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Rolf Yungclas is a recently retired newspaper editor from southwest Kansas who has been speaking out on the issues of the day in newspapers and online for over 15 years

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The Leftist shadow state

Feb 19, 2018 — Rolf Yungclas

The Leftist shadow state
The American Left, their subordinate Democrat Party, and their media outlets, the mainstream media, have been wholly functioning in the tradition of Pravda and Communist Party centralized decision-making for several years now.

And the defeat of the Democrats in holding onto the White House by the election of Donald Trump to the White House has now revealed the extent to which the Democrats have gone to try and abolish a multi-party system and replace it with a government wholly run by one Party.

We caught ‘em

Feb 6, 2018 — Rolf Yungclas

We caught ‘em

President Trump tweeted: “Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) took the bait and responded to President Trump’s tweet with an “ignore what is behind the curtain” response. As Dorothy’s dog Toto did to the Great Oz, the curtain is being lifted, revealing a wholly made-up conspiracy that says Russia elected Donald Trump to the White House.

Media propagandists attack General Kelly

Oct 25, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

Media propagandists attack General Kelly
Here’s how false propaganda generates hate. White House chief of staff General Kelly says Representative Frederica Wilson (D-FL), during the dedication of an FBI facility in Florida, began bragging about her role in legislation in regard to the dedication.

Kelly mistakenly says she was bragging about getting the FUNDING for the facility RATHER THAN what the legislation actually was, the NAMING of the facility.

The Brave New World of Demokratika

Jul 17, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

Democratika - the nation formerly called the United States after the Left has deposed all political forces from power who believe that the America that came into being 241 years ago represents a good force in the world and has a rich heritage that needs to be preserved and built upon.

The political movement I call Demokratika had a plan for the 2016 Presidential campaign that I will call Plan A:

  1. Defeat a Republican that had no chance of winning.
  2. Continue Obama’s Fundamental Transformation.
  3. Destroy any remaining evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.
  4. Continue to pack the government with people who hate our American heritage and are willing to abandon the Constitutional process in order to establish Demokratika.

A crime of willingness to commit collusion?

Jul 13, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

It’s not even, as CNN‘s Jake Tapper described it, that Donald Trump, Jr. is guilty of “evidence of willingness to commit collusion.”

Tapper looked serious when he said that, but what does that even mean? As Greg Jarrett on Fox News says, there is no collusion statute except in antitrust.

That’s what its come down to now with the Democrats. Obstruction of justice didn’t work, so they try this. Even if collusion were a term defining criminal behavior (which it’s not), who has ever been prosecuted for evidence of willingness to rob a bank if the bank never got robbed, or evidence of willingness to murder someone who never gets murdered?

Evidence of efforts to sabotage Trump

Jul 11, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

We can be almost totally assured, after months of almost daily leaks to the press by anonymous executive branch sources, that Democrats would be leaking evidence of Trump malfeasance from the Special Counsel investigation by now if they had something. Yet we have heard nothing.

Yes, that Special Counsel. The one set up as a result of James Comey illegally leaking his infamous memos (we know there are at least 4 at this point) and packed with attorneys that represented and donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

And if the Washington Post had given the Democrats and Obama when he was President the same scrutiny used to report on Watergate, we would all be aware that something much bigger than a “third-rate burglary” had gone on in the process of trying to assure the victory of their party’s candidate in the November 8 presidential election.

The Left is fulfilling their prophecies of us

Jun 19, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

Democrat Leftists are great at making predictions of the future that do not come to pass - at least by those they accuse. Yet, alarmingly so, it appears that they are more and more becoming what they are “prophesying” that their political opponents would become.

I can remember the Left’s “prophecies” of Republican Presidents from Nixon on (every Republican President since I was 14) - that their presidency was taking us into a Hitler-like dictatorship and freedom was on the verge of becoming extinct.

That prediction, and so many others by the Left, have, of course, proved to be utterly false. Yet time and again their political opponents treat these statements as if they were reasonable political perspectives.

No collusion or obstruction of justice

Jun 10, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

Testifying on Thursday, June 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee, former FBI Director James Comey showed us why we should be glad he was fired as FBI director.

I watched as Senate Democrats on the committee tried to get former FBI director James Comey to give them some sound bites to “prove” that President Trump obstructed justice by making Comey stop an investigation of him.

How absurd! They knew the day before, after reading the text of Comey’s next-day statement read before the Senate committee, that there was no investigation of Donald Trump going on. There can be no obstruction if there was no investigation!

Driven batty over Paris treaty rejection

Jun 3, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

President Trump goes after the Left’s sacred cow of global warming by rejecting the Paris climate treaty and you would think we were suddenly under a DEFCON 1 alert of imminent nuclear war. Some even called it treason to reject the Paris Accords treaty.

And as happens now after any statement or action by the Trump administration, the liberal/left media leads the way with the talking points for all the leadership of the Democrat Party to cry out as one about how terrible they think President Trump is.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” President Trump explained.

They hate Trump so that makes him guilty

May 14, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

What “collusion?” Who are the alleged individuals Donald Trump is colluding with and the alleged crimes he is committing? Answer: THERE AREN’T ANY!

It’s like having to prove you’re not guilty of speeding only if you can absolutely show you’ve never driven over the speed limit.

But it has to be first alleged that you did something, then that specific crime is prosecuted.

More Putin agent hype as Trump does the opposite

Apr 16, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

In the last week so-called “Russian puppet ruler” Donald Trump’s administration has:

  • attacked the airbase of a Russian ally with 59 cruise missiles;
  • worked to strengthen Russia’s 68 year-old adversary NATO by meeting with the NATO Secretary General and working to get the nation of Montenegro into NATO;
  • met with the President of China, one of Russia’s major competitors on the world stage;
  • demolished Russia in several UN Security Council session debates US Ambassador Haley had with her Russian counterpart;
  • chided Russia for their bad acts when the US Secretary of State said our relations with Russia were at a low point on his visit Moscow to see Putin and the Russian Premier.

Deconstruction of America has stopped

Feb 23, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

For the last eight years the nation underwent what was sometimes called fundamental transformation. I call it the deconstruction of America, a process that actually began over a hundred years ago, but was rapidly accelerated by the mass influx of leftist socialists into all levels of government during the Obama administration. It had even progressed - digressed, actually - to the point where the Republican establishment had essentially signed on to it.

But right out the gate, after his November 8 election, Donald Trump began dismantling the framework of the systemic deconstruction of our Constitutional system.

President Trump hits the ground running

Jan 23, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

One of the things President Trump did Friday after taking office was to confirm General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense. And what a first day on the job Saturday was for Mattis!

“A variety of fighters, bombers and remotely piloted aircraft engaged in the bombing run, which saw 25 strikes in Syria and six in Iraq. In Syria, two strikes destroyed ISIS units and artillery near the town of Bab. ISIS forces in Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital, took a heavy beating, as 22 strikes destroyed 12 tactical units, nine fighting positions, two underground improvised explosive bomb factories and an ISIS headquarters. The final strike targeted two ISIS oil wells in Deir ez Zour.”

Cold War continues – the American Cold Civil War

Jan 16, 2017 — Rolf Yungclas

Cold war was a term that took up common usage beginning in 1950s America to describe the ongoing conflict between the U.S and the Soviet Union. While not engaged in direct military action, the two nations were diametrically opposed to each other diplomatically, in proxy wars and in economic matters. An attitude of war toward each other but restrained, in this case by mutual assured destruction if they came to blows.

Now America is in a new Cold War, a Cold Civil War. Two irreconcilable world views are in conflict within our nation. One sees freedom of personal initiative necessary for development of the whole society, and the minimal involvement of a central authority. This view is rooted in the founding of our nation.

They failed to purge the American Way

Dec 15, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

During the last eight years we have experienced a non-violent coup d’etat attempt against the American Way. Under the banner of Fundamental Transformation, the political-media cabal of the Left attempted to absolutely dismantle everything from free market capitalism to heterosexual marriage to physiological sexual identity at birth to judging people by the content of their character.

This year’s Presidential election revealed the success and failure of this coup attempt. While this Fundamental Transformation was a complete success in the minds of its adherents, it was an utter failure in creating a unified society behind its premises.

Republican defeatism syndrome

Nov 1, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

I’ve never seen anything like it. Republicans who say they endorse Trump are, in amazing frequency, repeatedly trashing him and making a point of saying he has already lost the election. The extent here, of a party declaring itself defeated all the way to Election Day, is unprecedented!

Yet, while the faithful Trump supporters are attacked mercilessly from the Left and the Right, they continue confident of a Trump victory November 8.

So many of the fellow-traveler Trump supporters are doing so only as a stop-Hillary vote. They see Donald Trump as a flawed candidate who is their only choice if they want to have any hope of defeating Hillary. But in saying they’ll vote for Trump, they determinedly seize upon anything they see as a misstep by Trump.

Trump not criminalizing politics by talk of jailing Hillary

Oct 17, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

The Obama-Clinton Democrats continue to show their blatant disregard of the law by making phony accusations of Trump that he is “criminalizing politics” with his remarks on the campaign trail and at the second Presidential candidate debate that Hillary Clinton should be jailed.

The Democrats must believe that Trump can win if they are so concerned about his plans to have his Attorney General investigate Clinton if he is elected President.

An Attorney General under a Donald Trump administration will still be able to prosecute Clinton for violation of the laws that current Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to act upon. It wouldn’t be double jeopardy since that only applies if the crime has been prosecuted and a judgment or verdict determined.

Debate proves Hillary’s words much more hurtful

Oct 10, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

After a week that included the release of an 11-year old video intended to cause Donald Trump to step down as a Presidential candidate, and ending with the second Presidential candidate debate, Trump goes into this week with his base more solidly behind him and Ms. Clinton exposed even more clearly as the hypocrite she is.

The video, coordinated by the Democrats and NBC to be released at a time they felt would be most harmful to the Trump campaign, would have absolutely derailed one of the Establishment Republicans’ carefully groomed candidates. They would do the typical Republican thing when the truth of something considered sexually scandalous is brought out in the open. They would do the “moral” thing and resign.

Donald Trump, however, had a better response. He said it was wrong, he’s sorry for saying it, and that’s not the person he was any more. Why did that work? Because he wasn’t posturing when he said it. He was showing, I believe, that he actually was examining his heart and realizing that if he was to become President there would have to be no talk like that - he was determining to separate himself from the playboy celebrity persona that he emulated in previous years.

Time to fact-check the fact-checkers

Oct 3, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

Hillary Clinton, how do you lie to us? Let me count the ways.

Liberal fact checkers are providing cover for Clinton’s lies. Much of the media’s so-called fact checking is more like Media Matters efforts to propagandize for the Democrats than something Snopes has had a reliable record of - refuting urban myths.

At the recent Presidential Candidates’ Debate, there was considerable “fact-checking” going on by liberal media sources, where their fact-checking included as much or more opinionating about their disagreements with Donald Trump than actual referenced facts to dispute what he said. Of course they left out numerous glaring lies by Hillary Clinton, as well.

Another UN speech attacking the US, from Obama

Sep 26, 2016 — Rolf Yungclas

The United Nations has always been a forum for speeches by American-hating nations. This year one of those berating America was the President of the United States. Yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has only good things to say about “the United States of America, the most powerful and the most generous nation on earth.”

Under the guise of “investing in our people” our President went on and on, blaming “soulless” capitalism for the world’s problems and Americans’ efforts to stop voter fraud and establish voter integrity as being “a patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote.”

At a time when radical Islamist terrorism continues to kill innocent Americans domestically, and ISIS regime of brutality and terror is spread over large sectors of the Middle East, Mr. Obama presented it as simply a problem of “endangering open societies: