An Open letter to the Republican Party and America

Deceit and Denial upon Our Ramparts

By Greg Easley—— Bio and Archives--July 30, 2010

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Americans are literally dumbstruck by the level of deceit and the magnitude of denial emanating from our White House and Congress. How many laws can one man break! How far must America fall before Republicans escape their denial and find their honor?


For those of you who still labor under the hallucinogenic cloud of denial that Obama is “a nice” man, we say this: “Get Over It”! He is a deliberate liar, a Marxist by birth, by creed and by indoctrination, a corrupted emotional mal-content and indisputably the most dangerous man in recent American history.

Pundits and talking heads keep saying that Obama and his administration just don’t get it, can’t learn from their mistakes, aren’t listening or don’t understand the average American citizen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama is listening, he does understand us and he gets it. He just hates what we stand for. It’s the Republicans that aren’t listening, don’t get it and don’t understand that we get it, we understand and we will do something about it. We are tired of being collateral damage to a deceitful, disdaining administration run by ideologues with no practical experience at any level and by politicians who lie, cheat and steal from every living human on this planet by virtue of their supposed elitist entitlement as members of a “ruling class”.

Obama is not incompetent either. He knows precisely what he is doing. His ancient agenda is deliberate and premeditated, full of disdain for everything America stands for, full of contempt for “rich people”, “poor people”, free enterprise, white people, black people, brown people, white women in particular, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Mormons, freedom, American tradition and American law. Want proof, just read his books.  He is clever, deceitful and damaged goods with no shame and no conscience. To a nation of ordained free patriots, Obama’s appearance of total incompetency is simply the measure of his intent and his refusal to accept the reality that socialism is not an acceptable form of government to Americans and a historically failed, incompetent system. Each day, while Europe scrambles to free and save itself from another miserably failed socialist experiment, Obama drives another nail into the coffin of our Republic.

Some argue his agenda for redistributing our wealth is his answer to the slavery reparations act that he voted against because he believed the act “did not go far enough”. It is not. It is his assuredly clever mechanism for garnering voter support by inciting racism and tension while wrecking the engine of American prosperity, the middle class. The Reparations Act was to be a onetime payment and the end of the grievance; ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Financial Reform, the Disclose Act, the endless corporate bailouts and socialist takeovers, the Gulf oil spill fiasco, are all permanent tragedies with permanent, endless damage to America. Obama is not interested in bona fide social reform; he is intent on his “Fundamental Transformation of America” with the institution of Marxist style slavery for every American regardless of color, class, citizenship or religion! His agenda is simply class warfare without regard for anyone but the few that will reign over the spoils of our Nation. A man is known by his actions. Obama’s actions are not the mark of a “nice man” or a “great guy”. They are the mark of “enemy of state”, calamitous intent and broken dreams for America. 

While Republicans in Congress sit paralyzed and ineffectual, perhaps still voting for Obama’s Marxist agenda or while they gather together in secret trying to figure out how they can maintain their own power in the ruinous vacuum of the wreckage they helped create, America is dying. They cannot survive the hollowing remnants of our Nation when Obama is done with his malevolent intent. What they cleave to so dearly now will be vapor when our Republic is gone. The deteriorating situation we find ourselves in is no accident and their imagined collegiality with the Democrats doesn’t exist. Democrats are no longer the “left side of right”. They are the enemy of our Nation as clearly as Napoleon, Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Nero, Muhammad, Mao, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Wen Jiabao, Kim Jong-Il, HAMAS, Drug Cartels or Hezbollah. To the Republicans we say: “Be the Party of NO”. “In fact be the Party of Hell NO!” “We have your back.” We don’t need politicians’ permission to pursue greatness for our Nation or ourselves. Pandering to illegals, terrorists, big business, lobbyists, unions or Marxist countries is anti-American and Treason. We don’t need new laws and Czars to control or protect our enemies or America. We already have the necessary laws. Just read the Constitution. It already protects everyone! Believers in Obama’s agenda will be destroyed in the same stroke of anti-American demagoguery that is consuming the very life of our Nation’s citizens. 

Our Nation is being governed by Marxists, liars, pedophiles, tax cheats, union thugs, racists, race baiters, feckless ideologues, lobbyists, corporate thieves, the infamously corrupt Federal Reserve, members of the Council On Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs’, the Rothschild’s family of 300, Skull and Bones, Black Liberation theologists, avowed communists, genocidal prophets, abortionists, corporate brigands, terrorist sympathizers, freeloaders, illegal aliens, foreign governments, the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, ACORN, George Soros and his 500 hundred subversive organizations and the most corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and galactically stupid anti-American liberal media in America’s history . Why would any honest, hard working contributor to America’s history, its earned place in the world, its defense, its greatness or its success trust anyone that belongs to any segment of this anti-American freedom hating group of people? There are 535 politicians vying for power. When the 300 take over the United States, you will become obsolete by your own doing. We can save you; will you stand up and save us? Will you trade power and status quo for ethics and service to our Nation? Can you name just one law or executive order signed by Obama that does not violate our Constitution, violate States rights, steal our property, vacate our personal rights, redistribute our wealth, pander for votes, power or money from freeloaders, anti-American groups and nations or bypass our representative government and its elected members? We think not!

Those of you who voted for any of Obama’s legislation will soon find yourselves peddling ghost written books in a pathetic attempt to reshape your image and deeds and in an equally pathetic attempt to reclaim the honor and dignity you forfeited when you deceived the people who entrusted you with protecting our rights, our liberties and our Nation’s Constitution, once the envy of the free world. You sold us out, you killed our sovereignty, you took our civil and constitutional rights, our property, you outright stole our social security, laundered our money and now you deny our States the rights clearly given them by our Constitution. You committed acts of fraud and larceny against the very people who elected you. You pass patently unconstitutional laws in the dark fraught with taxes and fines and handouts at our expense without any regard for us or the law. Many of you should be in jail, as we would be, for the very acts you have committed against our Nation while in office.

We ask again . . . how many laws can one man break: before he is tried and convicted of Treason! How many acts of defiance of our Constitutional law before he is tried and convicted of Treason?

  • The very fact that he allowed a Mexican President to stand before our Congress to denigrate and insult ALL Americans is Treason!
  • To allow and encourage this foreigner and 9 other Latin American countries to sue a sovereign American State over its Constitutional right to protect its own borders against criminal acts and trespass is Treason.
  • To sue a sovereign State over its Constitutional right to protect its own borders against criminal acts and trespass is Treason.
  • To sue one state for political expediency, and not the others, is constitutionally illegal.
  • To refuse to secure any of our borders against criminal acts and trespass is Treason. The Constitution of the United States is crystal clear on this.

This man that refuses to show his own papers refuses to make illegals show theirs. Incompetent, no, just another clever set of racist diversions from the one you think is a nice guy, the one that can’t even prove he is qualified to lead our Nation. How pathetic! How revealing! But the real question is: what are Republicans willing to give up in order of righting the ship? Are they willing to risk losing control of their “secret society” or their precious “power circles” and stand with the American citizens, one to one as freedom fighting individuals, who are waging the fight to win back the America we love? The America we have fought for countless times to protect with our own blood! The America we have lost! The America that has been torn, apart piece by piece, by those who fully intend to destroy our Republic for all time. Do they have the courage to risk going back home, joining the citizens of their States and represent the will of their own people, the ones who pay their salaries, the ones who gave their trust for the sake of all, the ones they have ignored, insulted, pillaged and laughed at? You know who we mean; the “dumb black and Hispanic people”, the “ignorant white trailer trash”, the “old people” that don’t matter because they will be dead soon, the “young people” who aren’t paying attention, the “young woman’ with child who scraps for survival, the Christian or Jewish person who actually believes in a God, the 50 year “old man” working two jobs to save his home and feed his family, the 80 year old woman facing the death panel of the ObamaCare Czar because she needs a new hip! Is that who you think we are - sheep for the slaughter - or do we command the same respect from you that you claim for yourselves as elitist members of the Congressional rank and file?

Americans are mournfully tired of the politics in Washington. We are rightfully fearful for our future, rightfully angry at politicians who place their careers and ambitions before the law, before the people, before the States or before our allies. We want change anchored in the expressed intent of the collective intelligent design of our Founding Fathers for our government. The Constitution is our law. It is not just a “piece of paper” to be ignored, trampled or used as contrivance or convenience by a ruling class. Americans do not support, recognize nor will we tolerate a ruling class. We support free enterprise, the right for every citizen to be educated, to work and to pursue their personal dreams unhindered by any form of government that seeks to limit our pursuits or steal our possessions by theft or taxation. We absolutely reject any form of wealth redistribution by any form of government. We support charity of our own choosing and disaster relief. We support self-reliance, pride and honesty; we support character, free will and personal responsibility. We are a conservative nation. The people elected you to serve our Nation, not the corporations, unions or foreign potentates that donate millions of dollars for your campaigns. The question you must ask yourself is why should we support you anymore if your allegiance belongs to big money groups rather than the people and the States you were elected to represent? Lead our Nation as our Founding Fathers intended. Clean up your “own house” and the others will follow. Service to our Nation is where you will create real power, for our people, and where you will find your real legacy. Then you can write your books with pride and we will honor you as we honor our soldiers who give their lives for our Nation, the ones who die for your folly.

We have risen and we are ready for the fight against all comers no matter how long it takes. We can’t know the full extent of the danger our own government represents to us, but we will not succumb to it. We can’t know the full extent of the danger that each member of Congress represents to us, but we know who is good and who is evil. The trail each of you has left is easy to follow. We don’t need to know how evil someone is, we just need to know who is evil. We ask all conservatives and all American patriots to join us or just stand aside. We are weary of you! You are not highwaymen and we will not “Stand and Deliver” our nation unto you. 

Anyone who is a member or supporter of the Council On Foreign Relations or any other wretched “One World Order” group is the enemy of all Americans and the entire free world. Anyone who voted for any of Obama’s legislation; anyone who is for Amnesty, Cap and Trade, ObamaCare, Financial Reform, Elena Kagan, loss of guns rights or freedom of speech rights will be voted out of office. Anyone who supports Obama, his Czars, the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Durbin, Shumer, Snowe, Brown, Collins, Graham, Landrieu, Nelson, Lincoln, Waters or Boxer will be voted out of office. Anyone who supports “Big Business”, the ACLU, AARP, the NRA, SEIU, ACORN, Sharia Law, MoveOn.org or the 16th Amendment, which was never properly ratified, will be voted out of office. Anyone who supports the continued destruction of our laws, our traditions, our education system, our industry, any part of our way of life that has been guaranteed by The Constitution of The United States of America will be voted out of office.

It appears to us that Republicans don’t have an agenda to present to constituents or they are hiding it for fear it would not be politically expedient. Too many Republicans back away from Paul Ryan’s plan, Jim De Mint’s conservatism, the Rand Paul candidacy, Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Michelle Bachmann and her newly minted Congressional Tea Party Caucus and the people’s Tea Party movement. So what is your plan? The loudest voices we hear are mostly of brave Republican women while our men cower in back rooms and local D.C. bars at loss with their cojones. Being in the congressional minority should not prevent Republicans from mounting a full frontal attack from every angle against the arrogance and death spiraling policies of the progressive Democratic Party, RINOS and DINOS. We plead this of you: Go Public, Go National! Go United! Pick a team of intelligent, gifted speakers to represent “your plan” and then let these best and brightest present the components locally to all voters across the land. If we don’t know “what” you stand for, we don’t know “who” you stand with. 

These are the things Republicans need to do immediately to save our Nation.

  • -Unite with Us!—Join the Congressional Tea Party Caucus.
  • -Find someone in haste that truly cares about and puts America first to run the Republican National Committee. We need someone who can galvanize all Americans with the truth and the guarantee of freedom for all who will stand with us and our Nation.
  • -Stand with Paul Ryan and support his “Roadmap for America’s Future”. It may not be perfect but at least he has had the courage and intelligence to formulate one. Americans know that strong medicine is necessary at this moment in our history.
  • -Stand with and fully support the Tea Party movement and sign the “Contract from America”.
  • -Select genuine Fiscal conservatives of great character to run for President and vice-President. We don’t want the “next guy in line”, another Fascist as a change of pace to the Marxists we have now. 180 degrees from wrong is still not right.
  • -Agree to repeal every piece of legislation passed under the Obama Administration, ad infinitum.
  • -Mount your bayonets; this is a full scale war to Take Back Our Country from the all out assault and intent of turning America into a third world nation of hapless slaves to be governed by the global Marxists ideologues that have spent 100+ years in the planning and subterfuge for global power and dictatorship which can only be accomplished by the destruction of The Republic of the United States of America and thus placing it on ash heap of history. The Republic belongs to us, all 300 million of us. It does not belong to the Democratic or Republican parties, those 535 people elected temporally to represent us and serve our Nation. It does not belong to any external group, family, people or organization and we have no Natural allegiance to any of them.

Help US Take Back America! Otherwise, please stand aside. We are weary of you!

Some say it will take years to undo the damage done by the last few administrations. You can do it in a year. Start by repealing every piece of legislation and voiding every executive order signed by Barrack Obama. You have two years to prepare for a complete legislative rectification of the duplicate, useless, unconstitutional Marxist seepage that is strangling our Congress, our States, our Nation, our courts, our institutions and our freedom. Start over for those issues that really need to be addressed like tax reform, health care, immigration.

To All Republicans: It is time to get real; time for a genuine epiphany. America is in dire peril at our own doing. We ask you to move right. Re-take your Oath of Allegiance to The United States of America followed by your Oath of Office to support and protect The Constitution of The United States. Get down on your hands and knees, kiss our Flag and pray for forgiveness for you crimes against America. Those who stand against our Nation will stand alone in the courts of American justice. Those who stand against our Nation will be cast aside in the voting booths of America and will stand alone and forgotten.

The majority of people in the United States, your voters, support these issues.

  1. Uphold and Protect The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
  2. We want a smaller Federal government. Cut by at least 30%.
  3. A Balanced Budget. Citizens have to live within their means, so should governments. Our Federal government is too large. Its reach is too deep, usurping the rights of citizens, the States and the Federal budget is unsustainable.
  4. End the Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank. Return to the gold standard and/or a National Central bank.
  5. Support States Rights as defined by the Constitution. The Constitution only grants the Federal government 17 enumerated rights. The rest are granted to the States. Heed this law!
  6. A Strong Military. There is no substitute!
  7. Secure the Borders. No Amnesty! These people are illegal and have committed multiple crimes against America. There are 12 million of them. If they don’t like their own country, then they should go home, armed to the teeth and take it back, not invade our country out of convenience and timidity. They have no rights as illegals. That’s the law!
  8. English as the Official Language of the United States. One Flag “Old Glory”. “One Nation, Under God!”
  9. Resign from the UN. This organization is run by Marxists and is incapable of serving America’s interests or individual freedom.
  10. Energy Independence. Find it, drill it!
  11. Focus on job creation and business growth, tax reform, tax amnesty for corporations with offshore accounts, tort reform, getting unions out of our government and institutions. Kill AFTA!
  12. Congressional Term Limits with a national recall mechanism that only takes a few weeks for any Federal servant that refuses to keep their oath of office or obey the laws of our Nation or our States.
  13. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Replace the income tax system with the Fair Tax. Boost the economy by igniting business and repatriating oversees jobs. Everyone pays their fair share including illegals and criminals.
  14. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Let State Governors choose Senators to represent the States. This will ensure accountability to the people they serve; eliminate lobbyists, bribes, voter corruption and intimidation.
  15. Close the Dept. of Education. Education is a state responsibility not a Marxist play ground for corrupting our history and our children’s minds and souls.
  16. End Pork barrel spending. This is only paybacks, theft, bribery and corruption.
  17. End all bailouts of public institutions. End all financial and political support of: unions, media organizations, all voter groups like ACORN, student loan forgiveness for Congressional member’s children, unemployment support for foreign countries and bribes to foreign countries to get their support.
  18. Make lobbying a federal congressional member a felony.
  19. Fix Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Return all our money stolen by Congress.
  20. Pass a new law that requires every elected federal employee to provide the same proof of eligibility to each state Governor. To include a general medical statement of health, a certified birth certificate, income and tax returns, police arrest records, judicial rulings and military service records including awards and judgments.
  21. Repeal every single executive order and piece of legislation signed by Obama.
  22. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings outlawing prayer, religious activity or religious writings in all government, private or public domains, documents, currency, spaces, or institutions. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  23. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings regarding abortion or marriage. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  24. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings regarding education and health care. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  25. Reform all laws regarding campaign donations. Place equal limits on individuals and corporations. If you are doing a good job, you don’t need to waste millions of public or private dollars getting re-elected. Let the States participate by mandating town hall participation several times per year where appointed state representatives can meet with elected Congressional members to discuss legislation, national or state concerns. You were chosen to be the voice of the people that elected you, not judge and jury over our lives by some perverted sense of divine right. What we expect, demand and deserve from you is no less than we expect from our fireman, our soldiers, our teachers, our doctors or our clergy.

The first eleven items ensure a Republican victory in 2010 and 2012, to the extent that the progressive Democratic Party will be ineffective for at least 20 years. A Conservative victory is the only choice we have. The alternative is slavery for all. It is imperative that we take back the House of Representatives in November 2010. We look towards our future and forward to your allegiance.

Greg is a professional Information Technology Analyst and a devout political conservative concerned about the destiny of The United States of America and the free world.  He is a member of the Tea Party Patriots and publisher of his own web site The 4th Awakening. The site features his own commentaries and important political news items posted daily.  Greg lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area and is looking forward to retirement in the woods.  Greg can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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