Trump beat them all badly. The fake Trump/Russian collusion story is their revenge

Democratic Senator Warner Investigating “Trump/Russian Collusion”- Exposed as Colluding with Russians Against Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--February 9, 2018

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Democratic Senator Warner Investigating, Trump/Russian Collusion,- Exposed as Colluding with Russians Against Trump
Meanwhile back at the US Congressional investigation of the fake collusion between Trump and Russian oligarchs, it now has been revealed that Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the Democratic head of the Congressional investigation of the Trump/Russian collusion was secretly “colluding” with a known and sketchy Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, through Oleg’s paid American agent/lobbyist Adam Waldman in March 2017.

Adam Waldman, of course, had close ties to Hillary Clinton. Numerous texts between Senator Warner and Waldman, newly released, disclose that Warner wanted, through Waldman,  to talk directly with Chris Steele, the author of the fake dossier used by FBI/DOJ to obtain a now questionable court order to spy on Trump associates.


NeverTrumpers and sore losers

Senator Warner texted to Waldman, very suspiciously that he did not want to leave a “paper trail” of a proposed private meeting with Steele in London. 

Warner should recuse himself from the Trump investigation and in turn should be investigated for colluding with Russians to delegitimize a democratically elected American president.  What is with these venal Democrats+ the GOP NeverTrumpers, on this Senate Intelligence committee?

Apparently,  GOP member Senator Rubio and ex officio member Senator John McCain knew of Warner’s secret activities with Russian oligarchs and Russian paid agents.

These two NeverTrumpers and sore losers, who have not forgiven Trump for showing both of them up by winning the presidency, knew the Steele dossier had been paid for by Hillary and her people and was highly suspect.

Yet they still supported reaching out to Steele, clearly in order to bring Trump down, a democratically elected president.

Trump took on the deeply entrenched and corrupt Washington establishment of long time Democratic and GOP Senators and Congressmen, Washington-based lobbyists, senior officials in the DOJ/FBI/State Department and the liberal media.

What we on the right, call the “Deep State”.

Let these wild political games continueLet these wild political games continue

Trump beat them all badly. The fake Trump/Russian collusion story is their revenge. Their attempt to overturn a democratically elected president. In effect to overturn a legitimate democratic process which elected a legitimate president.

None of these establishment types thought any of this would see the light of day. They did not think they would get caught and exposed as conniving schemers bent on revenge and reversing the will of the American people. They thought their powerful deeply entrenched Washington positions had insulated them from public exposure.

Well, it is a new day. Heads will roll. Millions of Americans want these political hacks tarred and feathered and driven from office in disgrace, investigated and locked up if there is sufficient evidence to put them away.

Let these wild political games continue.


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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on Amazon.com)

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