Obama’s Key leftist

Cass Sunstein – The Red General

By Barry Napier—— Bio and Archives--January 16, 2010

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To misquote a great opening line: “It is the worst of times and the worst of times”. Today, we see almost no “best of times” as rampant socialism scurries to get control of the world. Obama’s choice of another czar only heightens this terrible predicament that is a death-knell for those of us who love freedom, but a promise of communistic pleasures for those who want power.


Obama is trying to water the garden with an ocean-wide tsunami. Only totalitarians do that, because they know the people don’t want their ‘changes’. Force must be used. That’s why Obama chose Cass Sunstein as one of his most key czars.

Cass Sunstein… is an ‘animal rights’ attorney who acts on behalf of animals. “Are you an animal with a ‘beef’ against humans? You have the right to sue…” That’s his ad in prevarication.net

Interesting how he placed his ad on a website dedicated to exposing prevarication in public life! The site says that when people lie “they are usually getting ready to reach into our hip pocket.” That’s what makes Mr Sunstein’s more recent comments quite illuminating! The appointment of this particular czar should be a wake-up call to everyone, not just conservatives.

Obama: Getting Ready to Regulate You

Sunstein, already making money on weird animal rights cases, is now after the general public, to silence them. He is the new ‘Regulatory Czar’. And Obama czars are a danger to every citizen’s income, life, thoughts and freedoms. (For a YouTube presentation go to adambitely.com and look for ‘Time to stand against Cass Sunstein’, before he regulates it off the internet).

Edward Cline (Capitalism magazine, 6th October 2009;) calls Sunstein a “fascist/socialist fellow traveller in the Obama administration endorsing the gagging of anyone who criticizes (it) and its agenda…”

Cline also discusses this form of fascism in ‘Thought Crime: The Logical End of Politically Correct Speech.’ He is right, because when the people allow PC to rule, it must increase in hatred towards those who speak freely, and end in crushing all free thought, which is attacked by law and financial penalty.


Artists who were given grants by Obama’s clones were invited to a special function. At the meeting they were asked to make sure Obama’s policies were clearly supported by them, as they created artistic stuff to advertise Obama’s wares in a good light. Soviets did that, too. All the while Obama is using fascism to promote his Marxism! This is nothing but good ol’ propaganda. Linked to this is the White House blogger, Marion Phillips, who asks informants to tell her if they come across ‘fishy’ criticisms of Obama’s plans for health care: they were to be reported to HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected].(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Remarkably, Sunstein is “one of the few czars to be confirmed by the senate.” (capmag). Well, maybe not so strange, as Senate is ruled by Democrats who rely on Obama for their power base.

Sunstein, by sheer coincidence, is married to Obama’s foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power. Sunstein is currently on leave from Harvard Law School to formalise his ideas on collectivist theories… I wonder if, say, a darker skinned man in a dark suit might be funding him? Or, maybe it’s a lighter skinned man in a dark suit, who is given a pay packet to pass on to Sunstein in Central Park during the lunch hour, next to the water fountain on the left. Or is that conspiracy theory? But, even if he is the foremost legal scholar in the USA, he’s got to be paid for leave of absence! It might be quite innocent – maybe he’s got a paper round, or he works at the corner store at weekends.

Rewriting the Constitution

Whoever pays Sunstein, Cline calls him a “totalitarian in wolf’s clothing”. Obama was only a lecturer when both worked at Chicago; Sunstein is a high-flyer who can regulate every whim invented by Obama. Which brings us to the intriguing ‘conspiracy theory’ that Obama has many totalitarian schemes up his sleeve to hit Americans with – he needs someone with a keen mind to make it all fit together in true Marxist style. And no-one is better than Sunstein.

His ideas are like ephemera floating in space. For example, he wants to rewrite the Constitution to allow for ‘mandatory or compulsory diversity of views in every medium of public communication’. Funnily enough (what a coincidence) Obama also wants to rewrite the Constitution… something to do with him choking every time he reads the bits about freedom.

We have already seen the awful results of twisting ‘freedom’, in homosexual laws and policies, allowing these people to run screaming (literally) down main streets doing unimaginable sexual things in public, while they coax youngsters to adopt the same lifestyle! The same policies of ‘freedom’ mean loss of freedom for those who criticize, and even loss of jobs and university places. Sunstein’s ‘freedoms’ only move one way.

Fairness Doctrine

He wants a panel of government ‘experts’ to oversee what radio and TV puts out, to make sure they rigidly keep to a revamped ‘Fairness Doctrine’, by offering freedom of speech to everybody. In Sunstein’s language, that includes everyone who wants to subvert America from a government-approved angle, but not Christians or anyone who criticises government!

The obvious answer is simply to let radio and TV get on with it themselves. And if they are biased, so be it. Others will soon provide unbiased material. But, let government czars decide on what is, or is not, free speech, and you end up with immorality, no freedom for genuine voices, and a lock-down on truth. Look at the UK who has been forced into the same strait-jacket by its socialist government, and you willsee the future of U.S. freedoms! They won’t exist!

Diversity – Red Style

Sunstein’s basic idea is to silence anti-government statements, or, alternatively, to tax them. This is just cover-up speke for calling anything against Obama ‘conspiracy theory’, and putting a stop to it. Oh well, there goes ‘diversity’ and free speech!

One of the most memorable advertising strap-lines I have ever seen on a film poster, is for a Will Smith film. The line simply said “You aren’t paranoid if they really are out to get you!” Funnily enough Will played a lawyer.

By calling valid criticism ‘conspiracy theory’ and then making it illegal, Sunstein can stop the mouths of everyone from political candidates to sitting Senators and congressmen, to ordinary individuals who write blogs. He will really come to get you! 

The tyranny can also percolate downwards to anyone in the street who happens to say they dislike Obama and think he’s a cheat and liar. It is an exact reproduction of what happened in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, and still goes on in China. It is also like the mandatory violent controls in total-Islam countries. And it is what Obama has in store for every citizen in the USA.

Whoopee – Change!

The real problem is that many folks tried their best to warn blinkered voters before they tore into history to elect the worst president to date. But, their eyes glistening with tears of joy and devotion, the voters ignored the hard-core stuff in favour of ‘change’. They didn’t check out what ‘change’ meant – a change from freedom to totalitarian communism. Now, most have cleared their tears and can see, to their horror, the monster they have unleashed on their own selves. They have unleashed a rabid dog whose only interest is its savage desire to taste blood.

Is this progress? No, it certainly is not. The only reason Sunstein is not inundated by logic is that he holds a top position and Obama tells us nothing. He would not last two minutes in a bar-room argument! But, as Plato said “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” (Quoted in Logisticsmonster.com). This has come true in America and in Europe.

If voters could not be bothered to check out candidates, especially when one of them has no known background, they deserve what they get. The trouble is, their error of judgment is also costing those who did check things out, and that is grossly unfair. (YouTube obediently took it off their screens, but if you want a warning to government, go to logicsmonster.com to the side bar and click on the video! It is called ‘America Rising’ and it completely encapsulates the dangers).

Sunstein – Quick, Arrest the Russians!

Contacts in Russia tell me that the Russian government is buzzing with Obama’s decision to mobilize troops in case of civil unrest. This is based on the same source – another seemingly innocuous Executive Order. Like the EO we discussed in relation to Interpol, this one’s wording is equally vague and ordinary. This is the purpose – not to raise suspicion. But, the very vagueness allows for all manner of precedent-making (or should it be called president-making?)

This EO can be found on the White House site.

The query coming from all sides is: “To me it looks like Obama is trying to centralise power, in preparation for civil unrest. Is the ‘iron fist’ coming?” Yes, it is, because it must, according to communistic theory.

Now, this query comes from a wide section of the population (latest poll shows that 50% of Americans want to see Obama’s birth certificate and want him to say who he really is). It also comes from Russia. I think Sunstein should fly over immediately to get them arrested for spreading conspiracy theories about Obama – Interpol can help! But, wait, if Obama signed the EO, that makes him and Sunstein conspiracists, too. Let’s all arrest each other; it’s easier.

Remember: when a law or order is vague and appears innocent, it is only because other EO’s and laws, apparently unconnected, are being lined up in readiness for the ‘big push’. Then, they will all be linked together as one Marxist-Fascist rule. After that, of course, there will be no need for law or conspiracy – it will just be life as usual under totalitarian dictatorship, when Obama and friends can do whatever they like, with or without law.

The EO, dated 11th January, 2010, is titled “Establishment of the Council of Governors”. With almost any other regime we could possibly dismiss it. But, when it is signed by Obama, a known Marxist and totalitarian who speaks openly about a one world rule, we should sit up and take notice.

Another Evasive EO

The EO begins as usual with “By the authority vested in me as president…”, so the validity of this EO, and anything else he signs, depends wholly on whether or not Obama is a legitimate president. (Oh well, Sunstein’s got me on his radar now – I’ve questioned Obama!).

The EO is supposed to “strengthen further the partnership between the Federal government and state governments to protect our Nation.” Hm. Like the way the USA was protected by Obama’s secret services when they knew a national security threat was about to fly above America wearing nothing but undershorts and explosives! The bomber got away with his plan almost to the end, because of Obama’s instructions not to tag a Muslim as a ‘terrorist’. No, this is indeed a centralising of power, using the armed forces and police (later to be overseen by Interpol??) as co-enforcers.

The Council of Governors would be elected by the president. Pro-Obama? No more than five shall be of the same political party… most being Democrat and the rest diluted in power by coming from disparate parties? The Secretary of Defense (or the two chairmen… yeah, right) can call a committee meeting. Homeland and terrorism departments are involved, along with the National Guard, etc. They will discuss, and put into action, matters concerning the National Guard, homeland defense, civil support, integration of state and federal military activities, “and ‘other matters’ of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.”

The latter point is where the most precedents can be made. Civil support supposedly refers to things like earthquakes, epidemics, etc. But, it can also be used to mass troops and police to put down freedom riots, or anti-government groups who just parade in the streets. Thus, Para (e) in the document is capable of providing anti-freedom support for Obama. I will not go through the rest of the EO… look at it yourself. And if Sunstein calls this the making of a conspiracy theory, just remember that film strap-line, because government is really out to get you!

Mandatory Sunstein

It is very easy for a czar to make and break people, simply by inventing his own rules. And Sunstein does that in abundance. For example, included in ‘conspiracy theories’ that he wants Obama to make illegal, are the people who argue against climate change policies put forward by government. He wants to completely silence them because they are ‘criminals’.

Added to this, he wants to introduce mandatory “electronic sidewalks” to the internet. This means when an argument is put on a website, it will automatically be accompanied by links to opposing views in the side bar! Thus, a site specialising in, say, Christianity, can be inundated by sites that hate it, even though the Christian website is paid for by Christians. It means anyone who writes anything against climate change, will be swamped by green stuff.

The aim is not to give two sides to any story, but to dilute the power of opposition by mixing it with other views. It is a psychological ploy, not proper argumentation. And when an opposing argument is forced onto a site that does not want it on their pages, it is nothing but blatant fascism. Can you imagine gay sites accepting Christian material on their pages? No way!

Sunstein wants to regulate personal email content, and everything that appears on the internet. They want to force non-profit organisations to publish material on their sites that directly contradicts their beliefs and reasons for existing. That is, Sunstein and Obama want to get rid of all and any criticism and opposing views. To do it, they are willing and ready to enforce their demands on society. Thus they become true czars, with Red flags. They will be modern-day Inquisitors. (For an academic judgment against Sunstein – if he doesn’t get it destroyed first).

One liberal blog (liberalvaluesblog.com) says that conservatives should welcome Sunstein as regulatory czar, calling their views a ‘smear campaign’. But, when the czar actually gives anti-freedom views, there is no other way we can read them! It is not ‘smearing’, but a response to what he says!

In reality there is no need for ‘czars’ who can rule every aspect of life. Indeed, America rose to greatness precisely because people were free and able to speak! But, now that liberals and Marxists see their goal in front of them, they want to dismiss freedom and rewrite the Constitution… which, Obama says, is ever changing, because the world changes. People who change constantly so suit popular ideas are never satisfied and will never be at peace. They should stick to what is right and true. Obama doesn’t want this. He wants to change to whatever he wants. Those who oppose him must be silenced. That is about it. And that’s why he appointed Sunstein.

Sunstein The Radical

We have witnessed Obama making the way clear for Interpol so that it can police the world on behalf of the UN. By appointing Sunstein, he has now made the way clear for him to get the UN involved in destroying US freedoms. The UN will be delighted, of course, because it is one of their main aims.

Incredibly six Republicans voted Sunstein into his post. In earlier days they would have been called turncoats. On the other hand, five Democrats voted against him. So that makes them rebels. But, with a cause. Rockefeller naturally voted him in, because his family is one of the hands operating the puppet UN. Financial families of immense wealth support the UN aims because it is a way of giving them absolute power, through the manipulation of Marxist governments, without anyone knowing who they are.

Matthew Vadum wrote a neat piece in Canada Free Press (28th July 2009) about Sunstein, ‘The Trouble with Cass Sunstein’. He listed a number of radical views held by Sunstein that are hateful towards freedom and friendly with totalitarianism. He said money does not belong to you – it belongs to government. Maybe he won’t think so if Obama took away his wallet and bank accounts! He wants to create a “greenhouse gas inventory” of companies that do not work to cut emissions; the idea is to shame them into submission. This links to a later idea to find everyone who criticizes Obama’s green policies and punish them.

Also, Sunstein wants to remove ‘property rights’. Again – try taking away his condo! And, of course, Sunstein is an animal rights extremist… and these folks are also regularly found hating anti-greens and taking part in other extreme campaigns of a Marxist nature.

Sunstein – Key Figure

By electing Sunstein, then, Obama is underpinning his entire brutish regime. Sunstein was not elected immediately because government knew he was an extremist. But, Obama has ways of making you choose what he wants! And he got in. He is the man who can use law like a battering ram to force through Marxism at a fast rate, by silencing any opposition. Sunstein, then, is the ideal man for the job – he can get rid of opposition and keep the UN happy. He can also help Obama to get rid of the Constitution, to replace it with a relative-values doctrine to suit Marxism.

There is a lot more to Sunstein than anyone will admit. Search him out before he searches you out, because he wants you dumb but not deaf. He wants to rule every facet of your life and to fill you with socialist garbage as he removes your freedom of thought and speech. In other words he wants every citizen to become a cess-pit.

Sunstein says we cannot be free unless we are dependent on government. To put it another way, you won’t be allowed freedom unless it is in the grip of a Red president; freedom as defined by communism; freedom that doesn’t exist.

We are seeing an administration that claims transparency whilst drawing the curtains to stop people looking in. The public are unaware of what Obama stands for or what his czars are really doing. They won’t know the trucks are coming to take them to train wagons that will transport them into a living hell. Ask the Jews what this means.

The gun control and ban on hunting advocated by Sunstein are direct links to the UN, who promotes them alongside Obama.  The USA is being manipulated big-time… the UN are the puppets of faceless financiers; Obama is a puppet of the same people, and he wants us all to be his puppets.

Obama is creating an elite band, an ‘A Team’ of men and women who will carry out his every whim. They will do it by force through EO’s and laws and by social engineering. Sunstein is a top-dog in this, and his teeth are sharp. If Obama is left in office, the USA will come to see his plan coming together, but only when it is too late.

Barry Napier runs christiandoctrine.com.
The Global Green Agenda’, Barry Napier. Published, Petra Press, 2009.
For other anti-green books by Barry Napier contact the author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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