a Caravan.

This, is a Caravan.
This is a Caravan.

This is a Caravan.
This is a Caravan.

This is the region where caravans operate to this very day.

Please note the revolutionary discovery global warming scientists just uncovered: Marakesh is not in Honduras.

Caravan Routes

This, is not a Caravan.
This, is not a Caravan

It is an INVASION!
It is an INVASION!

Incidentally, do you see camels?

Me neither.


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