Some Democrat politicians would use anything for publicity even their own dying dog. Sad

Democrat Politician Uses Dying Dog as Publicity Stunt

By —— Bio and Archives--November 11, 2018

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Mayor Paul Heroux
Only a Democrat would use his own dog as a publicity prop now that she’s dying of cancer with only a few months live—and in these strangest of times get written up by Fox News to boot.

“In September, Attleboro, Massachusetts, Mayor Paul Heroux was devastated to learn his 10-year-old dog, Mura, had an aggressive blood cancer called hemangiosarcoma and had just months left to live. (FoxNews,Nov. 10, 2018)


“But after receiving the news, Heroux—he was slated to take a trip to the Middle East—told Fox News on Saturday that he decided to cancel the vacation to instead take a cross-country trip with the pup.

“Rather than going to the Middle East for a vacation and spend time away from her, I decided to take a road trip to meet her breeder in [British Columbia], Canada,” he said.

“So, on Oct. 28., the two embarked on a journey that took them to 24 states and Canada.”

A drive through 24 states covering some 8,500 miles with all those long hours in a vehicle would be hard even for a dog in good health.

“I had no idea this would turn into a thing. I just went for a ride with my dog and did some sightseeing on my way,” he told Fox News.”

Well, it wasn’t as if His Worship Heroux went out of his way to avoid publicity.

Some pet lovers aren’t buying into the travelling mayor’s publicity stunt, Fox News touting notwithstanding.

“This is—and should be— a very private matter, Canada Free Press reader Paul Bush wrote in a letter to the editor this morning.

“I would only tell my closest friends if my dog got sick and I took her for a road trip. This poor dog is being USED.  If fact, I would never stress any dog out by taking it on a trip. I would spend private time with my dog like most non political people.”

Democrat, Uber Liberal, and former State Rep. Heroux, who has a side gig as a “Middle East” expert on RT Television, was headed to the Middle East before deciding to go on the long sightseeing road trip instead.   

Count on him rescheduling the Middle East trip he postponed on the taxpayers’ dime.

“The duo made stops at Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park before reaching British Columbia, he said. From there, Heroux drove south to visit his alma mater, the University of South California, before heading to the Grand Canyon. (FoxNews)

“The duo also stopped at the Oklahoma City Memorial and then the St. Louis arch before making their way home.

“In total, Heroux and Mura, a Japanese wolf dog, drove 8,500 miles over 12 days, NBC 10 News reported. The trip was the man’s first in three years, he said.”

Some Democrat politicians would use anything for publicity even their own dying dog.



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