Typical of bullies everywhere, the Obamas don’t apply honesty or courage in taking their Destruction of America Battle up another notch

Distraction - Number One Strategy of Obama Act

By —— Bio and Archives--May 17, 2011

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It’s not the Nobel Peace Prize that ever should have been bestowed on an unproven President Barack Obama but the Academy Award.

The term of the 44th president of the United States of America is An Act; an Act sustained by being in all but total command of the technology of our times and a compliant mainstream media, but an Act all the same.


They’re playing all freedom lovers,  and their main strategy since 2009 has been the one called Distraction.

Barack and his overbearing wife, Michelle, throw out an attention-grabbing Act every few weeks to take public attention away from the reality of a United States they are deliberately nudging towards a fundamental transformation called Marxism.

This is how misery arrived on the doorstep:  two bitter and resentful community activists with all of the props on their side.

Barack and Michelle do not need frequent holidays, their entire lives are one. 

Bullies love to mock and taunt, and that’s where Barack’s endless rounds of golf and hoop shooting are rooted.

On an even playing field all it takes is one mark on the Election Day ballot to rid America of her most deadly domestic enemies to date.

If there has ever been a moment for the old adage, “Don’t get mad, get even”, Barack and Michelle are IT.

Michelle is into childhood obesity because that’s what’s most likely to get parents looking to resurrect the MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) clause.  It goes without saying that it should be up to Mama what the little ones eat, not the self-centered, unelected wife of an anti-American president.  Inviting anti-cop rappers to poetry readings at the White House was just another quick hit.

Typical of bullies everywhere, the Obamas don’t apply honesty or courage in taking their Destruction of America Battle up another notch.  Any time when what they are doing starts to become clear, they dart back behind the finish line awaiting a safer and more convenient moment.

The distraction in the past few weeks alone saw Obama release his “birth certificate” following a two-and-a-half year game that included his paying $1-$2 million to lawyers to keep it sealed from public view,  and taking full credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, a distraction that has already boomeranged.

In any card game, you can ask the dealer, “deal me out.”

Ignore the Hollywood, make-believe style of the Obamas and the poisonous cadre of their unelected czars.

Keep your eye only on what matters most: Nov. 6, 2012.

There’s a year and a half to wait for the dust to settle and to plan; a full year and a half to wait for a worthy opponent to make his or her way through the fog.

Keep your faith in the Almighty; keep your family and friends near.  Get ready for the battle that really matters.

Average folk who don’t count on the public purse for their keep are catching on to the Obama Act, including CFP reader “Sarge” who writes, “Obama will NOT EVEN CONSIDER cutting his obscene spending, and Boehner (for now) says he won’t raise the debt ceiling.

“At some point all SS and Government pensions will no longer be paid, and people will begin withdrawing their savings just to pay bills.

“Obama will shutter the banks and blame it on the Republicans.  Obama would do anything to keep his Communist plot to destroy America rolling along.

“Obama can’t have his dictatorship until he destroys the Republic, and keeping people from their own money goes a long way to accomplishing that.  The banksters and Government (Fannie & Freddie) will still demand their taxes and mortgage payments, but we’ll have no access to the funds to pay them.  There will be nationwide foreclosures on millions who WEREN’T IRRESPONSIBLE.”

Sarge is right on the money in explaining how this works for Obama: “No money, no food, no gas.  Protests, then riots, then insurrection, then revolution, then REPRESSION on a Stalinist scale with Obama as Uncle Joe.

“And Obama and his Czars are salivating at the chance to get even with anyone who will not lick their jackboots.

But even in the midst of misery there is hope.

Props and Acts notwithstanding, it won’t be easy for Obama to force One World Government on America the Brave.

As “Sarge”  concludes: “Meek acceptance of tyranny is not in our DNA.”


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