Country Lives Matter.

By -- Victoria Vaughn—— Bio and Archives--October 4, 2017

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In light of the events in Las Vegas, I believe we need a CLM movement, Country Lives Matter. We need to bring to the attention of the United States, the bias against Country folk. I expect that the United States Congress will call for equality for Country Lives. I expect celebrities of every color, political affiliation, religion, and musical taste will demand protection and equality for Country Lives.

The fact that country folk are treated with derision, portrayed as not too bright because they like BBQ, fly the American and Confederate flag, drive trucks, and might down a beer every now and then must stop. We can no longer ignore the bias and prejudice against Country Lives.

We must organize, trash our own neighborhoods, thwart law enforcement, and do everything possible to call attention to our plight. CLM members unite.
Oh, wait, that’s not how CLM operates. We help one another, support our families, hold down a job and mind our own business. We take care of each other and don’t ask for much.

CLM is a different kind of movement, even under the worst attack on American soil, those folks acted with bravery, compassion, common sense, and selflessness. CLM is the kind of movement that actually brings change. I am so proud to say I am country and Country Lives DO Matter.

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