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Daddy’s not a dinosaur, Mama’s not a moron

By —— Bio and Archives--February 9, 2010

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imageTaking America back from the Marxist jaws of Barack Obama starts with your own children in the privacy of your own home.

Obama’s Marxist agenda for the USA did not start on Nov. 4, 2008.  It started long before when he and his domestic terrorist pal Bill Ayers were force-feeding a radical agenda through the public school system.

Had the cunning Marxist Obama and Ayers ever told an assembly of adults that America was no good and in need of a fundamental transformation, the deadly duo would have been tarred and feathered and sent packing to Fidel Castro.

Obama, Ayers and the unelected czars running America from the shadows knew that in order to make their plan work, they had to indoctrinate school children. After a couple of generations passed through the public school system, they would be ready for Plan B.

Moms and Dads thought that their children were safe in class as they set out to work each day.  Little did they know that Daddy was being portrayed as a dinosaur and Mommy a moron by a system bent on indoctrinating rather than educating the young.

It’s no secret that the younger generation has no sympathy for an America tossed into the Marxist trash can.

Lest we overlook it in the daily bombardment of the Obama assaults on America, his most important executive experience—the one he has never been able to seal off from public view—is his influence on public education before his unfortunate arrival at the Oval office.

“From 1995 to 1999, he led an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), and remained on the board until 2001.” (The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 23, 2008).  “The group poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical education activists.

“The CAC was the brainchild of Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground in the 1960s.  Among other feats, Mr. Ayers and his cohorts bombed the Pentagon, and he has never expressed regret for his actions.  Barack Obama’s first run for the Illinois State Senate was launched at a 1995 gathering at Mr. Ayer’s home.”

The calendar moves to 2010 and Ayers, who is fighting the “insanity of thinking we can conquer the world”  is hoping to found his very own peace movement.  “I think that what we need is a peace movement, and I’m trying to build one,” Ayers told FoxNews.

Through his brought-from-Chicago White House chef Sam Kass, Obama is changing the way American kids eat at school.

Marxism comes to school today as a wolf dressed in sheep fashion.

Marxism masquerades uninterrupted wherever it appears and turns the truth upside down and inside out, making the lie the truth in the process.

In education, Marxism plays with open young minds making them believe patriotism is dinosaur wrong; that it is far more noble to be a global citizen than an American one.

Confronting the school principal or the chairman of the board of education in your district will get you branded as a conspiracy theorist.  Worse, it could leave your child open for adult reprisal.

But you can turn the table on Marxism by making like a Marxist.  You can “home school” your child at home each evening. 

You can have a 20-minute “Family Time” with your children.  You can make Family Time teaching your youngster American history introducing them to genuine American heroes.

In fact, you can do the same at home that Marxist teachers do during the day: instill your belief and values system on up and coming generations.

You have an advantage over their classroom teachers because you are teaching your children one-on-one.

You can teach your kids that Daddy’s not a Dinosaur; that no matter what teacher says, there is still such a thing as right and wrong.

The Marxists have Saul Alinsky, Obama and Ayers on their side.  You have Human Nature on yours.

Even with the Nanny State trying to pull children out of their cradles, the ones who make it out of the womb that is,  most children know instinctively that Mamma and Papa know best.


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