"Because Without America, There Is No Free World!" And that fact, more than any other, is why the very real devil so much wants us destroyed

Constitutional America Is Indeed The Last Stand For Liberty On This Earth!

By —— Bio and Archives--July 22, 2018

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Constitutional America Is Indeed The Last Stand For Liberty On This Earth!
Many things bear repeating nowadays - everything worthwhile, anyway. Anyone, especially writers/commentators who are sharing their thinking, broadcast, quickly learn that at least two thirds of the audience they last had either weren’t listening or will have forgotten some of what was said by their next appearance. And at their next appearance, two thirds of the crowd will be brand-new. Such is certainly the case on the cyberstreets of the Internet. And that being the case, I need to repeat the following bit of truth. For those who have heard it already, forgive me…


A lot of really dumb people are picking up the chant that Donald J Trump and his presidency are somehow comparable to Hitler and his Third Reich. You have to be really stupid to even feel that way. For starters, Hitler owned and used the media - newspapers and radio - to control the people he absorbed beneath him. But, conservatively, ninety percent of President Trump’s enemy is easily ninety percent of the big network, liberal media empire now in complete collusion with the left who hates him and wants him destroyed. Next, I repeat that Donald Trump, unlike Hitler, is anything but an anti-Semite. And now to add even more grief to your fragile big media formed misconceptions, Trump is not using ‘socialism’ as any part of the disguise that so many despotic leaders have used in tricking the people into welcoming so many dictatorships. Donald Trump is working uphill against the real and now unmistakable Hitlerian collective known as the DNC. I am certain that a liberal Ma and Pa Snopes is waiting even now to help all you snowflakes through this time of ‘inconvenient’ discomfort I have just laid on your heads. But, short of you babies doing your own homework (which won’t happen), be prepared for a life of a whole lot of pain. There. Now that that is out of the way…

It was another dictator, we might call him a somewhat ‘softer’ dictator, King George III, who expressed this quite dictatorial statement: “Everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor and a scoundrel.” And upon that very foundational sentiment the new left is desperately trying to destroy our current and popularly elected president. They are partnered with the liberal media puppeteers, the modern-day Goebbels of opinion-shaping Hitlerian publicists. They are, in concert with a dumb bunch of citizenry, beating the hell out of our great, brave and noble (but still only human) president. A pox upon them and all that concerns them.

It is now in the name of ‘America’, and kindred terms such as ‘American’, ‘Americanism’ and ‘patriotism’ - terms the left and their partnering news and celebrity entertainers have squirmed so hard in redefining - that they are trying to appeal to all those who are stupid enough to join them in wrecking the real thing. Weren’t they the ones who were so roundly condemning ‘Americanism’, ‘Nationalism’ and ‘Patriotism’ as “NAZISM”?!! Of course. The leadership of the professional-politician-built empire of what amounts to an emerging and collective, ‘Fourth Reich’, have now exposed themselves at lightspeed. And they can no longer hide behind deceptive labels like ‘patriot’ or ‘Democrat’or ‘liberal’. They are themselves hypocritically treasonous to the nth degree, in that their ‘patriotic’ objections never surfaced, prior to Trump, when the identical complaints they are now making about him could have been entirely justified, and on steroids, against his predecessor, including Hillary & Co.

The media didn’t utter a sound when Obama - openly and on our nickel - interfered with the Israeli election

I have again brought the video that I’ve used in an earlier article. By now, most everyone has seen this clip of Barack Obama caught, on a hot mic, shamelessly revealing that he had lied to his reliant and trusting nation - lied to all of us - in the assurances he gave, under his breath, to Russian president Medvedev to hand on to Vladimir Putin. Comfortingly laying his hand on Medvedev’s jacket sleeve, he made promises that he had no intention of sharing with the rest of us. Indeed, if Donald Trump had done that, the masked cowards of antifa and the morons of ‘Hillary’s Resistance’ would even now be down at Washington Mall building a gallows for Trump’s return to the WhiteHouse.

The author can barely keep his seat, as he is hammering his keyboard, in the ongoing, full realization of this outrage and travesty! Liars like our former president, his lying, thieving and treacherous Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, his lying attorney general, and all who make up his shadow government - eight years in the building - are now out to destroy the only real president we have had since Ronald Reagan. And both Ronald and Donald were destined to face the powers of hell in order to defend our Constitution. But no one, short of a few martyrs and our Lord himself, has seen the undeserved and vicious opposition that our President Donald J Trump has. God help him!

All the fatherless sons who have now stepped forward to hurl insults at our President’s person and recent WORK - from NATO to Helsinki - have subsequently exposed themselves as the true traitors. They want to make the world safe only for themselves in an assured ride on the cream of what is left of our free trading, capitalistic Democratic Republic. And where the carcass is, just as our Lord told us, there also are the vultures. And now liars and scumbags like former FBI head, James Comey, are using that newly fashioned crowbar of redefined terms, those words and phrases they have all helped to so bastardize - ‘Americanism’,‘patriotism’, ‘patriot’ and ‘... our country’s values’ - in order to pry the uninformed and unwary into a coup against the last straining straw between our Constitutional Government and an arbitrary, emotional chaos which is always in place before a tyrannical takeover. I should say that the people leading this charge should be ashamed of themselves. But time has shown that they have no shame. Maybe in another article, but I have a plethora of video documentation showing the above-mentioned rogues lying their liberal ‘donkeys’ off in the course of doing everything from tv shows to appearances before Congress. Their confidently smiling dishonesty truly knows no bounds.

Our president has dared to speak honestly before the world - expressing pause before rubberstamping the stock findings of intelligence and investigative agencies that are clearly under the control of the ghost left behind by his predecessor. Because he didn’t immediately fold, he is now labeled a ‘traitor’ because he won’t act as though Mueller and his attack dogs aren’t working for his wiretapping political enemies. The media didn’t utter a sound when Obama - openly and on our nickel - interfered with the Israeli election. That was outrageous.

America has been told by an empowered left to keep its mouth shut and lie down in front of the approaching train of an unprecedented ‘Americanism’

America has been told by an empowered left to keep its mouth shut and lie down in front of the approaching train of an unprecedented ‘Americanism’ which the framers could only carefully caution us about. We are as a nation, RIGHT NOW, fatally becoming the factious mob those founders, in their prayerful foresight, had so lamented. But they knew - through a now extinct level of familiarity with history - the behavior of lazy, ignorant people left to govern themselves. And 21st century America perfectly distills the motive behind behind solemn warnings like, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” WE ARE THERE. And indeed most of us have not done our homework.

But there is something happening now that brings us to a circumstance that could only happen in our United States! Unlike Nazi Germany, we still have a plurality of armed and informed people who will not go quietly. And therein lie the formative conditions of a terrible danger that makes my head spin in just trying to grasp it: A great portion of our nation is truly not willing to walk into the trap that the left is currently trying to spring on our president and his disenchanted and burgeoning crowd of supporters. Simultaneously, and, again, unprecedented, is that many of us are interlaced and unusually dependent upon a predominantly leftist-owned ‘information highway’. Much of that highway is now beginning to, at the obvious prompting of the left, close down and divide the communication and ranks of anything even looking like solidarity amongst a largely Christian, conservative right. Fox News is on the block, and - for the right price - could at any moment become another CNN. That itself is horrific. With the flick of a switch, all communication can be shut down or limited to a preferred group. As the old saying goes, “Freedom of the press often belongs to those who own the press.” Further, Mark Zuckerberg knows that his giant network’s ‘terms of agreement’ effectively supersede a lot of US law that has not kept up with the cyber-age. Now blend all the above with the engineered enmity of the last 40 years of an increasingly Islam-intimidated world being aimed toward tiny Israel. And you have a world, a ‘globally governed’ world, that looks to me like precisely the atmosphere Jesus described as being in place just prior to his return.

Now that was an ending you certainly hadn’t expected. But it is one that I will sign my name to - regardless of the cost. Whether you believe in God, we are living in a time where the ‘rest stops’ at the forks in the roads are fewer and fewer and shorter in duration. We are living at a time when prayer and renewed vigilance are our two most valuable possessions - much needed things that can’t be taken from us. Me, I am saying, “Damn the torpedoes!” “Go, Trump!” “Go, Netanyahu!” “God bless America!”

“Because Without America, There Is No Free World!” And that fact, more than any other, is why the very real devil so much wants us destroyed.


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