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Dog in the Manger on Christmas Eve

By —— Bio and Archives--December 24, 2009

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imageLike your garden variety schoolyard bully, Barry Soetoro, aka POTUS Barack Obama will be cutting and running off to Hawaii soon.

Typical textbook schoolyard bullies and graduates cum laude of Bullying 101, are always the same. They lob their bombs at the enemy from a safe distance, then hoof it away out of sight.

In the case of this schoolyard bully,  there’s likely also a lot of time lost preening in one of Michelle’s mirrors to see how his various facial expressions might come across on big network televised interviews.

Boo, Obama!  You really thought you could take down Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on your way out of the White House front door.


But millions are standing in kitchens getting the stuffing for the bird ready and for the next two days at least,  are figuratively flipping you and your ego the bird.

Some media outlets are making a big splash out of the Obamas having no intention of attending Christmas church services this year.  They dithered over Easter services too.  Besides if 20 years of Jeremiah Wright’s ranting was lost on them, it’s likely that the Birth of Jesus Christ wouldn’t grab their attention either.   

How could anyone expect someone who used Christmas Eve to push through Socialized Medicine, to pay their respects to the Almighty?

The spite of the Christmas Eve delivery of the Health Care bill notwithstanding, millions of faces will be lit with joy at Christmas church service in all denominations.  For them it’s the birthday of the real Messiah, the cheap knockoff heading for the links in Hawaii.

The lonely holiday tree the Obamas will leave behind in the White House will have no one but staff to admire the Mao and transvestite ornaments.  And just to think it was only a couple of months ago when Canada Free Press wanted someone to make sure the First Family and friends hadn’t mustachioed portraits of George Washington.

With Obama off in hula land practicing for his teleprompter State of the Union speech, plebes won’t have to worry about another Friday shock from the self-crowned global citizen who became King of the World.

George Soros’ and Maurice Strong’s favourite little puppet was one day ahead of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in England.  The Queen won’t address her masses until Christmas Day.  Obama whipped his off on Christmas Eve.

The schoolyard bully just couldn’t resist making a television appearance to tell Americans what he had done to them on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is recognized by Christians the world over as the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Obama who tried to outdo the Babe in the Manger failed miserably at that too.  All many see is Obama the Dog in the Manger.  And we don’t mean Bo.


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