UN delegates were failing to save the world from a man-made global warming that doesn't exist, loved ones of the San Bernardino innocents butchered by an Islamic terrorism many world leaders claim doesn't exist

COP21 Throwing Humanity to Symbolic Ravening lions

By —— Bio and Archives--December 14, 2015

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Dateline:Valley of Tears-The ravening lion thrown up as a 3-D digital projection on the walls of St. Peter’s Basilica during the United Nation’s COP21 gathering will continue to hunt down an unsuspecting humanity. With ravenous jaws, it’s a bold throwback to the days when Christians were eaten alive by the lions Rome set upon them. People of that day saw the spectacle of Christians thrown to the lions as entertainment, too. The COP 21’s symbolic lion’s on the prowl to expose all so-called “Islamophobes”, bible thumpers, gun clingers, and global warming deniers, in fact, all those who dare to resist the lib-left’s decades-long coveted One World Order.

Indeed the LifeSiteNews-described pageant of “howling, grunting, and roaring animals, along with images of overcrowded city centers, depictions of pollution, and negative portrayals of industrialization, appeared on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica this evening during a much hyped “climate change” light show” was only the beginning—the beginning of a Vatican-led forced march back to the paganism of the UN’ religion, “Gaia.”


“The show was the finale of the opening celebration for the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. The event was watched by tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square along with estimated millions worldwide through online streaming.

“The multi-million dollar show titled “Fiat Lux: Illuminating Our Common Home” was created and funded by climate-change partisans and population-control advocates with the goal to “educate and inspire change around the climate crisis across generations, cultures, languages, religions and class.” Along with images of the world and its endangered animals, including lions, birds, apes, and whales, appeared New Age symbolism associated with ancient pagan deities.” (LifeSiteNews, Dec. 8,  2015)

Cleansing, antiseptic sunshine needs to be streamed in full-bore to where all this seeks to lead a hapless humanity in the 21st Century.

The world is walking backwards and now dragging unsuspecting people from all walks of life into its hideous, from no-return vortex.

The cult of COP21 is back from Paris. But COP21’s not really over if only because the push to make man-made global warming society’s Number One Threat will never be over as long as world governments finance climate-change activists with billions of taxpayer dollars.

Until the cult of COP21 can cut off the lights, electricity and all of those things society has come to depend on for survival, courtesy of fossil fuels, there will always be another United Nations Climate Change Conference just lurking around the corner.

Like all things hedonistic, including thousands of UN delegates chowing down on kingly repasts with so many children in the Third World starving, the holier-than-thou global warming/climate change show must go on.

And now with the leader of the more than one billion strong Catholic world in on the act, it was the show of all time.

For those who would might laugh off larger than life digital images of “howling, grunting and roaring animals” on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica for a one night stand as comedy, take a gander at the kind of minds who were behind it:

“The Vatican’s spokesperson for the event, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, called the event “unique…for its genre and for the fact that it is being displayed for the first time on such a significant backdrop.” (LifeSite News)

“These illuminations will present images inspired of Mercy, of humanity, of the natural world, and of climate changes,” he said.

“Fisichella said that the light show on the Vatican is meant to link Pope Francis’ environment encyclical Laudato si’ with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop21) currently underway in Paris. The Vatican has shown strong support for the conference. Having the show conclude the opening Year of Mercy celebrations also links the pope’s message about “mercy” to fighting “climate change.”

“St. Peter’s ‘climate change’ light show and its prototype held in New York last August are bizarrely connected to pagan occultism.

“The shows director Travis Threlkel, founder and creative director of Obscura, said in an August interview when discussing the New York version of the show that was projected onto the Empire State Building, that pagan deities were specifically incorporated into the presentation. He said the show included the greek pagan goddess Gaia, a Greek Mother Earth who has been appropriated by worshipers of nature, along with Aya, a Babylonian mother goddess associated with the rising sun and with sexual love.

“It was at the New York show’s end that startling images of the faces of various pagan goddesses were projected onto the building. Predominantly displayed was an image of Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. Kali, who was depicted with a long blood red tongue and whose name means “the black one,” promised wealth to those who satiated her lust for blood by human sacrifice. Daily human sacrifices of young children were offered on her altars in India until 200 years ago. She has since been culturally appropriated by New Age spirituality as a kind of Mother Earth goddess. “

Pagan goddesses resurrected in full digital life for our times got nothing on “Android” Andrew Jones:

“Android” Andrew Jones, the artist behind the image, said at that time that he wanted to depict Mother Earth in her “fiercest form” to draw attention to what might happen if people ignored the implications of climate change. (LifeSite News)

“The Vatican show included artwork and computer-generated designs by Jones, but it is unknown at this time what artwork was featured.

“Jones, one of the world’s foremost digital painters and projection artists, specializes in portraying terrifying images of Greek, Roman and Eastern pagan deities. He said in an interview last month that he turns to these gods and goddesses by means of “psychedelic substances” (mind altering drugs) so that he can portray them accurately. He said the “deities” are “actively involved” in guiding his hand as he makes the work.”

Better to blame someone else for talent in digital and projection artwork.

“These [drugs] are tools that grant portals and access into different realms that I still haven’t fully been able to grasp or say that I have uncovered all of their meanings. ... They have evolved my ability to ... discover new and interesting combinations of energy and matter. Some have ... shown me greater nightmares than I could ever depict or wish to imagine ever again.” (LifeSite News)

“These spirits and the deities that [the images] represent [in India, Greece, etc.] are actively involved, enrolled, and contributing to humans reinventing the visual vernacular of these beings as time and technology evolves,” he said.

“Jones said that good art connects the viewer to something “mystical.” He said in a 2010 video interview that a good reaction to his art happens when people “throw up, or urinate themselves, or [release] any sort of bodily excrement.” (Emphasis CFP’s)”

What Jones meant by the release of “any sort of bodily excrement” would only go over the heads of children.

Meanwhile, as UN delegates were failing to save the world from a man-made global warming that doesn’t exist, the loved ones of the 14 San Bernardino innocents butchered by an Islamic terrorism many world leaders, including President Barack Obama, claim doesn’t exist, were heartbreakingly burying their dead.

Tragically the only reality for the global warming/climate change cult is the digital one that can be projected onto walls in 3D.


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