Politicians and "journalists" who have blindly provided the hot air for Barack Obama

Crazy with a Capital “C”

By Dean C. Haskins—— Bio and Archives--June 24, 2011

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I couldn’t resist sharing this with you:

June 24, 2011
To: State Senator Jimmy Jeffress (D-AR)
State Representative Robyn Driscoll (D-MT)
From: Dean C. Haskins

Dear Senator Jefress and Representative Driscoll:

I received two emails today that were forwarded to me from a friend of mine, Neil Turner.  I must say, they certainly made my day, and are still providing me great amusement.  I want to share those emails with you, even though I don’t believe that to be necessary, as you are the two who wrote them.


It appears that Mr. Turner emailed a recent article of mine to both of you, and he then forwarded your responses to me.  In turn, I am more than tickled to be able to share them with my readers, not only for their inherent humor quotient, but also to demonstrate, publicly, exactly what types of people can actually get elected to public office these days.

The first of the emails I received contained your erudite musings, Rep. Driscoll:

From: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 6:19 AM
Subject: Re: Found Congressman Who Has Read More than Maskell’s Memo!

Crazy with a capital “C”.

That was simply stunning in its deft brilliance, and, to be sure, my ability to respond to such a sagacious judgment might be above my pay grade.  But, of course, I’ll try, nonetheless.

Equally hilarious is your response, Sen. Jefress:

From: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 6:04 AM
Subject: RE: Found Congressman Who Has Read More than Maskell’s Memo!

You folks are idiots.

You see, even through my incessant chuckling, I recognize the vast import of these emails, for they clearly demonstrate the current mindset that has set our nation adrift –a moral compass perpetually pointing south largely because of elected officials like you who are bereft of discernment and conscience.  How can I make such a claim?  Allow me to expound.

Let’s start with your epithets.  I am quite certain that neither of you would object to my combining both of them, and concluding that you both consider us to be “crazy idiots.”  Is that a fair assumption?  Now, as we ponder why you would both conclude that we are crazy idiots, let’s look at the evidence upon which you stake your claims (and reputations, and hopefully, your political careers):

  • Document Examiner’s detailed analysis
  • Statement by the only expert the mainstream media quoted—but he’s not happy that they lied about what he said
  • Adobe engineer doubts the validity of the “birth certificate”
  • Major General Paul Vallely states, “I’ve had ex-CIA and investigators look at Obama’s birth certificate and 10 out of 10 say it’s a forgery.”

Of course, I could go on and on, but based upon the extensive writings of yours that I have already perused today, I’m not quite sure of your threshold for digesting truth.  My point is this: the evidence that Barack Obama has committed multiple crimes to conceal the fact that he was never constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president becomes more overwhelming each day (even though many of us knew it in 2008), and we are fast approaching the “tipping point” where public scrutiny of that evidence will force a resolution.

Moreover, those politicians and “journalists” who have blindly provided the hot air for Barack Obama’s criminal sails will be the ones left holding the bag when his political ship sinks; and hopefully, many of them will also be implicated in his crimes.  So, your emails have provided the residents of Montana and Arkansas a glimpse into the characters of those in whom they have bequeathed their trust to represent them honestly, forthrightly, and above all, constitutionally.

You have shown yourselves either to be incapable of investigating the truth for yourselves (which, apparently, is not a prerequisite skill of those who would hold public office these days), relying solely on a politically motivated, dishonest mainstream media to spoon-feed you everything you think you know, or you are blatant liars (something that might not set well with the Southern Baptist Convention you claim to be your church affiliation, Sen. Jefress).

By the way, Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, § 4 applies to both of you, as it does to every citizen of the United States; so, it is actually with a bit of pleasure that I ask these questions of you:

To whom have you reported the crime of forgery that was committed on April 27, as the law requires?  Did you report it to the FBI?  Did you report it to any federal authority?

If you did, please supply me with such report.

If you did not, please inform me of why you should not be charged with misprision of felony for failing to report the forgery.

Again, please allow me to thank both of you for the levity you provided today.  Laughter is becoming a rare commodity these days for those of us who realize how corrupt the political machine in this country truly is.  I may be a “crazy idiot,” but, according to the law, your providing cover for Obama’s fraud makes you Criminally Complicit, and, in my book, that’s two capital “Cs,” so I win.

For our Constitution,

Dean Haskins is a freelance writer, professional musician/producer, and the former chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic, one of the original “birther” organizations.


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