The deliberate smearing of King as a “nationalist” and “white supremacist” lays bare the blueprint now in use for trying to kill the reelection chances of all conservative incumbents

Conservatives: Stop Giving Interviews To MSM Like The ‘Let-Us-Smear You’ New York Times

By —— Bio and Archives--January 15, 2019

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Conservatives: Stop Giving Interviews To MSM Like The ‘Let-Us-Smear You’  New York Times
A two-word response guaranteed to keep you safe from being “mischaracterized” and smeared as a “nationalist“ and “white supremacist” by the dirt-digging, devious New York Times: “NO COMMENT!

“No Comment” are the two most feared and hated words in the media industry because hanging up the phone after saying them makes it impossible for them to get the story they’re after.



When one of the media reporters calls they make it seem they are interested in your take on this issue or that when they’re really out on a fishing expedition for statements easily mischaracterized to bring an enemy down.

By and large as sleazy as they are cunning, reporters might start the conversation off by commenting on safe topics such as the weather, “Cold today, huh?”  They look for any way possible to keep you on the phone, to put you at ease, to keep the conversation going.  Your safest bet is not to continue the conversation by saying “No Comment!” before hanging up on them.

Conservatives in office need to say “No Comment!”  and mean it.

(For the record, this writer has met Rep. Steven King in person, was able to speak to him for more than two hours, and came away impressed with his integrity and vision.)

Can’t say the same about many other politicians of the day.

“On Thursday The New York Times published a hit piece on Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Trump voters. (Gateway Pundit, Jan. 14, 2019)

Statement From Rep Steve King:

“Reporter Trip Gabriel published the piece.

“Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics.”

For the progressives and their running dog media, hatred is more contagious than Measles.

“This quote by Rep. King is what got the most attention. According to reporter Gabriel, Steve reportedly said,

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” Mr. King said. “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” (Gateway Pundit)

“Of course, this caused an uproar in Washington and on all of the liberal networks — as you would expect if it were true.

“King was lambasted by the media and political class for defending “white supremacy.”


It should go without saying that the Democrats lost no time in calling to have King removed from all congressional committees, including the most important one, the Agriculture Committee because that’s the one that could keep him from being re-elected in 2020.

And that’s precisely what cowardly Republican leaders, now living in living fear of #MeToo, the Politically Correct Brigade, et al,  immediately set out to do.

“Have any of these Republicans called for Rashida Tlaib to be censured for her vulgar and profane attacks on this president,” Gateway Pundit asks.

Hell no, Mr. Hoft, it’s A-OK for Tlaib to openly hate President Trump, but not for King to like, admire or support him.

“On Monday Rep. Steve King released a statement. (Gateway Pundit)

“The accusations by the media were outrageous and simply incorrect.

Here is Rep. Steve King’s statement.



One of my quotes in a New York Times story has been completely mischaracterized. Here’s the context I believe accurately reflects my statement.

In a 56 minute interview, we discussed the changing use of language in political discourse. We discussed the worn out label “racist” and my observation that other slanderous labels have been increasingly assigned to Conservatives by the Left, who injected into our current political dialog such terms as Nazi, Fascist, “ White Nationalist, White Supremacist,—

Western Civilization, how did THAT language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”…just to watch Western Civilization become a derogatory term in political discourse today. Clearly, I was only referencing Western Civilization classes. No one ever sat in a class listening to the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy.

When I used the word “THAT” it was in reference ONLY to Western Civilization and NOT to any previously stated evil ideology ALL of which I have denounced.

“My record as a vocal advocate for Western Civilization is nearly as full as my record in defense of Freedom of Speech.

“Rep. Steve King NEVER made the statements as reported by the liberal media. The accusations are outrageous. Hopefully, this will clear the good representative and restore some common decency in our explosive political environment.”

“Western Civilization” is an expression the progressive left want to leave buried in a grave marked ‘Politically Incorrect’.

The issue is not that King “NEVER made the statements as reported” but that he is ACCUSED of making them.

Here’s really why the New York Times came out wth their hit piece against Rep. Steve King:

“Last week, as the new Congress was sworn in, Mr. King sat on his side of a chamber sharply delineated by demographics. The Democratic majority included record numbers of African-Americans and women, including the first Native American and the first Muslim women. Mr. King’s side was mostly people who look like him.

“You could look over there and think the Democratic Party is no country for white men,” he said.”

In progressive/left books looking like a White Man is a crime too.

In concert with the prog/left, the New York Times is on a mission to ensure that the Conservative enemy does not get reelected in 2020.

Steve King is only first on their hit list, because there will be many more to follow.

However, there’s a silver lining in all of this.

The deliberate smearing of King as a “nationalist” and “white supremacist” lays bare the blueprint now in use for trying to kill the reelection chances of all conservative incumbents.

The ONLY way to escape the NYT’s political hit list is by telling their reporters when they come to call: “NO COMMENT!”


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