While we’re squabbling among each other, with some throwing up red herring issues on the electoral map, the other side seeks to guarantee Obama’s nasty step-sister Hillary Clinton another Democrat (read Marxist) presidency

Conservatives should be fighting the enemy, not each other

By —— Bio and Archives--December 29, 2015

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Something’s terribly wrong with ‘our’ side when there’s really only one presidential hopeful out on the primary trail hammering home the message that we’ve got to “Make America great again”.

With Obama’s acolyte Hillary Clinton bringing up the proverbial rear of the final Marxist takeover of the West,  any conservatives chomping at the bit to defeat that odious agenda should be shouting the message from the rooftops that electing Hillary is re-electing, for a third time, the Marxist who lives to bring the curtain down on America.

Conservative candidates should be shouting from all rooftops, “America’s going down, we’ve got to turn it around!”


Everyone vying for Republican sanction should be more like Donald J Trump, all warts notwithstanding.

Donald Trump didn’t reinvent himself, Obama did.

School chums who griped behind their hands about Trump’s unabashed ambition during recess breaks would likely tell us Trump was the same back then.

The same then as now, he knew what he wanted, could be vociferously bellicose in going for it and never watered down his tiger stripes.

With the Marxists on a roll, this is not the time for being polite but one for being steadfast and resolute for the advance of freedom and liberty.

Instead we all hear daily the mewlings from the media and we-always-know-better-than-you-by-the-virtue-of-our-positions talking heads that Trump is boisterous, bumptious, boorish, a raging bull stampeding through society’s meticulously laid out china shop.

That’s the same kind of shrift socialist losers tried to,  and are still trying to pin on Winston Churchill, the main inspiration in goading the Western world to go for the jugular of the monster called Adolf Hitler.

It’s understandable how the politically correct ‘progressives’  in the Democrat Party and their lapdog mainstream media would be hurling all the mud they can find at the brashly politically incorrect Donald Trump. Trump’s easy pickings for malcontents who make gossip and scandal mongering their main past-time.

Some people knit, some fill in the words of crossword puzzles, some play golf.  Progressives gaining power in many western nations live to spew lies and hatred. 

Having reached the zenith of their power with Obama in the White House and Hillary coming down the Google-greased chute, progressives will do anything and everything in their power to assassinate the characters of any and all who would dare challenge their Karl Marx-given right to rule the masses.

Those among the fast-fading conservative minority who dissect the personality of Trump—those who have conquered the Fine Art of the Blah-Blah-Blah—cannot afford the luxury of criticizing Trump’s in-yer-face style.  Not only are they contributing to the confusion of the mind disease called dithering, they are, in reality,  working for the other side, which is out there doing the very same thing..

All of a sudden every issue is being pulled out of the grab bag and laid out to air in the sunshine, no matter how asinine.  ‘Trump was a Democrat and only recently became a conservative’; Trump’s now joined the Putin Mutual Admiration Society,  blah, blah, blah.

Let’s join arms together and go dancing down the road of self-styled outrage, ignoring what matters most.  Internecine fighting in the minority conservative camp becomes more important than fighting off America’s destructive enemies.

Let’s all shadow box with Vladimir Putin rather than cleaning out Putin’s Marxist cousins from our own back yard first.

Even Cliff Kincaid, one of the best researchers of our day, is now charging that Trump is demonstrating an “apparent lack of knowledge on the Russian military threat and the nature of the Vladimir Putin regime”. (See today’s column).

He’ll learn, Mr. Kincaid, but give him time because he has to get past the Republican Establishment first.

One doesn’t have to be in the rah-rah Putin camp to suggest a deal-with-America first/deal-with-Russia-later strategy. 

While we’re squabbling among each other, with some throwing up red herring issues on the electoral map, the other side seeks to guarantee Obama’s nasty step-sister Hillary Clinton another Democrat (read Marxist) presidency.

The sun started going down on America when Obama came into power,  replacing the Creator’s with one that went much further than his arrogant, bold and self-serving logo.

Brothers and sisters of all political stripes,  you should come out of the weeds and help the still-passionate patriots who have toiled for more than seven, long exhaustive years to return America to her coveted place in the sun.


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