Modern carbon emissions are like the coal particulate smog that plagued London in the industrial revolution

CO2 or (as Usual) the Sun?

By —— Bio and Archives--November 30, 2009

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The United Nations and many politicians have got a religious-like campaign going like the proven gross exaggerator and liar, Al Gore. (Who uses an obscene amount of energy himself, got the emotive panic started on climate change with lies and made $millions from his dishonest film).


They try to imply that modern carbon emissions are like the coal particulate smog that plagued London in the industrial revolution! Modern coal power plant emissions are just odourless, colourless, non-toxic CO2 that is essential for all plant life. What you can see is water vapour, the major greenhouse gas, which has around 60 times the greenhouse gas impact of CO2 but is far too complex in its impact to include in computer models.

Further, the relatively very small impact of CO2 on warming is a reverse logarithmic one. Doubling CO2 from now would have little impact on temperature (but would boost crop yields by about 70 per cent).

It’s interesting that during the Roman Warming (250BC - 450AD) and the Medieval Warming (900 - 1280 AD) periods, European temperatures
reached 1.5 - 2.0 degrees C warmer than now. This had nothing to do with CO2 but was due to the normal cause - increased solar radiation (which regularly changes). These were boom periods due to increased rainfall and, therefore, increased crop yields!

In the earth’s two most recent cool periods, The Dark Ages (535 - 900AD) and The Little Ice Age (1280 - 1850 AD), temperatures in Europe dropped by about 2.0 degrees C. Once again, this had nothing to do with CO2 but was mainly due to reduced levels of solar heat radiation. Both of these periods were accompanied by increased glaciation, drought, crop failures, war, famine, depopulation and disease.

It’s intriguing that in the most recent warming (1850 - 1998) temperatures rose by only 0.7 degrees C, recovering by barely a third of the temperature drop in the preceding Little Ice Age (1280 - 1850 AD)!

Many governments seem intent on impoverishing their citizens.  Proposed carbon taxes would cost $trillions to be significant but would achieve nothing except to reduce living standards for their citizens needlessly!


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