Career politicians comfortable in the land of lobbyists, back room deals, pay to play, Hollywood

By -- Andy Bishop—— Bio and Archives--December 8, 2017

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They are resigning because there is proof (like pictures), they are resigning because of pressure from their party, and the are resigning preemptively. Those are the ones we know about. There is also a large number who have been accused and suit was settled by a little $15 million dollar slush fund courtesy of the taxpayers. If those politicians were also exposed to media scrutiny, how many would be left standing?

I think it is safe to say that when we talked about draining the swamp, we were speaking of career politicians who were comfortable in the land of lobbyists, back room deals, pay to play, heavy hitting deep pockets, and Hollywood connections. I doubt many of us envisioned the flood of accusations of “inappropriate behavior” or sexual harassment. These have only added to our belief that the swamp must be drained.

But, it does leave me wondering, what does it look like on the other side of all this?

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