Trump wants her to come out and fight because that’s when she becomes vulnerable. Now, get ready for the counter-punch

Clinton’s ‘Alt-Right’ speech signals strategy shift as DNC orders media to find proof of the ‘Trump-effect’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 28, 2016

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With her ‘alt-right’ conspiracy speech in Reno, Hillary Clinton has served notice she’s ditching her ‘run-out-the-clock’ strategy’ in favor of smearing Donald Trump and his core of ‘radical’ followers as dark, dangerous bigots.  The question is why the change in tactics.  Just this week, the Politico quoted Clinton insiders as saying “they can ride out” the latest email and Clinton Foundation controversy by running out the clock until the election.  They see the poll numbers and have decided it’s over.  All she has to do is stay under the radar as much as possible, make no mistakes, and let her media PR department destroy Trump.  So what happened?

In her Reno speech Clinton said Trump is “taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party.”  Hello Breitbart, Drudge, Alex Jones etc.  Liberal reporters will take her attack on ‘fringe’ alternative conservative media as their cue to produce stories that validate Clinton’s warnings about the ‘Trump effect’.


Clinton said, “Parents and teachers are already worrying about what they call the “Trump Effect”. They report that bullying and harassment are on the rise in our schools, especially targeting students of color, Muslims and immigrants.”

No need for Clinton to produce an actual proof when you have the media in your pocket, which is trained to hear the dog whistle commands from the DNC.

The Clinton speech is pure catnip for the mainstream liberal media.  Not only do they get to seek out and find stories that prove the ‘Trump effect’ is real, but as a side benefit, they can also take shots at alternative media which they blame for eroding the mainstream’s business and hold over the public psyche.  Rest assured, they will magically uncover cases of “increased bullying against minority groups including Muslims in American schoolyards.”

The danger for the Clinton campaign is it demands she be more visible.  She wouldn’t be taking that risk if it weren’t necessary or if they weren’t spooked by something in their internal polling.  If the Trump strategy is to smoke her out with attacks on her mental health, on her being ‘unhinged’, ‘unbalanced and mentally unstable’, it has worked magnificently.  Trump wants her to come out and fight because that’s when she becomes vulnerable.  Now, get ready for the counter-punch.


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Marc Patrone has had a long and successful career as a broadcast journalist, columnist and content creator for companies like Sunmedia and Bell Media. His work has been widely distributed and circulated through out the U.S and Canada. He also served as CRTC Commissioner for five years and works as a communications consultant for NY based Third Bridge Consulting. He is a married father of two living in the Toronto area.

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