Congress has passed 7 amnesty acts since 1986

By -- Jennie Veary—— Bio and Archives--January 1, 2019

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Congress has passed 7 amnesty acts since 1986. Under President Reagan the 1st included provisions to strengthen enforcement and border control. 6 more amnesties were granted 1994, 1997, 1998 (2),  and 2000 (2).  After this there were 2 failed attempts by Congress thanks to a massive push back by the American people. Then in 2014, Pres. Obama took matters into his own hands, unilaterally granting amnesty to about 5 million more people.

It against this backdrop that compromise becomes difficult if not Impossible. If we did not have the trail of broken promises and track record of repeated amnesties, we might be able to agree. But, you see, we don’t trust that this will be the end, that borders will be secure and immigration laws enforced. We would be foolish to think that what is being offered will be done.

This breach of faith must be addressed. It must be acknowledged.


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