"Civility can start again when Democrats take control of the House and/or Senate" says Hillary Clinton

By -- Alice Vann—— Bio and Archives--October 11, 2018

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“Civility can start again when Democrats take control of the House and/or Senate”  says Hillary Clinton .That leaves me wondering what sort of a party the Dems have become. I guess a party that will be civil only if the get their way, like a petulant 3 year old.  In the meantime, they can disrupt Senate hearings, storm the steps of the Supreme Court, lay down in the street with tape over their mouths, accost government members or employees when they are in public, suggest violence, and the list goes on.

Civility is one of the foundations of our nation. It should not and must not be a tool to only be used to gain something. It should be used routinely, as a matter of common conduct and courtesy.  To suggest that one will only be civil if one has power is very troubling. It sounds like blackmail. I’ll be nice if you let me win? Is this what Democrats really believe? If not, maybe it is time to speak out against the behavior of some of your leaders.


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