However, facts belie the propaganda and, as the President has said before, “We’re still winning!”

Despite media, Trump approval on the rise

By —— Bio and Archives--June 29, 2018

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Despite media, Trump approval on the rise
During the 2016 Presidential campaign I reported, once in September and again a few days before Election Day, that a composite of polling indicating rising support for Donald Trump was proof that the widely held belief and/or propagandizing going on that Trump could not win needed to be reconsidered. In other words, Trump could win.

In a similar way, President Trump has been increasing in popularity as the single party Deep State media continues to portray him as being on the verge of defeat, that is, impeachment.


However, facts belie the propaganda and, as the President has said before, “We’re still winning!” Rising popularity, an economy going strong, and a boatload full of fulfilled campaign promises show, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding!

The current political line that the anti-Trump minions are saying is that since Mr. Trump is such a liar and has turned the border into death camps, he does not nor any of his family, Cabinet, or staff, deserve respect when they are in public.

Donny Deutsch, a capitalist celebrity turned socialist when Barack Obama was running for President, went so far to say that all supporters of Trump should be treated like Nazi collaborators. In his view Trump is as bad as a Nazi, therefore everyone who supports him is one as well.

However, popularity polls show that the hate propaganda, while making those faithful to the anti-Trump cult even more rabid, is not working on the rest of us.

Compare that to Obama at the same point in his presidency. With overwhelmingly positive media coverage, Obama’s popularity on a decline from his inauguration was equal to the increasing popularity Trump, who has received overwhelmingly negative press coverage from the media as a whole.

A June 19, 2018 article in Investors Business Daily sums it up quite well.

“Popularity: President Trump can’t get a break from negative press coverage, but somehow his approval rating continues to edge upward. In fact, it’s now tied with where the “extremely popular” President Obama was at this point in his first term.

“The latest Gallup poll puts Trump’s job approval at 45%. That’s the highest it’s been since he took office, and it’s up from 37% at the start of the year. Although you’d barely know it from the press Trump gets, his approval number has been on a slow but relatively steady rise all year.

“Not only that, but Trump’s approval in this poll is now equal to Obama’s at the same point in Obama’s presidency. Gallup had Obama at 45% approval by late June 2010.

“By this point in Obama’s presidency, his average approval was 47.9% and falling, according to Real Clear Politics. By October of 2010, it dropped down to 44%. Trump’s average is currently 43.7%, and on the uptrend.

“Even more striking is the fact that the public’s approval of Obama was sagging even while his press coverage was overwhelmingly positive.”


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