Kavanaugh Hearings and Alinsky Rules for Radicals

Cool heads will always prevail

By -- Bruce Butler—— Bio and Archives--September 11, 2018

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Growing up, and later in the workforce, it was impressed on me that raising my voice gave the other guy the upper hand. It was an indication that I had lost control of the situation. Cool heads will always prevail.

Judging for the behavior of protesters in the Kavanaugh hearings they either weren’t taught this life lesson, they were out of control, or they subscribe to the Alinsky rules for radicals-or all three. It was an embarrassment to watch important hearings to select someone who will have a serious and major impact on our country for years to come turn into a media circus.

If there was evidence that this sort of disruptive protesting yielded results it would be easier to understand. If the cameras were to ignore anything but the exchange between the questioner and the person being interviewed, I’ll bet the incidences of protest would drop. These are people who don’t have a clue as to how to effect change without behaving badly. Don’t give them there 15 seconds of fame.


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Guest Column -- Bruce Butler -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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