Heed Rohrabacher’s lead. Republicans, Stop cutting and running! Stand and fight!

Dana Rohrabacher Shows True Leadership, Stand with Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2016

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The way some Republicans act, running away from conflict and playing into media-hyped panic, it is no surprise that even when they have power, when they hold onto the majority in Congress, they still flounder and fail. This is just astounding, and sad.

What precipitates my outrage with the Washington DC GOP? The media gets a recording of lewd banter between two guys on a bus … from 2005, and wants to hang Donald Trump from a tree. The trees are not standing up, but flattened and patterned with black ink. In contrast, Wikileaks has dropped more hard-to-swallow truth (for the left) about Crooked, Hateful Hillary. If the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) won’t talk about what Hillary was trying to hide, then it’s time for the We the People to speak up and decide.

Now, what happened after the Trumped-up leak?


All the big name Republican leaders wanted to jump off the Trump ship. The Republican National Committee even halted their funding and campaign operations in coordination with the Donald’s campaign. By Saturday, the day before Debate #2, it looked as if the GOP Leadership (or rather Establishment, since they show no interest in leading) was going to push Trump into a dingy and let him set sail while they went down with their cowardly ship.

But wait …Trump kicked rump (and every other part of Hillary) all over the debate floor in St. Louis. Yes, Trump spoke what I and the millions of the Not-So-Silent Majority have been thinking for a long time.

“You would be in jail.”

“You cheated to win the Democratic nomination.”

“My Supreme Court nominees will protect the Second Amendment. You want to take their guns away.”

Watching Crooked Clinton (actually Clintons, since predator Bubba was seated sheepishly in the audience, avoiding eye contact with four of his victims) twist in the war of words with Trump was too much fun.

The RNC reaffirmed their loyalty (as if they had any right to renounce it in the first place). Speaker Paul Ryan got back in line, like a good little Catholic school boy, and actually brought out some Trump-like moxie against Hillary Clinton’s no longer secret hatred of Catholic doctrine and a desire to overtake and “reform” the Catholic Church to her values (if you can all them that).

But here in California, Republican candidates and incumbents running in heated races have turned off Trump. Sacramento County Sheriff (who was already facing a chance to unseat Democrat Ami Bera) retracted his support for Trump. What are you thinking, Sheriff?! Bad move, and his campaign staffers signaled the same. For once, the consultants were right. You have to stand with the Top of the Ticket as much as possible, especially since the alternative is not just worse, but destined to be the worst creation of the Democratic Party since … all the other candidates who’ve run and won the White House (except for Grover Cleveland, of course!)

Congressman Steve Knight of Palmdale is feeling the jitters in a tight race. He never pledged to support the nominee, but his choice not to support him may lead to his voters “dropping his butt” in November. (believe me, I hope he wins, notwithstanding.)

There is one California Congressman, however, whose outright outrage with his shivering federal colleagues commands real respect: Dana Rohrabacher of Newport Beach. Just because he represents

Heed Rohrabacher’s lead. Republicans, Stop cutting and running! Stand and fight!

Orange County didn’t make his stance easy. Trump has made winnable races easier … for Democrats. Their voter registration has surpassed Republican voter rolls in otherwise consistently conservative OC. Former California Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina paid a much-needed visit to her friend and fellow conservative Young Kim to assure her victory in November.

Still, Rohrabacher’s criticism of the sudden flight of Republicans from Trump was as subtle as a nuclear bomb:

Leaders are supposed to stand firm and solid in moments of crisis. Instead, he’s [Speaker Ryan] in a panic. It’s not good leadership. … I think the Republicans who are backing away are gutless. We don’t have to just be concerned about saving House seats. We have to be concerned about saving the United States of America.”

Did you hear that, Speaker Paul Ryan? John Boehner didn’t leave his spine behind for you? Oh yeah, the smoking Oompa-Loompa from Ohio never had one …

But really, though, leadership is all about defining the narrative, setting the agenda, charting a course rather than caving to the media. When will Republicans get it? The marginalized, left-wing wannabe “mainstream” media will never give Republicans a fair shake. All Republican candidates running for office have to stand on principle and fight for what is right. Play against the media’s games, rather than trying to abide by their rules: that’s the way to go.

Rohrabacher has been a stalwart champion on Capitol Hill for decades. He has advocated for patent reform, he despises illegal immigration, and refused to play the sympathy card when illegal alien minors were swarming the southern border. When he represented Palos Verdes California, he personally confronted the Mexican Consulate on Catalina Island and told them stop handing out ID cards to illegal aliens!

He is also fighting for the Middle Eastern Christians, who are the victims of genocide as we speak. A Christian is martyred every thirty minutes at the hands of Muslim radicals. So far, his legislation to grant them emergency refugee status has stalled, but he won’t stay quiet. He called out his leadership on national media for doing nothing!

Republicans across the country need to heed Rohrabacher’s lead. Stop cutting and running! Stand and fight! Perhaps Speaker Ryan should step aside and let Rohrabacher lead. Dana knows leadership. Fight for liberty, stand by your man, even when the chips are down, and do what is best for your country, not just your job. Dana is the real deal. He shouldn’t be just a Congressman. He should be Speaker of the House at this point, or hey … run for U.S. Senate in two years!


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