“If we cannot defeat the message, then we will smear and destroy the messenger” is an old tried and tested leftist/globalist ploy. It will be up to the people of Alabama to decide if the ploy works yet again

Defending Judge Roy Moore

By —— Bio and Archives--November 19, 2017

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Roy Moore

Roy Moore has been in the news continually for the last several weeks with a number of accusations that would be troubling if they are true. Here’s the letter he posted to Sean Hannity giving his side of the story.

I met Roy Moore when I was in Alabama last year, and I talked to him a few days ago from Norway and asked him if these allegations were true. He said absolutely not. You can read his detailed response for yourself. My prayer is that the truth will ultimately be revealed and lies will be seen for what they are.Franklin Graham

Let me say up front that I am not a huge Roy Moore fan, but I will take him any day of the week over the Democrat, RINO, and GOPe pearl clutching poseurs currently swooning over his purported behavior four decades ago.


Second, let me state for the record that I do not trust the mainstream media (MSM) whatsoever – and my opinion of Congress is on a par with how I feel about the MSM.  I am also convinced that the higher echelons of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, and God knows how many other government bureaucracies, are rife with corruption, if not outright treason.

I reluctantly came to the above conclusions after years of research into the matter.  I followed the truth, not an agenda, and am saddened beyond words at how rotten I have found the timbers of the American Ship of State to be.

All of which is to say that the whole brouhaha surrounding Judge Moore stinks to high heaven as far as I am concerned.  It stinks of collusion between Democrat and Republican elites desperately trying to hang onto their power and keep the lid on how woefully inept they have been at serving We the People.  The media are, of course, globalist propaganda venues, and the last thing they want to see is a strong USA with true conservatives at the helm.

Judge Roy Moore is a very real and present danger to the jealously guarded status quo of the political and media elites.  Therefore, the Powers That Be have decided he must go.  Moore has been set up like a bowling pin – only the thoroughly brain-washed, willfully blind, and irredeemably dim believe otherwise.

Let’s discuss his purported dating of women in their late teens for a moment.  By the way politicians and the media are carrying on you would think that Moore is being accused of filling a garbage truck with live babies using a pitchfork.  For crying out loud people get a grip.

Personally, I have always preferred dating women somewhat close to my own age – mainly because we then automatically share many social/cultural experiences in common.  Make the age gap too great and those cultural “touchstones” disappear, and so does a certain degree of intimacy, of shared similar experiences.  At least that is my take on things. 

But many people feel otherwise.  Men are notorious for being attracted to younger women and, on the flip side, there are numerous young women looking for an older male – for reasons ranging from the larcenous desire for a “sugar daddy,” to a simple desire for an economically secure and mature man.

Add to this the fact that it can be impossible sometimes to judge a woman’s age within certain parameters (say between 18 and 38).  I’ve known women who were 38 and could have passed for 18, and I’ve known women who were 18 who could have passed for 38. 

In any event, back when I was playing the field (not that I was much of a player) I don’t recall ever using as a pick-up line the question “Excuse me, could I see your driver’s license so I can check your age?”  Besides there being the potential for being slapped in the face or kneed in the groin, quite honestly my mind was on other things.

The playwright Eugene O’Neill’s (no relation, dammit) daughter Oona was 18 and fresh out of high school when she married film icon Charlie Chaplin, who was 54 at the time.  Their marriage was reportedly a very strong and happy one, and after Chaplin died it is said that Oona “never recovered from her grief.” 

Like all marriages, May-December relationships can work out wonderfully, or they can end miserably.  My point in bringing this up is that if (and it is still a big “if” at this point) Judge Roy Moore did indeed date women in their late teens when he was in his early thirties then, while I would consider it to be a less than ideal arrangement, it is not the unheard of, beyond-the-pale, horrific aberration that the media and politicos make it out to be.

The one accusation that actually bothers me is the one from the woman who says that Roy Moore molested her when she was 14 and he was 32.  That crosses over from merely questionable behavior into illegality and even pedophilia.  Judge Moore vehemently denies the accusation.

The thing about pedophiles is that they very rarely stop their behavior on their own.  And yet we are supposed to believe that Judge Moore’s purported behavior stopped on a dime, just like that.  Hmmm.

Another accuser has shown as “proof” a high school yearbook that she says Roy Moore signed (after a written message) for her when she was 16.  I am no forgery expert, but the yearbook does not pass the sniff test with me.  The most disturbing oddity in my opinion are the initials “D.A.” after Moore’s signature.

Most people assume the initials “D.A.” stand for District Attorney.  A good guess, but Moore was not the District Attorney at that time, he was the Assistant District Attorney (“A.D.A.”).  Confusing “D.A.” and “A.D.A.” is not something any Assistant District Attorney would do – unless they wished to find themselves another job, quickly.

Judge Moore did, however, have a secretary who sometimes added her initials after Moore’s signature – the secretary’s name is Delbra Adams, or “D.A.”  Now why in the world would Ms. Adams add her initials to a private message from Roy Moore in a high school yearbook?  Even stranger, why would she have signed her initials after his signature around ten years before she started working for him?  Hmmm.

“I think he is a good man.  I don’t believe any of this. I don’t believe it until somebody actually proves it to me.  But I never saw anything like that out of him.” —Delbra Adams “Roy Moore’s Former Longtime Secretary: ‘I Don’t Believe Any of This’

Women in America are “having a moment,” that is, they are experiencing a window of opportunity such as I have never seen in my 66 years.  Never have so many women come out and accused their harassers, their molesters, their rapists.  And I applaud them all – keep it coming!





BUT, beware of faux “victims” within your ranks.  I would save a special fury for them – for their lies belittle your truths.  Their spurious accusations steal your thunder, spill the wind from your sails, and dilute and poison your brave efforts.  If the women currently accusing Roy Moore of impropriety turn out to have stretched the truth, padded their parts, or outright lied—for financial gain and/or political/ideological motives – then unleash your full fury on them.  Direct your righteousness appropriately.

I fully expect the accusations against Judge Moore to increase in the days and weeks ahead.  He will no doubt be inundated with a veritable tsunami of accusers – the Powers That Be will see to it.  We the People need to see through it.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I am not a huge fan of Judge Roy Moore, but I would dearly love to see him in Congress.  This country desperately needs more men of God in positions of power.  We live in a society that is increasingly secular (Godless), nihilistic, hedonistic, and crippled by moral relativism.  We need men and women of God in Congress.

Where do all the women who complain of bad behavior by males turn to when God has been taken out of the equation and there is no stable moral foundation?  In a Godless universe who is to say what is right and what is wrong?  Anyone – if it is all relative…and without a God it is all relative, and meaningless, and worthless, and pointless.  Eat, drink, and be merry…because nothing means s—t.

“If we cannot defeat the message, then we will smear and destroy the messenger” is an old tried and tested leftist/globalist ploy.  It will be up to the people of Alabama to decide if the ploy works yet again.


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