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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of "Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House", which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on

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Ex-Ambassador McCallum Falls on His Sword to Save Trudeau

Jan 27, 2019 — Mitch Wolfe

Ex-Ambassador McCallum Falls on His Sword to Save TrudeauJohn McCallum did not resign, he was fired by Trudeau for being caught doing Trudeau’s bidding.

For Trudeau and the Liberals, it is all about winning this upcoming election and turning Asian-Ontario swing ridings to the Liberals and retaining existing Asian-dominated Liberal ridings.

That is why McCallum gave a 40-minute speech to only local Chinese-speaking newspapers in the Asian-dominated town of Markham about why McCallum and the Trudeau Liberals thought Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei CFO had a strong legal case against America’s extradition request for her to be removed to the U.S.

Why Trump’s GOP Will Retain House of Reps in Midterm Elections

Oct 26, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Why Trump’s GOP Will Retain House of Reps in Midterm Elections
Historically, the party of the American president loses in the subsequent midterms.  The reasons are usually obvious and predictable. Typically, the supporters of the party of the president become complacent and do not get out and vote for their local Congressional candidates with the same enthusiasm and commitment as they did for their president, two years previously.

The American people in general usually try to curb the power of the newly elected president indirectly; or try to punish the president and his party for presidential campaign promises not kept.  In the midterms of 1994 and 2010,  the GOP won majority control from the Democrats in the House of Reps during the first two years of the presidencies of Democratic Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Outed as Fake Woman of Color+Fake Cherokee

Oct 16, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Outed as Fake Woman of Color+Fake Cherokee
In the 1990s, Warren self-described herself as a “woman of color”. There is a 1997 Fordham Law Review article in which Warren is described as Harvard’s Law faculty, first woman of color. The footnote at the end of the article, because law review articles are rigorously researched and fact-checked for accuracy, refers to a conversation had with the news director of Harvard Law School, in August 1996, which confirms in Harvard Law’s view that Warren is a woman of color.

Modern Day Liberalism Has Perverted Justice

Sep 29, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

New Liberal Judicial System in America
One of my Harvard classmates raised some interesting questions as to the handling of the allegations raised by Professor Ford against Justice Kavanaugh. I tend to agree with a recent Wall Street Journal editorial which argues that recent events support the view that justice in America has been turned on its head. In my day, the early 70s, old time liberalism stood for the common law tradition of due process, that is, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. In the case of a criminal complaint or charge, the onus is on the state to prove the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, not on a balance of probabilities.

Trump Will Tear Up the NAFTA Agreement

Sep 24, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Trump Will Tear Up the NAFTA Agreement
Canadian Foreign Minister and chief NAFTA negotiator Chrystia Freeland once again undiplomatically thumbed her nose at U.S. President Trump, the U.S. negotiating team and GOP leaders who had wanted a trilateral NAFTA 2.0 deal with Mexico and Canada in principle by the end of September.

In the midst of critical discussions, which have obviously stalled due to Liberal pig-headedness and incompetence, Freeland left the NAFTA negotiations on Thursday to rush back to a foreign ministers meeting in Montreal for Friday.  She has no plans to return to Washington for the following week because as foreign minister she will be attending the U.N. General Assembly.

Ford Strikes a Blow Finally Against Unelected Elitist Lawmaking Liberal Judges

Sep 17, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Ford Strikes a Blow Finally Against Unelected Elitist Lawmaking Liberal Judges
Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s decision to invoke section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (Charter) the “notwithstanding clause”, is a declaration of war on out of control, unelected, unaccountable, rogue liberal activist judges who have misused, misapplied and distorted the Charter to make law on the fly, for their own ideological+ partisan personal purposes. This is Ford’s first shot across the bow of these liberal judicial pirates who have high-jacked our democratically elected (by the people) legislatures.  But it will not be his last during his term of office.

Hey Trudeau- Make the NAFTA deal now!

Aug 30, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Hey Trudeau- Make the NAFTA deal now!
Trump is not the bully here. Stop blaming Trump for being Trump and standing up for America’s interests. That is what American presidents do. The problem lies once again with Trudeau’s arrogance and incompetence. The delay in Canada reaching a NAFTA deal with the U.S. and the foreseeable imposition of U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada is all Trudeau’s fault. Trudeau could have avoided this situation months ago

Our best loss (and smallest loss) on the NAFTA negotiations was our first loss. Months ago Trudeau should have taken a hit on NAFTA but agreed to a NAFTA skinny deal giving Trump the victory over some minor matters. But Trudeau wasted valuable months talking about and promoting gender, climate change and aboriginal matters.  These matters were quite irrelevant issues to the core issues at play.

Trudeau Just Killed the Quebec Liberals’ 2018 Election

Aug 27, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

During a recent speech in Saint-Jean-sur- Richelieu Prime Minister Trudeau publicly verbally bashed an elderly female Quebec senior. This brave woman had the temerity to ask Trudeau, when will his government pay back the $146 million dollars of Quebec taxpayer money that have been incurred to support Trudeau’s illegal immigrants who have entered Quebec illegally across the Quebec border from the United States.

Trudeau’s public shaming of this French Canadian woman and the physical manhandling of this senior citizen by Trudeau’s security detail ( see RCMP plainclothes goons), were all captured on video, distributed on Twitter and covered extensively by the Quebec mainstream press.  The result.  Trudeau’s actions have driven the final nail in the Quebec Liberals’ chances for re-election in this upcoming October 1 provincial election.

Was The Danforth Shooter a Member of a Toronto-based Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell?

Aug 1, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Was The Danforth Shooter a Member of a Toronto-based Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell?
There is clear evidence that Muslim Faisal Hussain, ( aged 29) who shot fifteen people on the Danforth, killing two innocent girls, Juliana Kozis (age 10) and Reese Fallon (age 18), and injured thirteen other innocent people, was neither seriously mentally ill, nor that he had acted alone.  (Also see Saturday’s 1st off-the-mark breaking story by William Kay, ‘Did We Just Dodge 9/11 2.0’?)

Seemingly within minutes of the SIU (Special Investigations Unit), identifying Hussain as the Danforth shooter, an unsigned statement was suspiciously released to various media organizations, purportedly on behalf of the family.

This statement was promoted by such mainstream media as the CBC and the Toronto Star as the truth without any apparent due diligence or investigation.

Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War

Mar 5, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War
The American economy is over 10 times greater than the Canadian economy. 80% of Canada’s exports rely upon the American market. The US economy is booming. The Canadian economy is declining fast and heading into the toilet.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau should have taken a small loss on NAFTA negotiations and completed them last year. Perhaps under such a completed agreement, Canada would have been exempted from Trump’s steel/aluminum protectionist policies.

Instead, Trudeau jerked around with inserting pro gender equality and pro aboriginal conditions which should have not been part of this critical NAFTA renegotiations. Canada wasted valuable time and lost its credibility with Trump and the US NAFTA negotiators. Canada lost its chance with Trump.

Patrick Brown Will Meet his (Kitchener) Waterloo over Carbon Taxes

Feb 18, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Who says Ontario politics is boring? Noooo-body! 

Take for example- this wacky Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race.

Who will be the last man/woman/person/non-binary cisgender zee standing?

Democratic Senator Warner Investigating “Trump/Russian Collusion”- Exposed as Colluding

Feb 9, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Democratic Senator Warner Investigating, Trump/Russian Collusion,- Exposed as Colluding with Russians Against Trump
Meanwhile back at the US Congressional investigation of the fake collusion between Trump and Russian oligarchs, it now has been revealed that Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the Democratic head of the Congressional investigation of the Trump/Russian collusion was secretly “colluding” with a known and sketchy Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, through Oleg’s paid American agent/lobbyist Adam Waldman in March 2017.

Adam Waldman, of course, had close ties to Hillary Clinton. Numerous texts between Senator Warner and Waldman, newly released, disclose that Warner wanted, through Waldman,  to talk directly with Chris Steele, the author of the fake dossier used by FBI/DOJ to obtain a now questionable court order to spy on Trump associates.

Why Doug Ford Has a Great Shot to Win the Ontario PC Leadership

Feb 4, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Why Doug Ford Has a Great Shot to Win the Ontario PC Leadership
The winds of change seem to be blowing in Doug Ford’s favor. The Ontario people have experienced 15 years of McGuinty-led then Wynne-led Ontario Liberal corruption, scandal, fiscal mismanagement+ incompetence. The mighty province of Ontario has gone from being an anchor of Confederation and a “have” province, to a “have-not” province.

The provincial debt is a staggering $400 billion+. Over $12 billion must be paid to service that debt alone. With interest rates going up in the US and in Canada, those annual debt payments will skyrocket. Utility costs, both for homeowners, landlord/tenants and businesses have increased tragically under the Liberal government.

The Rapid Fall of Pat Brown and the Sudden Rise of Princess Caroline Mulroney

Jan 28, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

The Rapid Fall of Pat Brown and the Sudden Rise of Princess Caroline Mulroney
The King is Dead- Long Live the New Princess Caroline Mulroney.

Politics is a dirty, dirty, dirty, zero-sum, winner take all business. Or to paraphrase my favorite cynical political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, “Ontario Conservative politics since the Harris era, is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. 

One day Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown is cruising to a sure minority or majority political victory. The next day, his political career is destroyed over allegations of sexual misconduct by two anonymous women.

The Ranting and Raving of Irrational Liberal Race Card-Playing Columnists

Jan 12, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Trumping the Race Card with Jobs
I just love watching and reading liberal Washington Post and New York Times columnists rant and rave over what they perceive to be a racist and white supremacist president.

These so-called experts see racism everywhere. Criticism of Obama’s mediocre presidency is racist. Criticism of Obamacare is racist.  Criticizing some Mexicans illegally crossing into America and engaging in rapes, murders and drug-dealing is also considered racist. And more recently, criticism of such failed and corrupt states as Haiti and certain African countries as “sh*tholes” is now considered, racist, too.

BLM and Liberal Press Bashing of American Cops Lead to Greater Gun Violence

Oct 4, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

The latest FBI report on gun violence in American cities, especially in specific liberal Democratic-controlled cities- discloses a very inconvenient truth. The relentless bashing and public criticism of urban cops by the activist BLM (Black Lives Matter), the liberal press+ liberal civic leaders have had the unintended consequence of producing a huge increase in black on black killings in certain visible minority cities.

To be specific, we are talking Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Charlotte and Milwaukee.

Mitch Wolfe Gives Four Thumbs Down to TIFF 2017!

Sep 14, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

This was the absolutely worst Toronto International Film Festival in terms of movie selections in its 41 years history.*

I have been attending and following TIFF since its inception in the fall of 1976 in Toronto, as the Festival of Festivals, co-founded by wild+ crazy film geniuses, Bill Marshall and Dusty Cohl.

Trump’s Brilliant Cancellation of DACA

Sep 5, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

Trump/Sessions proposed cancellation of DACA in six months is brilliant both legally and politically.

Obama acted illegally in granting amnesty to illegal aliens mostly now between the ages of 18-35. The Schemers, not Dreamers.

A court has ruled that Obama overstepped his presidential executive powers in this amnesty executive order.

Trump Was Right To Denounce The Anti-Fascist Action (aka Antifa) in the Charlottesville Riot

Aug 18, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

As a Jewish person, I denounce neo Nazis, KKK and white supremacists on the far extreme right. Especially those led by alt-Reich leaders Richard Spencer and David Duke in the most recent Charlottesville protest, turned violent riot. These neo Nazis, KKK racists and anti-Semites are an extreme fringe group with little political influence. Their leaders Spencer and Duke could not even be elected- dogcatchers. The more dangerous group is the antifa who also engaged in violent action in Charlottesville.

President Trump was right to call out and specifically denounce this vicious, anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, violent extremist group on the far left.

President Trump- Definitely On the Road to Re-election

Jul 31, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

For those poor souls who still believe that the Commies stole the election from poor Hillary- and

that Trump’s campaign team colluded with the big, bad Ruskies to take the election from the self-entitled, Hillary, then I have some bad news for you.

Trump will not be impeached. The Russians did not steal the election. Hillary was a terribly incompetent campaigner and deeply flawed candidate.