Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor

By -- Wilma Howe—— Bio and Archives--November 3, 2017

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The news is slowly seeping out that the Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor. That proved to be a colossal waste to money and human resources. It also begs the question, where were all the other Democrats? The party money is supposed to help state and local candidates as well as the nominee for President. So, not only did Bernie Sanders get cheated so did many down stream candidates.

The revelation of these antics should put the RNC, state and local groups on notice that this is the direct results of apathy. Everybody is too lazy or intimidated to do their job-including you and I. The void created by the lack of oversight opens the door for misuse.  The DNC is a perfect example.

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