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Copenhagen a Failure – But Still Alive

By Barry Napier—— Bio and Archives--December 21, 2009

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So, it’s come and gone. It promised everything and gave nothing. Copenhagen must be the most non-event in a very long time!

If we go by the pre-Summit hype, the grand meeting of world leaders was a definite flop, a failure of the highest magnitude. And that is what it was – a failure.  Yet, though the beast is dead, it continues to writhe and make a noise, its Satanic corpse walking to a zombie beat. There are very good reasons for this (see videos listed below, for a few clues)… the agreement is not an issue.

What the UN and a few financial secret faces want is simply compliance. And they are willing to jump over the heads of governments to get it. After all, those who (like Obama and Brown) are face-men for the faceless will reap great rewards for handing over their people to the UN.

BBC – UN Agency, Not an Honest Reporting Unit

I noted how the BBC, in particular, reported on the Summit. When it had commentators to give their views, every one of them was green. They even had someone from Oxfam! But, no genuine scientist or anti-green politician. At all times the BBC had to maintain 100% enthusiasm for what turned out to be a damp cloth in a UN sewer.

In the BBC’s ‘breaking news’ moving ribbon on the bottom of the TV screen, ran the words “No country agrees to the figures” (or similar), but the reporter doggedly said “some countries” did not accept the deal. This was later reduced to ‘a minority’. But, it had said it – NO COUNTRY agreed to the deal.

Brown, trying to grab all the credit, finally had to relinquish his illusory hold to Obama, who flew in at the last minute to be the Great One. In a last chance to make some kind of headway he promised China and India the earth (literally) if only they would (please, please, pretty-please!) sign something, if it was only the lunchtime food order. He finally got them to not agree on an agreement, and that is really the sum total of the Summit!

Nothing at the Summit was given the amazing consensus promised by Brown and Obama. Nothing was made legally binding. It was a nothing Summit.

Now, those who are against the whole delusion must fight hard to get the truth out. Climate realists must make their presence known and felt, before March 2010. Otherwise countries will sign something legally binding, whether they want to or not; and then we are done for.

The UN – Private Deals As Usual

Just as one past Secretary General and his crooked son did deals with Saddam Hussein and made a fortune, so the present head of the UN’s IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, it is said, has been making a vast fortune by linking with carbon trading companies (The Telegraph, 20th December).

He has been accused by Christopher Booker and Richard North, who have pinned-down this man whose influence in climate circles is global. Pachauri is chairman of the IPCC and headed its 2007 Report – the one that brought about the very odd, very unscientific, furore over climate. If you wondered why, just read this…

The BBC called him “the world’s top climate scientist”, but he is a railway engineer and economist, not a physical scientist. He knows nothing about climate science, other than what climate scientists tell him! That is, scientists who have a penchant for fraud and changing numbers for the IPCC.

Carbon Trading With Pals For Maximum Profit

Pachauri is intimately involved with carbon trading companies, having very close ties and roles. They all trade according to his ‘advice’ through the IPCC. Remember my recent article musing that billions were being made by greenies on insider carbon trading? The list of companies range from banks to sustainable energy technologies, oil and investment. Pachauri has a huge portfolio. So has Al Gore, who is driven by wanting riches.

The carbon market, based on nothing but bad science and fake theory, is now worth trillions a year, and growing. Therefore, those at the top of the tree with insider knowledge stand to make unlimited fortunes. Pachauri is director or adviser on many boards. And it is his advice that clinches prices and stocks.

What we have, then, is the head of IPCC making staggering financial gains from something only he gives advice on. Is it any wonder that questions are being asked about IPCC predictions, when they are being used to make vast deals that make certain people richer than ancient kings?

Lord Monckton and Stephen Fielding (anti-green Senator from Australia) handed Pachauri a letter when he was speaking at Copenhagen University. It challenged a graph used by the IPCC and again by Pachauri at the lecture, saying it was fraudulent and that it must be withdrawn. They also questioned why Pachauri’s personal involvement in the world’s biggest financial scam is not mentioned.

The letter was circulated to every Summit delegate, calling on them to dismiss Pachauri. But, was any of this reported by the BBC? Of course not! It only reported what it wanted you to see through its rose-tinted camera lens. Though the revelation is of such import as to close down the IPCC itself, nothing was said, not even as one-line criticism! The BBC proves itself, time and again, to be just as fraudulent as scientists in its bad reporting.

Pachauri has many other financial interests, including oil drilling, and has increased the IPCC’s financial base greatly. This is not how an advisory committee should act! When the adviser dictates financial outcomes, he should not be linked to the earnings of those he advises (or to his own money). Nevertheless, the links between the IPCC, Pachauri and finances, are like a spider’s web, reaching everywhere, and quite unseen. Pachauri’s links include some that are baffling to understand. Like his role as president of a non-profit (yeah – we’ve heard that one about “non-profit” from Gore, too) lobbying company in Washington that influences decision-makers on matters of energy and environment.

One deal by Pachauri has made 1700 workers unemployed in Redcar, UK. He got the huge Tata company to transfer its steel production to Orissa in India. Why? Because it could gain £1.2 billion in carbon credits. Both India and China are making billions in profits from this kind of carbon trading, thanks to the ‘advice’ of Pachauri, who gets his own rewards for being first on the scene (he is bound to be first, seeing as he gives the advice).

Like Al Gore, who got onto the boards of venture capitalists early, Pachauri is likewise on the board of Siderian, dealing in sustainable technologies. His remuneration is so vast as to be uncountable! In short, Pachauri has a huge number of directorships, adviserships, and governmental posts, in which he is the chief adviser, making pots of gold for himself.

Eat Your Greens… and Nothing Else!

He even gets to influence food, by being an avowed vegetarian who called for the eating of less meat to cut CO2. (Greenies also include veggies, animal rights, human rights, everything-rights-except-your-rights). It is Pachauri who told the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to sign green deals on carbon emissions even without the agreement of Congress! Now, to have that kind of pull, Pachauri must already have great power beyond Congress. And that is only possibly by having Obama in his back pocket. He has called for hotel rooms to apply green taxes to users for using heating or air-conditioning, and for a ban on restaurants serving ice. He has plenty more wonderful ideas to make our lives miserable.

None of the boards and governments he works for publishes how much they pay this meddling man. In itself this is revealing. Even the UN does not say how much it pays him! Which is even more revealing. And yet the Summit tried to make it big on ‘transparency’!! You know, just like Obama.

The EU also relies on this man for its carbon and green policies, the same ones that are ruining every country in membership. It is about time he was stopped dead in his tracks. And we must ask the BBC why they have not reported on this most illuminating matter – it is of far more importance than anything else said at the Summit!

The coming of a One World Order has been slow. It had to be built up gradually, so that all the vital links could be made and nourished. It tries to bypass the older orders of Russia and China, but the effects will be the same. The Copenhagen Summit was a non-event because it is not about all countries signing an agreement – it is about all countries obeying the UN command for submission. And the men who rule the green movement, such as Pachauri have no integrity. The rest have no truth. Yet, these are the kinds of men greens love to obey. And it is why I have only contempt for greenism.

Try These
If you want the origins of the current carbon myths, go here

There you will find the Marxist-Fascist roots starting to emerge. Note that the communist anti-capitalism movement was a major player. Also note how scientists were motivated by greed for money, and why we can’t rely on computer models.

If you want more on Obama and his true plans, go here:

And if you want more truth, go to your room, think for yourself, and completely ignore the UN, IPCC, EU, Obama and Brown.

Barry Napier runs christiandoctrine.com.
The Global Green Agenda’, Barry Napier. Published, Petra Press, 2009.
For other anti-green books by Barry Napier contact the author: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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