Getting Donald Trump to the White House did not win the war that still lies ahead of us

Compared To The Threat of A Hillary Clinton, The Russians Look Like Pussycats!

By —— Bio and Archives--May 8, 2017

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A man banging on your door tells you your house is on fire. Right after that, a neighbor runs up - he’s an enemy who’s always wanted the land your house sits on - and tells you the one who warned you is a pathological liar and just wanted to disturb your peaceful Sunday. You go back to the tv, and your wife asks, “What was that all about?” You reply, “Oh, some nut was trying to tell me that our house was on fire.” As the living room fills up with smoke, your wife asks, “Well, aren’t you going to look into that?” You reply, “Oh, heck no! Fred assured me that the man is just a troublemaker.” As flames belch out of the bedroom doors just down the hall, you look at your wife and ask, “What’s for dinner?”

Parallel to the above absurd scenario and much weirder, was what happened when Hillary’s and John Podesta’s emails were made public during our last election. A veritable barge of damning revelation exposing Hillary, her campaign, her campaign director, et al - the authenticity of which was completely confirmed by even the mightiest of the most liberal news-reporting institutions - were broadcast around the world in newspapers magazines, on television and computer screens. And the brainwave response from most of her constituency to all that REVEALING TRUTH was a flatline.

AMERICA! Who cares who hacked or leaked them - THEY WERE VALID EMAILS THAT EXPOSED THE TRUTH

The scandalous and telling ‘fire’ that Julian Assange was then pounding on our door about - what should have left all of America shocked, disillusioned and on guard - was casually extinguished by our babysitter-in-chief, silver tongued Barack Hussein Obama. He merely stepped to the microphone and declared the numbskull suggestion that, “The Russians did it.” And then such a huge portion of tv-controlled America said, “That explains it, of course!” And we were then expected to return to our recliners and our regularly scheduled programs and mumble, “The nerve of those damn Russians! What’s for dinner?”

AMERICA! Who cares who hacked or leaked them - THEY WERE VALID EMAILS THAT EXPOSED THE TRUTH.

But it’s that growing crowd of brain-dead and senselessly anarchist zombies that our current president has inherited as the most vocal and defiant portion of his governance. And regardless, in the face of that, Donald Trump is acting like a leader - the leader that we who elected him were hoping he would be. The liberal-media-trained ‘antifa’ and BLM-type clones who had expected to return to their dope and video games after Hillary was elected have now been given the job of disciplining and intimidating the America that dared to stand in the way of the hammer of political correctness that was Obama’s ‘legacy’.

And a great portion of 21st-century America’s problems are the result of our having tolerated ‘tolerance’ to the point that we have completely accommodated stupidity. It’s part of the newly implanted ‘morality’ of political correctness. In a local restaurant’s outdoor wine garden, I saw signs bolted all around the centerpiece brazier warning patrons that “FIRE IS HOT!”  I couldn’t help but thinking that such an obvious warning wouldn’t have been seen (or necessary) just a few decades ago. But that’s where we are today - a bunch of people numbed to independent thinking and personal responsibility.

I was stunned at how she puts the blame on the Russians and not on the actual content of the emails

In a recent Tucker Carlson (Fox News) interview, Clinton campaign adviser Peter Daou insisted that the ‘playing field’ in the last election had been unfairly, radically slanted against Clinton. His laughable contention was that most of the press attention given to Hillary was centered upon her “e-mails!” Shortly before Daou’s interview, Carlson ran a portion of Hillary’s recent interview with ‘Women for Women, International’. In that clip, Hillary repeated her blame on James Comey and what she called the “Russian WikiLeaks” for her defeat. 

I was stunned at how she puts the blame on the Russians and not on the actual content of the emails. The day America is ‘undermined’ simply because someone shows us the truth is a dark day indeed. As those words escaped her lips, as she perpetuated the absurd lie for the sake of her blinded sycophants, I imagined the millions of watching Americans wearing the same expression I’ve often seen on cows staring into space while chewing their cud. I thought at that moment, “What does it take to wake people up?”

Our nation has been the frog in a pot of water, the temperature raised one degree per hour, over the past several years. It’s obvious that our brains have been cooked - AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. To cite an example perfectly parallel to Hillary’s ridiculous “Russian WikiLeaks” obfuscation, consider cult leader and convicted murderer Charles Manson saying at his next parole hearing: “I would have been out of prison a long time ago, if the judge, jury and colluding press hadn’t biased everyone’s opinion of me!” Hello? Are you there? Clinton, Daou and all the left are consumed by this same mindless denial.

The embarrassment of Hillary’s defeat infuriated the networks who believe they truly run the world. And in an effort to return a quaking fear into the hearts of Americans who have found real hope in Donald Trump’s larger-than-life Declaration of Independence, the heat of eviscerating ridicule has been fired up, broadcast by them. The goal of course is to destroy everything that exposes their deception.



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Real Americans should be on their knees daily in tears of gratitude that Hillary is not our president!

As I have stressed in previous articles, the Obamas, the Clintons and all the weird Liberal machine, in conjunction with a laser sharp, 21st-century media/entertainment monster, have - especially for the past eight years - been about the business of bending reality and obscuring truth. Trump, in his determination, is waking up too many people. And in so doing, he is ruining the control that the machine and monster had been cultivating. For that, Trump and all of his constituency must suffer and be silenced.

The plan had been for a completely docile and disarmed America, under Hillary’s direction, to link up with the other nations our former president has helped to demoralize and subjugate, in the panacea of ‘unifying globalization!’ And then the ruling oligarchs, using every conveniently available threatening force - from an invading army of Islamic immigrants, to a bunch of snowflakes and BLM racist morons - to help the UN police that takeover. But Trump has ruined everything. As prophet Julian Assange has rightly pointed out, he simply was not supposed to win. 

Real Americans should be on their knees daily in tears of gratitude that Hillary is not our president! Quite frankly, it is this author’s opinion that Donald Trump may be the last four years of God’s grace our dying America may ever see. If we don’t turn around, I don’t see how we can avoid the judgment from above that we have been itching for.

A lot of the same people Franklin Graham recently congratulated for voting and praying down Donald Trump’s victory - the so-called ‘silent majority’ - seem to have generally returned to their recliners now, when they are most needed, instead of helping to revive America. Most surely, if there isn’t a strongly harmonious supportive response from Americans to help along our president’s effort in restoring some real spine and dignity to this nation, the tyrant kid in Korea - or some Ayatollah in Iran or wherever - will one day have his way with us.

Getting Donald Trump to the White House did not win the war that still lies ahead of us.

Most anyone who grew up around the time an American first stepped onto the moon can, if they will open their eyes, easily understand the Godly motivation and stalwart conduct of our president’s current leadership. The kids in that era (those of us who haven’t forgotten), when asked what we would do if we were president, all vowed to behave exactly as our brother Donald now is. Unlike every president since Ronald Reagan, President Trump does everything as though he means it. And solely because of that, many people senselessly despise him.

Those of us who helped put him into office need to seriously consider the unbelievable hatred and opposition this man faces daily - from a crowd of vicious people who care nothing for the precious GIFT our God and founding fathers gave to us. Pray for and completely support our president. And, quoting Winston Churchill, “Never, never, NEVER give up!!”

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