Senators ruled that Turning Point USA violated three policies related to on-campus events, but the group's president believes that the technicalities are just an excuse for "leftist students" to curtail TPUSA's influence.

Conservative group has funding suspended after hosting Prager

By —— Bio and Archives--December 15, 2017

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Conservative group has funding suspended after hosting Prager

A conservative group at the University of Wyoming was recently barred from requesting student government funding until 2019 after hosting conservative pundit Dennis Prager.

The school’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter brought Prager to campus for a November 9 discussion on why “socialism makes people selfish,” drawing a crowd of 600 people.

ASUW charged the group with failing to mark all promotional materials for the Prager event with the ASUW logo, neglecting to “distribute tickets at a campus based venue for students,” and declining to “utilize digital scanners for student IDs, which would have enabled them to prioritize the attendance of the ASUW fee-paying student population,” according to a November 28 ASUW press release obtained by Campus Reform.

Additionally, The Branding Iron, the university’s student newspaper, reported that TPUSA had violated an additional policy by offering food that was not authorized by “UW Risk Management,” though Jessica Leach, president of the conservative group, told Campus Reform that the accusation is unfounded.

Leach also pointed out that while some posters hung up around campus did not contain the ASUW logo, it was only “because they kept getting torn down,” necessitating hurried replacement.—More…

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