Are Cavuto and Fox News trying to outdo Fake News King CNN?

Cavuto Bought into Russia-Stole-Election Conspiracy and Now “DISGUSTED” Trump Won’t?

By —— Bio and Archives--July 17, 2018

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Cavuto Bought into Russia-Stole-Election Conspiracy and Now DISGUSTED Trump Won't?
If anyone can play the part of shocked, stunned and “disgusted”  that President Donald Trump didn’t go after Russian President Vladimir Putin for stealing the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s Fox News Business Network Host Neil Cavuto.

Most folk fully expected the mainstream and social media to pile on Trump for not upsetting Putin’s apple cart in Helsinki, they just didn’t know that a thoroughly “disgusted”  Cavuto would be the one bringing up the rear.


“Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto on Monday called out President Trump over his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Trump appeared to side with the Russian president over his denial of involvement in the 2016 election. (The Hill, June 16, 2018)

“Cavuto said that Trump’s “disgusting” refusal to confront Putin about Russian meddling was effectively letting Putin “get away” with it.”

How dare President Trump not count himself in as one of the deranged Progs who believes his own election was illegitimate?!

“I’m sorry, it’s the only way I feel. it’s not a right or left thing to me, it’s just wrong,” he said. “A U.S. president on foreign soil talking to our biggest enemy or adversary or competitor … is essentially letting the guy get away with this, and not even offering a mild criticism. That sets us back a lot.” (The Hill)

Even if the Russia collusion conspiracy were true—which having no evidence to back it up, means it’s certainly not—it’s been a year and a half that they’ve been getting away with it.

The mainstream and social media are part of the they that let them—including Putin if guilty—away with it.

Was anyone other than Neil Cavuto and the rest of the drive-by media expecting Trump to force Putin into making a confession in Helsinki today?

“Trump sparked an immediate wave of backlash among lawmakers and the media after the press conference, with even top conservative figures tearing into him for his comments. (The Hill)

Somehow we’re not surprised.

“During the press conference, Trump refuted his own intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, saying that he doesn’t “see any reason” why Russia would have been behind the hacking. The Hill)

“He also tore into the special counsel investigation into Moscow’s meddling, calling Robert Mueller’s probe a “disaster for our country.”

“Just last week, Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers and charged them with hacking U.S. groups and individuals to influence the election.”

The 12 Russian intelligence officers will never be brought into any court of law, but for heaping more conspiracy onto collusion, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

“Trump was directly asked whether he believes Putin or his own intel community on Russian meddling, and not only did he question whether Russia actually did it, but he seemed more outraged about the DNC server. (Mediaite, July 16, 2018)


Nothing about whether Trump has good reason to not believe “his” own intel community on Russian meddling even though he’s had to put up with it a year and a half after his election.

“This has got to be the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Neil Cavuto said. He likened it to someone offering to help look into the cause of a fire that they started. (Mediaite)

“Stuart Varney said, “It was not a very forceful presentation from President Trump with Putin standing right next to him. Not forceful at all.”

“I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to maybe jet lag and time differences, but holy moly,” Cavuto said.

“And later on in his program, Cavuto was a bit more direct:

“I don’t think you get a second chance to make a good first impression at a stage and venue like this… I just found that Vladimir Putin appeared to run circles around the President and get him to buy––that is the guy standing next to him hook line and sinker––every single sneaky lie and misstatement he has made on this matter.”

Are Cavuto and Fox News trying to outdo Fake News King CNN?


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