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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of "Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House", which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on

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Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War

Mar 5, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War
The American economy is over 10 times greater than the Canadian economy. 80% of Canada’s exports rely upon the American market. The US economy is booming. The Canadian economy is declining fast and heading into the toilet.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau should have taken a small loss on NAFTA negotiations and completed them last year. Perhaps under such a completed agreement, Canada would have been exempted from Trump’s steel/aluminum protectionist policies.

Instead, Trudeau jerked around with inserting pro gender equality and pro aboriginal conditions which should have not been part of this critical NAFTA renegotiations. Canada wasted valuable time and lost its credibility with Trump and the US NAFTA negotiators. Canada lost its chance with Trump.

Patrick Brown Will Meet his (Kitchener) Waterloo over Carbon Taxes

Feb 18, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Who says Ontario politics is boring? Noooo-body! 

Take for example- this wacky Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race.

Who will be the last man/woman/person/non-binary cisgender zee standing?

Democratic Senator Warner Investigating “Trump/Russian Collusion”- Exposed as Colluding

Feb 9, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Democratic Senator Warner Investigating, Trump/Russian Collusion,- Exposed as Colluding with Russians Against Trump
Meanwhile back at the US Congressional investigation of the fake collusion between Trump and Russian oligarchs, it now has been revealed that Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the Democratic head of the Congressional investigation of the Trump/Russian collusion was secretly “colluding” with a known and sketchy Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, through Oleg’s paid American agent/lobbyist Adam Waldman in March 2017.

Adam Waldman, of course, had close ties to Hillary Clinton. Numerous texts between Senator Warner and Waldman, newly released, disclose that Warner wanted, through Waldman,  to talk directly with Chris Steele, the author of the fake dossier used by FBI/DOJ to obtain a now questionable court order to spy on Trump associates.

Why Doug Ford Has a Great Shot to Win the Ontario PC Leadership

Feb 4, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Why Doug Ford Has a Great Shot to Win the Ontario PC Leadership
The winds of change seem to be blowing in Doug Ford’s favor. The Ontario people have experienced 15 years of McGuinty-led then Wynne-led Ontario Liberal corruption, scandal, fiscal mismanagement+ incompetence. The mighty province of Ontario has gone from being an anchor of Confederation and a “have” province, to a “have-not” province.

The provincial debt is a staggering $400 billion+. Over $12 billion must be paid to service that debt alone. With interest rates going up in the US and in Canada, those annual debt payments will skyrocket. Utility costs, both for homeowners, landlord/tenants and businesses have increased tragically under the Liberal government.

The Rapid Fall of Pat Brown and the Sudden Rise of Princess Caroline Mulroney

Jan 28, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

The Rapid Fall of Pat Brown and the Sudden Rise of Princess Caroline Mulroney
The King is Dead- Long Live the New Princess Caroline Mulroney.

Politics is a dirty, dirty, dirty, zero-sum, winner take all business. Or to paraphrase my favorite cynical political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, “Ontario Conservative politics since the Harris era, is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. 

One day Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown is cruising to a sure minority or majority political victory. The next day, his political career is destroyed over allegations of sexual misconduct by two anonymous women.

The Ranting and Raving of Irrational Liberal Race Card-Playing Columnists

Jan 12, 2018 — Mitch Wolfe

Trumping the Race Card with Jobs
I just love watching and reading liberal Washington Post and New York Times columnists rant and rave over what they perceive to be a racist and white supremacist president.

These so-called experts see racism everywhere. Criticism of Obama’s mediocre presidency is racist. Criticism of Obamacare is racist.  Criticizing some Mexicans illegally crossing into America and engaging in rapes, murders and drug-dealing is also considered racist. And more recently, criticism of such failed and corrupt states as Haiti and certain African countries as “sh*tholes” is now considered, racist, too.

BLM and Liberal Press Bashing of American Cops Lead to Greater Gun Violence

Oct 4, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

The latest FBI report on gun violence in American cities, especially in specific liberal Democratic-controlled cities- discloses a very inconvenient truth. The relentless bashing and public criticism of urban cops by the activist BLM (Black Lives Matter), the liberal press+ liberal civic leaders have had the unintended consequence of producing a huge increase in black on black killings in certain visible minority cities.

To be specific, we are talking Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Charlotte and Milwaukee.

Mitch Wolfe Gives Four Thumbs Down to TIFF 2017!

Sep 14, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

This was the absolutely worst Toronto International Film Festival in terms of movie selections in its 41 years history.*

I have been attending and following TIFF since its inception in the fall of 1976 in Toronto, as the Festival of Festivals, co-founded by wild+ crazy film geniuses, Bill Marshall and Dusty Cohl.

Trump’s Brilliant Cancellation of DACA

Sep 5, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

Trump/Sessions proposed cancellation of DACA in six months is brilliant both legally and politically.

Obama acted illegally in granting amnesty to illegal aliens mostly now between the ages of 18-35. The Schemers, not Dreamers.

A court has ruled that Obama overstepped his presidential executive powers in this amnesty executive order.

Trump Was Right To Denounce The Anti-Fascist Action (aka Antifa) in the Charlottesville Riot

Aug 18, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

As a Jewish person, I denounce neo Nazis, KKK and white supremacists on the far extreme right. Especially those led by alt-Reich leaders Richard Spencer and David Duke in the most recent Charlottesville protest, turned violent riot. These neo Nazis, KKK racists and anti-Semites are an extreme fringe group with little political influence. Their leaders Spencer and Duke could not even be elected- dogcatchers. The more dangerous group is the antifa who also engaged in violent action in Charlottesville.

President Trump was right to call out and specifically denounce this vicious, anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, violent extremist group on the far left.

President Trump- Definitely On the Road to Re-election

Jul 31, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

For those poor souls who still believe that the Commies stole the election from poor Hillary- and

that Trump’s campaign team colluded with the big, bad Ruskies to take the election from the self-entitled, Hillary, then I have some bad news for you.

Trump will not be impeached. The Russians did not steal the election. Hillary was a terribly incompetent campaigner and deeply flawed candidate.

Why President Trump Will Pull the Plug on The Horrible Paris Climate Agreement

May 29, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

Let us first call a “spade a spade”. The Paris Climate Agreement is not a legally binding treaty proposed by the Obama Administration and ratified by the Senate. This agreement is a mere “sole executive agreement”

which is the lowest form of commitment the United States can make and still be party to an agreement.

Thus President Trump can withdraw from this non-enforceable agreement fairly easily and quickly. Trump should withdraw the U.S. entirely from this agreement, and I suggest he will.

The Comey Firing: It’s All About Prosecuting Hillary for Allegedly Violating the Espionage Act

May 11, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

The Federal Espionage law and the facts of Hillary Clinton allegedly violating that law on multiple occasions over the four year period of being Secretary of State are very clear. Crystal clear.

Recall the classic film courtroom drama, “A Few Good Men”, starring Jack Nicolson as Colonel Jessup and Tom Cruise (Kaffee) as the defense attorney trying to persuade Nicholson to admit to wrongdoing on the witness stand.

Oh Bebe, Macron Est Pain Grille!!! (Toast)

Apr 30, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

The arrogant, entitled, incompetent boob Emmanuel Macron is in a free fall.

Le Pen is surging. She is not 18 points back.  I have been doing some informal and unscientific polling with some associates in France.

Our informal analysis has Le Pen back only 10 points and rapidly gaining on Macron.

I predicted the Brexit victory well in advance- as well as Trump’s victory.

Le Pen Will Be Mightier Than the Leftist Sword on Election Day

Apr 23, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

I predict that contrary to all the French polls, Marine Le Pen, the charismatic right wing leader of the French National Front Party, will ultimately win the French presidency.

I see some of the same signs, both global and local, that led me to successfully predict the Brexit win and the election of Donald Trump several months before the actual American election.

Le Pen is riding an international wave of economic populism, anti-elitism, nationalism and anti-radical Muslim immigration.

Trump’s Syrian Airstrike Was A Masterstroke

Apr 11, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

Do you remember in 2012, when former U.S. President Obama publicly gave Syrian President Assad an ultimatum that if Assad gas attacked his own people,  that was crossing a “red line”, which would lead to military consequences? In other words, the U. S. would respond with military force.

Assad called Obama’s bluff. Assad tested Obama and continued gas bombing his own people. Obama dithered and did nothing. Hence Obama looked weak. America looked weak and impotent.  Russia (led by Putin) then a second rate power, sensing American weakness and non-involvement, moved into the Mideast power vacuum. Russia became a valued ally of Assad and regained its influence in the region after decades of being marginalized.

ObamaGate- The Wiretapping of Trump and His Election Campaign by the Obama Government

Mar 6, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

What did former President Obama know about the wiretapping of the Trump organization and its campaign. And when did he know it?

I personally believe that Obama will be held responsible for the unprecedented wiretapping of the campaign organization of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for U.S. president during the presidential election- for partisan purposes.

Let us Teach Clueless Liberal Hollywood Stars How to Read Again

Mar 1, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

I blame the Russians for blackmailing the PriceWaterhouse accountant and forcing him to give the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty, who was then clearly drugged by the Commies to award the Oscar for Best Actor to Donald Trump.

Okay, I obviously meant how Beatty/Dunaway originally screwed up by awarding Best Picture to “La La Land” and then had to reverse themselves and re-award the Oscar to the producers of the film “Moonlight.”

Of course, any thinking person, looking at an envelope which says Best Actress and a card which says Emma Stone wins best actress, would say, hold it, I have the wrong envelope and card for Best Film. But both Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, both great actors in their prime (“ Bonnie and Clyde”, “Shampoo”, “Reds”, “Chinatown,” “Network”) failed to properly read a simple envelope and simple card, thus producing the most embarrassing moment and one of the worst moments in Oscar award’s history.

Trudeau Gives Preference to Islam over all other Religions in Canada

Feb 20, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal government have just committed a major political blunder which in the long term will hurt Trudeau and his Liberal party in their re-election efforts.

Trudeau and his Liberals have started a process of developing, issuing and then passing a law which will give preferential treatment to Islam and all followers and adherents of Islam in Canada over all other Canadian religious groups, including Canadian Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs, just to name a few of the major religious faiths practiced in Canada.

My Advice To Trudeau on Meeting Trump- Expect the Unexpected

Feb 12, 2017 — Mitch Wolfe

I, an unrepentant conservative/libertarian contrarian, am the last person Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will seek for advice. But he should.

When Trump first announced his candidacy in June, 2015, I knew instinctively he would win it all.