It’s time to remember that providence played a role in sending Trump to America’s rescue. But Donald Trump, whether he’s aware of it or not, walks in the footsteps of angels.

Dems dodging Trump inauguration absentees long before the Big Day

By —— Bio and Archives--January 18, 2017

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The 60 odd Democratic members of the House of Representatives ‘boycotting’ Donald Trump’s Inauguration, are, like the paid protesters hinting at Friday’s violence on DC streets, having us on.

The plain truth is that none of the 60 would be noticed whether there at the ceremony, or depriving America of their presence sitting it out at home or elsewhere.

Squawking squatters rarely draw attention from others outside their own ilk.


The 60 Democrats, vying for publicity with Hollywood entertainment Inauguration festivity back-outs,  lack the stomach to face watching Trump being sworn in as president,  but with millions watching on television, he’ll be sworn in anyway with all due honors.

Their media promoted melodrama that seeks to suck in the Inauguration Day joyful masses is already failing. 

For the first time for the longest time in American History in the making, an Inauguration Day, is not for the camera primping political pooh-bahs and assorted nabobs, but one for the Little People, whose cheers will all but drown out the Hollywood-coached screaming protesters feigning an outrage they boast the public will easily fall for. 

And if that’s not loud enough, there’s always the roar of Bikers for Trump.

The stage, oh so carefully set by the melodramatic, noses-out-of-joint ‘progressives’ given the heave ho into doleful obscurity by 62 million American voters, is about to crash from right under their plump and pampered feet.

“USA!” “USA!” will make the ‘He’s not MY President!” sound like the squeamish squeals they really are

“USA!” “USA!” will make the ‘He’s not MY President!” sound like the squeamish squeals they really are.

The ‘leaders’ of the malcontent rent-a-mobs will   be nowhere near the STA (Seriously Trump Aggrieved).  In fact, top cheese Hillary Rodham Clinton will be front row centre watching Trump being sworn in on the mighty Abraham Lincoln’s bible.

The gig is up with ‘The Man Who Hates America’ replaced by ‘The Man Who Loves America’, a grand finale written by no less than providence.

No paid-to-be-enraged movement passed off as “grassroots”,  no matter how vociferous, no matter how violence prone, can change that.

While they wallow in self pity in the days following Inauguration, they will have to live with the disturbing memory that their top champion, flew with his wife and daughters to Palm Springs, California on that fateful day.

How long the people who pay for their destructive service intend to keep going is what is really going to matter most now.

Those warning the citizenry that “they’ll be back” are right on the money.  Progressives, backed by the world’s biggest bureaucracy installed at the United Nations have been dining on the body politic for the past 71 years.

They are not about to let go.  And it will take tireless determination to hold them back, much less shove them aside.


The Mess that Donald Has Inherited

On Monday reality sets in when Donald Trump stands in the Oval Office for his first close-up look of the mess he’s inherited.

It will be like standing in a room with trash piled ceiling high.  After heaving his first sigh, he’ll be asking: “Where do I start?”

This is where true patriots come in.

Trump, being as human as he is heroic, is bound to make mistakes.  To the outside world, goaded on by mainstream media still smarting from being wrong about election predictions,  it will sometimes seem that he’s the proverbial bull set loose in the china shop.

But Trump wants to set the Ship of State on a steady new course, without the Marxist back-biting that kept America hostage for the past eight years.

That alone, should be reason enough to keep patriots loyal to him.

There’ll be lots of booby traps set to trap him by a resentful, outgoing but still within walking distance of the White House, Activist Barack Obama.

Booby traps there for the public to see.

Even with the Maxine Waters-led harpies getting ready to have him impeached, Trump will work to do exactly what he said he’d do when the mainstream media tried to drown him out during Election 2016: ‘Make America Great Again’.

With his lifetime talent of surrounding himself with the right people, he will need to draw on those he brought into the White House with him.

Time will soon tell that it isn’t just Trump who must ignore the ear-splitting screams of the Obama/Clinton cabal grown ever more vengeful because of their festering election wounds, but all of those dedicated to a rejuvenated America.

With most of the media still sworn to the allegiance of the hate-driven enemy, the road ahead will be evil in treachery.

It’s time to remember that providence played a role in sending Trump to America’s rescue.

But Donald Trump, whether he’s aware of it or not, walks in the footsteps of angels.


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