Our elected officials need to start doing the right thing for all residents, for all CITIZENS. Cites must be sanctuaries for citizens, for there is no city without citizens

Citizen Sanctuaries, not Sanctuary Cities

By —— Bio and Archives--September 10, 2016

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After eight years of Obama’s immigration lawlessness, sanctuary cities like San Francisco are facing severe scrutiny.  For too long, they have proudly refused to cooperate with federal authorities to deport illegal aliens.

Until recently, elected officials delayed enforcement. The American people want enforcement. As U.S. Senator Ted Cruz announced on the floor of the Senate during the 2013 Gang of Eight deliberations, the American People should not have to barter for security by allowing for amnesty or pathways to citizenship.

The federal government must provide for the common defense!


What’s the easy way to stop this lawlessness? Cut the funding! Cities that enable this criminality should lose taxpayer dollars. Local and state governments love to spend money. They are not very good at stopping the spending sprees. Take away the money, and they start to behave.

Check out this video from Representative John Culberson (R-Texas), taking down sanctuary cities and stop illegal immigration.

He does not deserve all the credit. Culberson was launching investigations while facing a primary challenge from Maria Espinoza, the founder of the Remembrance Project.  Her group fights to preserve the memory of loved ones killed by illegal aliens. God bless her efforts!

Here is Culberson’s statement at that committee hearing:

“Sanctuary city policies across the country have contributed to the deaths of thousands of Americans and caused untold suffering. This is unacceptable and intolerable, and it has allowed thousands of criminal aliens to roam freely on American streets.

We need to remember these men and women, these children, these families which have been forever separated.  Who will bring them back together? That son, that daughter is now dead, and there is nothing that man or the state can do to bring those victims to life and back to their families. These citizens did not have to die ... if cities obeyed federal law, and the federal government enforced the borders.

“On February 1, I wrote to Attorney General Loretta Lynch explaining that as the new chairman of the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittee, I believe local and state jurisdictions should not apply for federal money unless they comply with federal law. I asked Attorney General Lynch to change the federal grant application process to require state and local authorities to verify that they are in compliance with federal law, and if they are not, to deny their application.

How about just denying them the money, without Attorney General Lynch’s support?

“In response to my concerns, today the Attorney General announced that BOP will release criminal illegal aliens to ICE instead of sanctuary cities.  This is welcome news. If this had been BOP’s policy last summer, Kate Steinle would be alive today. I am grateful Attorney General Lynch made this important change, and I look forward to receiving regular updates from the Department of Justice on the progress they are making implementing this new policy.

This policy should have been implemented years ago, happening the moment that Barack Obama took the oath of office to become the next President of the United States.


“Second, the Attorney General announced that DOJ can take action against jurisdictions receiving grants when they are not in compliance with Federal law.  If jurisdictions choose to implement sanctuary policies that prevent them from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, they are putting their federal grant money at risk unless they change their policy to comply with federal law.

Cities are violating federal law when they do not deport illegal aliens. They are violating federal when they shield illegals from ICE. These cities are certainly violating federal law when they promote illegal to city commissions! 

Did you hear that Huntington Park, California? We the People are not going to tolerate this lawlessness. Culberson is demanding an end to these illegal enabling actions.

Culberson continues:

“The new policies the Department of Justice announced today will keep our streets safer by ensuring that criminal aliens do not roam freely in our communities, and prevent federal tax dollars from being sent to jurisdictions that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws.

Our elected officials need to start doing the right thing for all residents, for all CITIZENS.

Cites must be sanctuaries for citizens, for there is no city without citizens.

These federal expectations for immigration enforcement are no small matter. All lives matter, and they will continue to matter when our government takes the rule of law seriously.

A friend of mine who has been fighting illegal immigration for years, reminded me that while the federal government is taking tighter control of our borders, “Sanctuary State” California wants to open up the borders even further to illegal aliens:

California is in the process of passing a bill which would make police departments follow the locality’s policies i.e. sanctuary policies.

So, what will our local law enforcement do when pressed between the state’s laws and the dictates of Washington D.C.? California’s lax immigration policies are hurting the entire country.

Enough is enough!

We need to secure our borders. That means a wall, E-verify, more border patrol agencies, a zero-tolerance policy for illegals crossing the border.

We need more lawmakers like Ted Cruz, John Culberson, also U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania), who are fighting to pass Kate’s law to stop sanctuary city policies.

Sadly, while the United States federal government is progressing on public safety, California continues to welcome unmitigated immigration lawlessness.

We the People Rising are standing up to this arrogant destruction. We can only pray that more states follow our lead and support our efforts.

It’s time to stop sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. They must become sanctuaries for citizens. The several states must stop forcing Law enforcement officers to compromise the safety of their individual communities. Police officers should be able to lock up and have criminals—illegal aliens—carted off to ICE, then thrown out of the country.  If the federal government has to take away the money and power of cities—and states!—for violating federal law and compromising our borders, then so be it.


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