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Arthur Christopher Schaper is a teacher-turned-writer on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance.Twitter -- @ArthurCSchaper

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Another Strange Endorsement, or Trump vs. Trumpism in California

May 20, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Another Strange Endorsement, or Trump vs. Trumpism in California
A brief direct message on Twitter gave me the grave news I feared the most: President Trump endorsed John Cox, a Chicago-born businessman who carpet-bagged to California five years ago, for Governor of California.

I am stunned, and it made me sick to my stomach. Full disclosure: I support Assemblyman Travis Allen for governor, the candidate who has been outspoken about his support for Trump and his agenda from the beginning.

But the bigger issue comes to the following questions:

“Dragon Energy” Kanye Goes MAGA: Democrats Don’t Care About Black People

May 1, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Dragon Energy Kanye Goes MAGA: Democrats Don't Care About Black People
I haven’t been a fan of Kanye West. I don’t really care for rap. I didn’t like the Rolling Stone cover which had featured him as some new aberration of Christ Jesus, either. Pretty arrogant stuff. He unfairly criticized President George W. Bush in off-hand, uninformed remarks following Hurricane Katrina’s massive devastation in New Orleans: “President Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Those statements were unfair, to say the least.

A decade later, Kanye West went public wearing a MAGA hat last week, signed by President Trump. On his Twitter feed, he commented: “You don’t have to agree with [T]rump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

Our Constitution Matters: The Case for Federal Troops in California

Apr 14, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

California has turned into a rogue state
San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob declared that California has turned into a rogue state. The main issue of contention rests on California’s “Sanctuary State” law. Also known as SB 54, the law prohibits local and state law enforcement from communicating with ICE. Cities are prevented from acting on ICE detainers. California’s Attorney General has threatened private firms with prosecution if they cooperate with ICE and comply with federal law. Legislation has granted state executives broad power to investigate federal ICE detention centers.

California is Still Very Much America

Apr 1, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

California is Still Very Much America
When I spoke at the Patriot Movement Arizona rally in early March, I heard a lot of people say “Make California America Again.” A former Navy seal who later ran for Congress made the same joke to me when he was out of state. “I’m not in California right now. I’m in America.”

Those comments really incensed me, though. Four and a half million Californians voted for Trump in 2016. Even though the state legislature has gone full-tilt communist, Californians up and down the state are rising up against the state legislature, which has become destructive to the ends for which governments are instituted among men. The media won’t cover these restorative trends emerging throughout the state, so here goes. Entire counties in North State (Siskiyou, Tehama, Shasta, and El Dorado) have resolutely refused to comply with California’s sanctuary state insanity. Kern County has also joined that list.

Political Reforms to Reject, and Political Reforms to Consider

Feb 28, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Political Reforms to Reject, and Political Reforms to Consider
There is a populist uprising against the political class in Washington DC. That’s a good thing, in that our power should belong to the federal government, which can decide what they want to do with us.

Our power needs to be restored, and the clear delineation of enumerated powers must be reasserted.

However, one reform suggested by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will not help our problems in Washington DC.

MAGA vs. DACA: How Trump Supporters Trumped Jimmy Kimmel on Late Night TV

Feb 12, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

MAGA vs. DACA: How Trump Supporters Trumped Jimmy Kimmel on Late Night TV
Earlier this month, Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show host with a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, wanted to host a segment with voters who oppose DACA. To find willing guests, ABC Casting had reached out to me and fellow Trump supporters to appear on the show. At first, I was reluctant. Kimmel uses every shame-inducing prop imaginable to attack President Trump in particular and conservatives in general. I reached out to friend and fellow activist, Robin Hvidston, director of We the People Rising, for advice. She encouraged me to go with her and four others: Chanell Temple, Wes Parker, Lorie Masonas, and Celeste Grieg. All of us know each in other conservative circles throughout Southern California.

On the recording date, we signed in and passed through security screenings. Immediately I noticed along the entry corridor all kinds of photos with Kimmel’s favorite guests and craziest moments. The most prominent photo portrait featured Kimmel shaking President Barack Obama’s hand at a state dinner. I decided to fix the picture (See Below).


Read: Anti-DACA ‘Deplorables’ Make Laughing Stock of Jimmy Kimmel

The Illegal Alien Dreamers’ Nightmare Comes True: The Democrats Don’t Care About Them

Feb 11, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

The Illegal Alien Dreamers' Nightmare Comes True: The Democrats Don't Care About Them
Election 2018 is turning into another contentious year, perhaps with consequences that could bring to mind Donald Trump’s unprecedented and historic 2016 election

President Trump will face serious roadblocks to his MAGA agenda if Democrats take back the House, and worse yet if they eke out a slim victory in the United States Senate. One of President Trump’s greatest unsung legacies is that he is rolling back the executive overreach of President Barack Obama. He is also urging Congress to take the lead on divisive issues which Democrats had refused to deal with over the previous eight years.

Ronald Reagan’s 107th Birthday—Why Are We Still Celebrating?

Feb 7, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Ronald Reagan’s 107th Birthday--Why Are We Still Celebrating?
After receiving three different emails to sign a card celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 107th Birthday, I asked myself: “Why are we still celebrating the Gipper?” He was a great President, but is the icon turning into a crutch for hiding from the fights of today? The issue is a two-sided question. Indeed, Reagan’s legacy offers a lot for us to rejoice about, but also to ponder and reconsider. He represented the seemingly contradictory conservative change agent in a time when Americans were ready for anything after four years of economic malaise, cultural chaos, and political depression.  His victories for conservatism are considerable, but if he’s an example to follow, there’s so much more to consider besides what he did.

The California Governor’s Race: Right-wing Dreams and Left-wing Nightmares

Jan 30, 2018 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

The California Governor's Race: Right-wing Dreams and Left-wing Nightmares
Jerry Brown is retiring—for good this time. Governor Moonbeam has been an unmitigated disaster for California, and God forbid that his children run for statewide office. Californians have an open governor’s seat again. Well, sort of. Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco, won the Lieutenant Governor’s seat in 2010, defeating a moderate Republican incumbent.

Much like a pampered Vice President running for President, Newsom is campaigning like the heir apparent: a reckless, lawless social justice warrior politician —always with a flawless smile and slicked-back hairline. As mayor, he signed off on gay marriage licenses, even when it was illegal to do so. He champions sanctuary cities and state policies, and pledges to go all the way for the progressive vision of California’s hardened left-wing base.

Illegal Alien Dreams Deferred

Dec 24, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

llegal Alien Dreams Deferred
President Trump and the Republican Congress are finally acting like the leaders in Washington DC. What did it take for them to kick their majority into gear? Losing a sure-win Senate seat in deep red Alabama. Hate to say it, but God indeed worked in mysterious ways. Judge Roy Moore’s untimely loss has turned into the conservative grassroots’ long-term gain. Not that I wanted him to lose, but now McConnell knows that his time to resign is near. If he doesn’t deliver real MAGA results, then he can forget his cushy retirement in a lobbying firm.

He and the rest of the Republican Congress actually worked to get tax reform passed, and Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed the major reforms, with the repeal of the odious individual mandate in Obamacare. Another key win for the conservative grassroots with tax reform and the following spending bills? The GOP leaders have blocked an DACA provisions in the latest continuing resolution to fund the government through January. By then, Al Franken-groper will be gone for good, and Doug Jones will be seated. Jones will vote a very centrist line in the US Senate, further outraging the Democratic Party and emboldening Republican chances in November 2018. I tell you what, Mitch. You kill any discussions of amnesty, you stop any floor vote on a DACA Fix, you get the RAISE Act to the President’s desk, and I will say “All is forgiven.”

Election 2018: Blue Wave Rising or Falling?

Nov 25, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Election 2018: Blue Wave Rising or Falling?
Ann Coulter had every right to berate the state of Virginia, then analyze what turned the Old Dominion a deeper shade of blue. Breitbart published an article about the Democratic scheme to turn Virginia blue, which had already happened in California. The biggest reason that these once ruby-red bastions have turned Democratic is illegal immigration. Still, I think Virginia has a chance to come back to the red-state fold. After all, the voters threw out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in an unparalleled primary vote in 2014. The intense media coverage of all the illegal alien minors swarming along the southern border exposed to everybody that all the talk about amnesty and pathways to citizenship for young illegals was inducing more illegals to come to the border.

US Senator John McCain is proof positive that we need to repeal the 17th Amendment

Nov 21, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

US Senator John McCain is proof positive that we need to repeal the 17th Amendment
The new class of United States Senators like John McCain, the ones taking on the Swamp in the Republican Party, want to put an end to the Third House, the special interests, the K and J Street lobbies which put their individual, perverse interests at the direct expense of the American citizenry.

As a reminder, here is the text of the 17th Amendment:

Shame on Cut-And-Run Conservatives—Stand With Judge Roy

Nov 16, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Shame on Cut-And-Run Conservatives--Stand With Judge Roy
Rising accusations of sexual assault, abuse, and child molestation are (thankfully) bringing creepy Hollywood to its knees. We should rejoice, since these stories have been documented and released to the public at great length. But do we automatically stand by our men or our team when someone issues allegations against people whom we have trusted or look up to? Ben Shapiro has warned conservatives about partisan responses to allegations of sexual abuse. I agree.

Judge Roy Moore has been rocked, targeted with serious allegations of sexual abuse, including with minors. Are these accusations true? Will they sink his campaign? Sexual misconduct is wrong, whether the criminal is a Democrat or a Republican, and anyone who commits such terrible acts should not be in public office. When former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was exposed as a child molester who was bribing his victims with hush money, I joined with Republicans around the country denouncing him.

America is Going to Be Conservative for a Long Time: Five Reasons Why

Oct 31, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

America is Going to Be Conservative for a Long Time: Five Reasons Why
I recently discovered an article by author Daniel Lang, an incredible piece brimming with optimism for us conservatives. This quote in his article sums up his argument: “I think that the political landscape in America is going to be drifting towards conservatism for the next 20-40 years.”

Do his hopes for an American conservative ascendancy seem ideal or quixotic?

Let’s Have a Conversation about Gun Laws … to Expand the Second Amendment

Oct 5, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

For the past two months, I have encountered Brown Supremacist bigots and single-payer cult militants. They claim to have a discussion about these contentious issues, but invariably they incite arguments with name-calling, brow-beating, and shame-placing. Then they get angry when I call them out on their hateful tactics. Their retort? “You don’t want to have a conversation!” For the Left, there is no interest in discussion. They have neither the skill set nor the knowledge base for any meaningful conversation. Look no further than their social justice warrior godfather Saul Alinsky. His televised “debate” with William F. Buckley turned into shoddy attempts to focus on host’s mannerisms, habits, and motives.


Hugh Hefner: I’m Glad He’s Dead

Sep 29, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Is that a mean headline? Deal with it. Those were the words coursing through my mind when I learned the Crown Prince peddler of smut had passed away.  Well, more specifically, I thought of that one scene in the 1989 version of Batman. Jack Nicholson as the maniacal Joker has a board-room sit-down with the other Gotham crime bosses. The well-dressed boss at the other end of the table mocks him with “What’s with that stupid grin?” After he rejects the Joker’s schemes for a citywide takeover, the Joker grabs his hands with a nuclear buzzer and roasts the guy. After clearing the board room, the Joker mocks his charred criminal competitor with: “I’m glad you’re dead!”

Professional Sports Take a Knee and Take a Dive

Sep 24, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Last week, I was getting my car tuned for a long road trip.

The car shop owner told his buddies how fed up he was with the politicking that has taken over the NFL. “I just want to watch the game. I don’t want to hear the politics. I want to see them play.”

Exactly, and that’s about as political as most Americans want to get.

WINNING!: The “Dreamers” Become the Democratic Party’s Nightmare

Sep 21, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

During the past week, I pressed through the upset over the purported reports that Donald Trump was bending, weaving, contorting, caving (whatever) on amnesty. Was he going to strike a deal with the Democrats to get border security, then grant legal status to illegals fleeing the shadows of Obama’s DACA? Based on Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s latest headache—angry DREAMers hijacking her press conference on immigration—I am convinced that Trump played the Democrats like a mariachi band from hell—again.

The Big Business/Amnesty RINO Parade Must Be Purged from the Republican Party. How?

Aug 6, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

On at least one point Bernie-crats and conservative Republicans agree: corporations should not get hand-outs, bail-outs, or easy outs from their bad decisions. Big Business should not have the right to push laws and regulations which help them get rich, but impoverish poor and working Americans. Nor should the government assist with hollowing out suburbs and manufacturing towns through immigration abuses. It is wrong for the state to be taken over by crony interests out to line their pockets with our money at our expense. President Trump is taking on the Big Business interests with renewed vigor.

Country Club vs. Counter-Culture Republicans

Aug 6, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper


This quote says it all.

Why the fight among Republicans has become contentious, and how the GOP Establishment, the country club set which doesn’t sweat and never worked outside of a gated community, has been calling many of the shots for the last 16 years.