Colbert’s Showtime Cartoon Dresses Jeff Sessions in KKK Robe at Confederate Rally

By -- NewsBusters—— Bio and Archives--August 20, 2018

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The entertainment elites just can’t get enough of painting President Trump and his administration as racists. In the latest episode of Stephen Colbert’s Showtime animated series, Our Cartoon President, President Trump is proudly racist and has to learn to tone down his rhetoric as the campaign for his re-election in 2020 continues.

In “Civil War,” the episode shown August 19, Vice President Pence is tasked with helping President Trump campaign as a more typical politician. Instead of promoting his administration’s new initiative as the Minority Disenfranchisement Act, Trump is told that a softer name is needed for voter approval. A possible substitute Trump mentions is “Make It Harder for Non-Whites To Vote Act.” Yes. That is as clever as this show manages to get.—More…



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