I'm seeing a congressional pattern here . . . despicable acts, then lies to cover up the despicable acts. Yes, you're all Weiners

Congress, You’re All Weiners

By Dean C. Haskins—— Bio and Archives--June 18, 2011

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By now, you’ve likely been over-satiated by the coverage of the Anthony Weiner debacle; although, the puns and double entendres have provided a brief moment of national levity.  And, no, I’m not going there.  However, let’s take a look at what Anthony Weiner actually did.  Weiner sent sexually suggestive messages to women who were not his wife.  Despicable?  Yes.  Criminal?  No.  Weiner sent both inappropriate and explicit images of his junk to women who were not his wife.  Despicable?  Yes.  Criminal?  No.  Weiner told the world that a hacker was responsible for those images being sent (in other words, he lied).  Despicable?  Yes.  Criminal?  No.  Weiner told a group of reporters that he did not know Oscar Mayer, and that he did not send the images.  Okay, I “went there” a little.  But, the bottom line is that Anthony Weiner acted in a way that most moral Americans find deplorable, and then, when asked about it, he lied.  The only caveat I would add is that those acts were not criminal unless they involved anyone who was underage.


Now, member of Congress, what have you done, aside from the fact that on January 9, 2009, you abrogated your constitutional duty, and did not object to the results of the Electoral College vote for someone who was constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president because he is not a natural born Citizen, even though you were repeatedly alerted by the citizens of this country, and you have attempted to cover up his ineligibility through vacuous, self-serving nonsense in response to the citizens who elected you to represent them?  In other words, you committed despicable acts, and you have lied about them.

I’m seeing a congressional pattern here . . . despicable acts, then lies to cover up the despicable acts.  Yes, you’re all Weiners.

As I previously reported, I sent a letter to nine elected officials in my home state of Virginia.  I’d like to share a shameless response I got from Virginia Senator Mark Warner, but first, here’s an email follow-up I had sent to all nine of them when I hadn’t heard anything:

I am writing to follow up on my certified letter dated May 31, 2011. To date, I have not received a response from you, and I am certain that you can understand my concern that our current White House has committed fraud in releasing a forged long form birth certificate, which is a felony.

As promised in my initial letter, I am reporting this process to others who witnessed the commission of that crime, and, as such, my first article on it has been posted here. I have also been notified that other websites are re-posting the article for their readers as well. I believe it is only a matter of time before the growing evidence of these illegal actions results in the crumbling of this false empire that has been built upon nothing but lies and obfuscation, and, as a politician, I am sure you can understand the value of having been on the right side of this issue, especially now that you have been presented with undeniable proof of the fraud.

By the way, the evidence, indeed, is growing: wnd.com and here:obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com (it should be understood that the Social Security fraud is directly connected to the birth certificate fraud).

While responding with scripted disinformation about Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility will certainly show your lack of desire to honor your oath to uphold our Constitution, as well as other laws that specifically address these crimes, simply not responding to this will imply the same thing.

The great Commonwealth of Virginia needs you to stand on the side of truth in this matter, as does the rest of our country. A proper investigation into this matter will be the only way it will ever be resolved and put to rest. Virginia should lead the way in investigating these crimes, and correcting the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated upon the American people.

I look forward to your response.

Dean C. Haskins
Forest, VA

cc:  Commonwealth‚Äôs Attorney Randy Krantz
Attorney General of Virginia Kenneth Cuccinelli, II
Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Polarek
Virginia State Delegate Lacey Putney
Virginia State Senator Steve Newman
Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell
US Representative Bob Goodlatte
US Senator Jim Webb
US Senator Mark Warner

Here is the response I received from Senator Mark Warner:

Dear Mr. Haskins,

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts regarding the citizenship of President Obama and the eligibility requirements for individuals to be elected to the Office of the President of the United States.

The facts have consistently shown that President Obama was born in the United States. As a natural-born American citizen, he is fully eligible to serve as President of our country.

Again, thank you for contacting me. For further information or to sign up for my newsletter please visit my website at warner.senate.gov.


United States Senator

And, here is how I replied to his vapid email:

Senator Warner,

Thank you for your reply to my correspondence. If I may, please allow me to ask you for a bit of clarification to your statement “The facts have consistently shown that President Obama was born in the United States. As a natural-born American citizen, he is fully eligible to serve as President of our country.”

To what facts, specifically, could you be referring?

Is it the first COLB that was posted on the Internet? The one that has been proven to be a forgery?(atlasshrugs)

Or, is it the second “Certificate of Live Birth” Obama released? The one that has also been shown extensively to be a forgery?(obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com and wnd.com andyoutube.com) It is also the one that Major General Paul Vallely states that he had ex-CIA and investigators examine, and “10 out of 10 said it’s a forgery.”? (obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com) He also stated that our public officials in Washington know that Obama is not eligible to be president, but that you fear a “black backlash.” What an awful commentary on the health of the rule of law in this country!

Of course, you couldn’t be suggesting that he is legitimate because he has a social security number and he registered for Selective Service, as both of those have been shown to be illegitimate as well.

Moreover, your statement sounds like it was written by Jack Maskell, since you, as he did, conveniently excised the truth right out of your statement. Even if Obama was born in Hawaii (which, there is no reliable “fact” of that ever happening), the historical understanding of the framers was that a natural born Citizen is one born in the country of citizen parents (puzo1.blogspot.com).

If I may remind you, the letter I sent to you did not ask you to weigh in on your beliefs about Barack Obama’s eligibility, but rather to investigate the commission of at least one felony forgery. I would appreciate your response to the actual letter I sent.

Senator Warner, I know you are a Democrat, but your oath of office supersedes your party affiliation, and so far, you have abrogated that oath, for you are neither supporting nor defending the Constitution. What, other than forged documentation, do you consider to be the “facts” upon which you have relied? Merely the word of the person who forged his documents? Will the whole of Congress continue to display the sheer cowardice it has taken to evade and cover up this constitutional crisis, or will you finally remember your duties to your oaths?

The American people are being lied to, and your email is endemic of that lie. How about a little courage and a whole lot of truth for a change, Senator Warner? Instead of covering up what you know to be crimes against our Constitution, show the American people that we deserve nothing but the truth from our members of Congress. With so many across our land who are aware of these problems with Barack Obama’s eligibility (and with the forgeries he has released), a non-partisan, independent investigation into the real “facts” (not your aforementioned “facts”) is the very least our public servants should do for we, the people. If there were nothing to hide, then that investigation should be welcomed from both sides of the aisle, since there is so much concern about the issue from the citizens of this country.

I look forward to hearing the results of that investigation.

For our Constitution,

Dean Haskins
Forest, VA

P.S. So that you might fully understand that this is, in no way, a partisan issue, here is a letter that my friend CDR (Ret) Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. has written to Speaker of the House John Boehner: http://tinyurl.com/3fbvbup

I’m pretty sure I won’t hear anything in response to that.  However, something dawned on me tonight—actually, something that leads me to believe that I should have been a lawyer (okay, maybe not).  Nevertheless, I think this could be important.  Put your logic caps on and follow me here.

Fogbowers, you’ll need to wait outside, since you don’t have the prerequisite equipment for this.

First, I must give credit where credit is due.  I was prompted to write my previous letter because of an article by Dr. Kate on misprision of felony. (drkatesview.wordpress.com).  So, I wrote my letter, and asked you to write letters, too.  Problem is, I think most of my letters were received with a “How nice, you’ve reported a crime that I’m not going to do anything about” attitude.

And, gauging the level of corruption in our federal government, I suppose that is what I expected.

But, here’s where it gets good.  Let’s start with the actual verbiage of the code.  Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, ¬ß 4 states, “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”  This is federal law—applicable to every citizen in the United States.  And, under this law, I did my duty by reporting the crime of felony forgery to public officials.  But, in doing so, I was acting like it would matter to the members of a corrupt federal government.

And, that’s where I got it wrong.  Not really wrong, legally, but wrong, considering with whom I was dealing.

On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama didn’t come to my house and secretly show me a forged document.  He showed it to everyone.  And, whom do you think “everyone” includes?  That’s right.  The 535 members of Congress.  And, under Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, ¬ß 4, ANYONE who witnesses the commission of a felony, and doesn’t report it, is breaking the law.  That includes the members of Congress.  Every single member of Congress is responsible, under the law, to report this crime.
Here are the facts:

  • On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama committed a felony by releasing a forged government document of identification.
  • Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, ¬ß 4 requires that anyone who witnessed the commission of that felony report it to the appropriate public officials (which I did, and the members of Congress didn’t).
  • If the members of Congress didn’t report the crime, then they have broken the law, and are personally liable for the consequences of their crime.

So, I guess this means I need to fire up my printer and send my state officials a letter informing them that, under federal code, they’ve broken the law.  And, maybe there should be more than letters written.  Maybe there should be lawsuits filed, for, let’s face it, they have all committed despicable acts, and have lied about them—which makes them all Weiners.  Actually, it makes them worse than Weiners, because they are breaking the law in their cover-up.  I will follow up quickly to this article with the letter I send.

Dean Haskins is a freelance writer, professional musician/producer, and the former chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic, one of the original “birther” organizations.


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