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Students Hate Trump’s Immigration Quotes… Don’t Realize They’re From Democrats

Jan 9, 2019 — Campus Reform

Students at American University hated some of President Trump’s quotes on illegal immigration… before finding out the quotes were from Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

University of Wyoming profs protest ‘Cowboys’ slogan

Jul 10, 2018 — Campus Reform

The University of Wyoming has come under fire for its new slogan, “The World Needs More Cowboys,” with opponents complaining that the word “cowboy” is sexist and non-inclusive.

The marketing campaign, set to launch in September, was designed to increase enrollment and attract new out-of-state students, but according to The Laramie Boomerang, the UW Committee on Women and People of Color wrote a letter to university officials demanding that they “shelve” the slogan in favor of a new one that “represents the diversity of the people and cultures” at UW.—More…

Black conservative shouted down for speaking ‘against own people’

Apr 13, 2018 — Campus Reform

Former NFL star and conservative commentator Burgess Owens was heckled and shouted down by students for allegedly speaking “against” his “own people” at a lecture last month.

Owens routinely speaks on leadership, especially within the black community, and the opportunities America can provide for young black men, touching on similar topics during his speech at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where he was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.—More….

Petition blasts Notre Dame for ‘contraceptive culture’

Apr 3, 2018 — Campus Reform

Hundreds of students, alumni, and others are echoing a Catholic bishop’s call for the University of Notre Dame to stop including contraceptive coverage in its health insurance plans.

The March 20 petition comes in the wake of a February 7 letter from the school’s president, Rev. John Jenkins, who explained that the school “will provide coverage in the University’s own insurance plans for simple contraceptives” and provide funding for “natural family planning options.”—More…

VIDEO: Protesters say ban assault weapons…whatever they are

Mar 25, 2018 — Campus Reform

VIDEO: Protesters say ban assault weapons…whatever they are
On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and teachers took part in demonstrations calling for legislation to prevent school shootings.

Deemed the March For Our Lives, attendees in cities around the country voiced their displeasure with politicians, the NRA, and among other things, firearms themselves.

Much of the legislative talk at the event was centered around the call to ban the sale of “assault weapons” in the United States. The March’s organizers even listed the demand, along with others, on its website.—More…

Student barred from class for claiming there are two genders

Mar 12, 2018 — Campus Reform

A student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been barred from attending a religious studies class required for graduation after pointing out that there are only two genders.

“Later this week I will be defending myself and my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS in front of the Academic Integrity Board (AIB) of the Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania (IUP) against allegations of Classroom Conduct violations,” Lake Ingle stated in a Facebook post, which was deleted after Ingle retained legal representation.—More…

Activists use Trump pic to make case against business major

Mar 5, 2018 — Campus Reform

A new activist campaign at the University of Chicago is using images of three “business bros,” including President Trump, to make a case against a Business Economics major on campus.

According to images obtained by Campus Reform, one of several posters said to be widely distributed throughout the school argues that “we don’t need more business bros,” and includes three large images of Trump, a business television personality James Cramer, and convicted businessman Martin Shkreli.— More…

Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine

Mar 3, 2018 — Campus Reform

A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio plans to start publishing a “No Whites Allowed” (NWA) magazine.

According to a Facebook event titled “Zine Release,” the magazine will be revealed on March 1 at La Botanica, which describes itself as “Texas’ first vegan restaurant with a full bar and performance and event venue.”—More…

VIDEO: Students hate Trump SOTU quotes, but they’re Obama’s

Feb 5, 2018 — Campus Reform

VIDEO: Students hate Trump SOTU quotes, but they're Obama’s
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address. While the speech was received favorably by 75 percent of those who watched, according to a CBS poll, there were still those who disapproved.

Campus Reform headed to John Jay College in NYC to talk to students who disapproved of the speech by asking them to react to a few select quotations. Almost unanimously, the students found each of the quotes to be “warmongering”, “aggressive,” and “immature.”—More…

VIDEO: Students hate Trump’s SOTU…before it even happens!

Jan 29, 2018 — Campus Reform

This Tuesday, President Donald Trump will give his first State Of The Union address to the nation.

Critics of Trump have already begun to express displeasure with his actions in the days leading up to the speech, leading some to wonder whether this opposition is substantive, or rooted in a distaste of Trump as a person.—More…

UC-Berkeley sued for failing to intervene in violent riots

Jan 17, 2018 — Campus Reform

Four California residents recently sued the University of California, Berkeley and the surrounding city for failing to protect them during the Milo Yiannopoulos riots last year.

According to the lawsuit, filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by FreedomX law group, the University of California Police Department (UCPD) was “responsible for creating and exposing the plaintiffs to the unlawful actions of an angry mob of violent anarchists,” causing all four to sustain various injuries.—More…

Jeff Bezos donates $33 million for DACA scholarships

Jan 16, 2018 — Campus Reform

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently donated millions of dollars to TheDream.US, a national scholarship fund for illegal immigrant students.

The billionaire owner of The Washington Post and his wife donated $33 million to the group, which supports DACA recipients, marking the largest donation in the organization’s history.—More…

Antifa protesters struggle To define fascism

Jan 9, 2018 — Campus Reform

Watch as anti-fascist protesters at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Palm Beach Florida struggle to come up with a definition for the term ‘Fascism’.


Journalists handcuffed, barred from college campuses

Dec 20, 2017 — Campus Reform

Journalists who attempt to interview students on a college campus are now at risk of getting arrested and detained for trespassing.

According to a recent analysis by the Columbia Journalism Review, multiple journalists have been detained this year simply for asking students questions on campus.

One such confrontation took place in August of this year, when freelance journalist Jeff Bachner was handcuffed by a security officer at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, before being released with no charge.—More…..

Conservative group has funding suspended after hosting Prager

Dec 15, 2017 — Campus Reform

Conservative group has funding suspended after hosting Prager

A conservative group at the University of Wyoming was recently barred from requesting student government funding until 2019 after hosting conservative pundit Dennis Prager.

The school’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter brought Prager to campus for a November 9 discussion on why “socialism makes people selfish,” drawing a crowd of 600 people.

College enlists Care Bears to comfort stressed-out students

Dec 12, 2017 — Campus Reform

A dorm display at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is using Care Bears to help students who feel “grumpy or stressed.”

“Feeling grumpy or stressed? Let the Care Bears help!” the display states above a large, hand-drawn rainbow adorned with bit of advice for students.— More…

College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students

Nov 21, 2017 — Campus Reform

Brooklyn College is advising New York City police officers to use bathrooms on the far end of campus in order to avoid being seen by students who might be offended by their presence.

The Excelsior, the college’s student newspaper, reported last week that Director of Public Safety Donald Wenz would “prefer” if members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) used facilities in the West End Building (WEB) “rather than walking across either quad to use the bathroom.”—More…

VIDEO: Parade halted, officer assaulted during protest

Nov 2, 2017 — Campus Reform

VIDEO: Parade halted, officer assaulted during protest
An “alternative event” hosted by the University of Illinois Student Government (ISG) culminated in protesters halting last weekend’s homecoming parade and apparently assaulting a police officer.

The ISG had voted to boycott the 2017 homecoming parade and host the “alternative event” as a protest against the inclusion of a former mascot that many consider offensive to Native Americans.

College Republicans under investigation for ‘thought crime’

Nov 2, 2017 — Campus Reform

The Columbia University student government recently voted to report the school’s College Republicans chapter to the Student Conduct Office for hosting conservative speakers such as Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich.

CR President Ari Boosalis called the move an effort to prosecute “thought crime,” saying, “They want to silence the speech of anyone who’s Christian, conservative, who believes in free market values.”

Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege

Oct 24, 2017 — Campus Reform

A math education professor at the University of Illinois argued in a newly published book that algebraic and geometry skills perpetuate “unearned privilege” among whites.

Rochelle Gutierrez, a professor at the University of Illinois, made the claim in a new anthology for math teachers, arguing that teachers must be aware of the “politics that mathematics brings” in society.—More…