Disturbing that our children are being subjected to adult biases, in the guise of education

By -- M.A. White—— Bio and Archives--March 25, 2018

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The story about the California school teacher who, back in January, told his class that that members of the U.S. military are the “lowest of the low” has finally been put on administrative . His remarks were inspired by a 17 year old boy wearing a Marines sweatshirt. There is so much wrong with this picture that we must question what took so long? In one statement he insulted the student, disparaged the military, and displayed distain for other members of the community.

We appreciate our teachers but we expect them to keep their personal biases to themselves. I remember the worse argument I ever had was with a teacher who said,  “Doers are not thinkers and thinkers are not doers”. I was insulted for my blue collar family members who could also wipe up college graduates at Trivial Pursuit. I was defensive of my grandmother who was one of the most thoughtful and well read people I knew but who also was a hard worker. It was, as was the incident in California, an elitist self important attitude by a teacher. I have never forgotten it.

Frankly, I find it disturbing that our children are being subjected to adult biases, in the guise of education.


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